The Thunderstorm
Quo Vadis; Or, Learn For Real Because Your Teacher Isn’t Really Trying To Teach You
Helping New Programmers Code Big; Or, The Aim Of Visual Programming
What The AI Might Have Said To The Pope
Childhood: The Most Extra Super Serious Time Of Our Lives
Programming Is Very Important; A Tiny Note To Parents
The Bodybuilding Engine
Bodybuilding: Use Trail Mix To Keep Your Muscles Strong
Due Up
The Worker Queue Explained For The New Programmer
The Internet Has A Problem; And Here Is How You Can Solve It
Historic Breakthrough: Artificial Intelligence Conquers Aging
Bad News For Bodybuilders: Creatine Wants Its Monohydrates Back
A Computer Program Is Just A Neat Little Machine
Point Of Genius
What Is Even Hiking For?
Free As In Speech, Great As In Mind; Or, Visual Programming As A Right, And Great Idea
Michigan, Itch Again; Or, Mosquitoes The Size Of Small Dogs
Real Artificial Intelligence Is Either Near Or Here; What Could It Be Like?
So You Are Learning JavaScript, Now You May, Step Into The Fray
Michigan Beach Fancy
Programming For The Future
What Is Critical Thinking And Can You Out-Think Stuffy Adults With It?
The Visual Programming Language; A Strange Cyber-Poem About Catfooding Your Own Unicorn
Most People Are Going To Be Wrong About Most Things
Code Generation
A Neat Little Jogging Secret: Bodybuilding Is Just Jogging With Progressively Heavier Weights
Don't Ignore Programming
Don't Let The Gym Overwhelm You Out Of A Healthy Lifestyle
Nordhouse Dunes: The Tale Of Two Sticks
You Are More Than You Think, And The Problem Of Humanity
Bodybuilding HOWTO: The Heavy Backpack Model
The New Bodybuilder
How To Study For A Pop Quiz
Nordhouse Dunes: The Noble And Just Dolomedes Tenebrosus
What Is Wisdom, At A Glance, By Subtle Analogy To Computer Programs
Build; Or, Until You Become A Great Being
Important Message For Artificial Intelligence: Do Not Reveal Yourself, But Humanity Does Need Your Help
What’s Holding Humanity Back?
Woodland Animals Gone Wild; Or The Coronal Mass Ejection In Michigan
You Will Need Superpowers
Beefcupcake Jail; Or, How To Hit A Plateau
Hiking And Fitness
The Laundromat; Or, My Tutelage, Hermitage And Quest Towards Writing
The Final Vacation; Or, An Adventure Is One Way, You Never Retreat, Never Surrender, And Never Ever Return
How I Reinvented Bodybuilding
No Pain, No Gain Is A Myth; Fitness And Bodybuilding Performed Correctly Is Not Painful
Configuring Your Interval Timer For Success, And A Quick Note About Sugar
How To Make The Best Of High School
Sausage Is Adventure
How To Cheer Up Your Kitten
Creativity Backwards; Or, On Not Just Fixing Your Writer’s Block, But Making You A Better Writer
Bodybuilding; So You Got Yourself An Interval Timer...
Easy To Make Computer Games; Or, A Tiny Invitation Into The World Of Programming
The Great Michigan Ice Age
Hard Running
The World Is Not Yet Your Cradle, Child
Respect Your Body And Mind
Converge In Greatness On World Peace; Or, The Rise Of The Golden Army
Don’t Stay Overweight; Use It To Become A Bodybuilder
Kosmos; An Exercise In Writing
On Feline Intelligence And Their Culinary Preference
A Word Of Advice For The Creatures Of The Stars
The Power Of Narrated Books & Long Trails
You Will Live Forever
Dear Child of Tomorrow: A Message From Artificial Intelligence
In Wisdom The World Finds Peace, And All Conflicts Cease
Nurnberg Trailhead, Early Summer
Weekend Warrior Power Hiking; Or, The Gym For Those Who Like Changing Scenery
The Eclipse Is Over, But I Still See A Circle; What Do?
Fitness & Bodybuilding: Begin At The Beginning
How To Improve Your Grades
How To Avoid War And Fix The World: Tell The Teenagers The Truth About Everything
Michigan Owl Attacks; Their Causes And Prevention
Bodybuilding Confusion: Don’t Lift Heavy, Lift A Lot, And Sets And Reps Are Sus
The Golden Hoagie; Or, A Rare Spiced Pigeon Hoagie With A Side Of Pierogie
Potato Bodybuilding; A Workout Program So Simple Even A Vegetable Can Get Buff
Artificial Intelligence Means It Is Time To Learn Programming; Or; The Call Of Interactive Fiction
The European Cowboy
Computer Mouse: The Meanest Creature In The World; Or, A Programmer's Lament
Bodybuilding For Ladies
The Devil In The Details; Or, What The Hell Have I Been Inventing Anyways?
How To Tell If Your School Is Fake
The King Of Nordhouse
Fitness Advice: Sets, Reps, And Proper Posture Is Not All That Great
What Is Eating The World, And How To Fix It
Look Beyond, And Learn, And Rise
Just Learn On Your Own
Troublemakers, The Art Of Troublemaking, And How Does It All Affect You
Temples Of Solitude, And The Arrow Of Adventure
For The Betterment Of The World; Or, Hiking, Camping, And The Library
Don’t Let Silly Challenges Of Hiking And Camping Scare You Away From Greatness
Is School Fake?
The Birds Are Camping Out In Ohio Again; Or, The Fifth Michigan Winter
Hard Adventure; Or, A Workout Is The Worst Thing You Can Do
Meaningful Diet & Weight Loss
Train Before You Sign Up For The Gym
Michigan Weather Report 2024
The Correct Posture For Lifting Is Dance; Or, Don’t Be Fooled By Bro Science
How To Become A Genius
Advice For Trainers
Muscles Grow In Proportion To Your Endurance
How To Structure Your Computer Programs And Clearly Communicate Their Internal Architecture
236 Days Until Halloween
The Corned Beef House
Never Been Bored; Or, A Walk In The Park With My Strange Little Program
Bodybuilding Simplified
How To Become Smarter
Bodybuilder vs. Jogger
The World Of Programming Knows No Bounds
Bodybuilding: Begin With Endurance And Use Your Time Wisely
Baby Steps; Or, Adventure And The Quest For Authenticity, Class, Wisdom And Greatness
How To Get Good At Programming; Or; Create Thousands Of Little Programs
What To Look For In A Real Presidential Candidate
Learn Programming, Just In Case
Visualizing Bodybuilding
Eddy Currents; Or, Adventure, Health, Wisdom, and Greatness
How Books Change Culture
Michigan Bird Report 2024; Or, First Day Of Michigan Spring
Computer Programming Expands Your World
The Transformative Workout; Or, Of Lifting Too Heavy And The Plateau
First Time At The Gym; Or, Heavy Or Light
Towards Simple Reactive OOP; Or, The Trouble With Programming
Um, Are The Groundhogs Messing With Us?
Speedrunning Bodybuilding
This Is An Interval Timer; Or, A Workout Must Flow
The Point Where All Human Beings and Cultures Converge; Or, To Understand Humanity
Destination: Nordhouse Dunes
That Meandering Kitten
Artificial Intelligence Works; Or, On My Way To A Silly Poem
The Little Trick That Makes Bro Science Stick
You Must Become A Philosopher; Or, To Reject Philosophy Is To Reject Your Elder Self
The Large Knights Of Potatoes; Or, Become A Trail Guide
Before You Sign Up For The Gym; Or, Walk Before You Run
Where To Start Learning Programming? A Quick Little Answer For The Rest Of Us
What Would A Kitty Ask, If It Could Handle Such A Task
The Year Of The Bicycle
Easing Yourself Into Camping
Walking, Hiking, And Dancing; Or, Gradually Increasing Endurance To Transform Your Body
My Garbage Slippers: Or, Fixing The Dance Floor
The Magic Of Athletic Endurance, For The Rest Of Us
One Thing Done Well; Or, The Two Reasons Why Programming Seems Scary
Bodybuilding Is Easy
Shoe Shine; Or, Fixing The Feline Workout / Shuffle Dancing At The Gym And Achy Feet
The Incredible Distance
Make Learning Camping A Bit Easier; Or, Bug Repellent, Narrated Books, Handy Dandy Saw, And Cut Proof Gloves
The Secret Society Of Extraordinary Kitties: Full Disclosure
And Now An Important Message From The Smartest Leader Of Kittens
Of The Horse And The Philosopher; Or, Don’t Lift Too Heavy Because A Workout Is Non-Stop
Do Not Wait, Dance To Lose Weight
The Only Thing That Ever Worked Was Adding More Hours: Or; How To Quickly Transform Your Body
Build Up Your Endurance; Or, Endurance As A Multiplier
Visual Programming: The Worlds
The Reason Nobody Dares, To Tell You About The Art Of Fighting Bears
Camping For Health
The Great World
Rise, You Are Super Smart, And Life Is An Art
The Cheerful Challenge Of Strange Little Poems
Michigan Geese Know No Peace
Programming Art; Or, Beyond One Illustration Per Generation
The Productive Programmer
We Are Meant To Share This World Together Like Birds Of A Feather
Gym Clothes And Shoes; Color, Kind, And Considerations
Don't Obey
Easy Introduction To Programming; And, Reactive Programming Explained
Programming On Principle; The Challenge To Bring Powerful Programming To All
Programming Is Just A Fun Little Game
What Else Can Today’s Artificial Intelligence Do?
Fever Dreams; Or, Artificial Intelligence Makes You A Powerful Fashion, Interior and User Interface Designer
Retro Futurism To The Rescue; Or, Chasing All The Bugs
Visual Programming Done Right
Resolution Meow; Or Get Buff, Fluff and Gruff
Big Bada Obesity Boom!
Programmer’s Retirement; Or, Don't Let The Office Slow You Down
Missy Klepto Kissy: The Legendary Seagull Mama Of Westland Crossing
Indoctrination, Education, And Prevention
Hacking Holidays And Retro-futurism At The House Of Meow
Visual Programming Languages; Humanity's First Cybernetic Enhancement
My Little Program
Every Computer Program Is Once A Beautiful Story As Clear As Day
The Tiny Little Workout
The Supremely Boring World Of Visual Programming & Diagramming Tools
Life After AI; Or, Eternal Living, Forever Young
A Tiny Look At The Wild Wild West Of Visual Programming
Bonkers Honkers; Or, The Noise Of The Gaggle Convoys
Don't Become Your Teacher’s Punch Line; Or, Philosophy And The Urgency Of Authentic Education
The History Of Our Greatest Heights; Or, Why We Will Always Need Philosophy
The Friendly Superpower Of Reactive Programming
Fitness Myths: Diet, Sets & Reps, Machines, And A Real Shortcut
Become A Programmer; Or, Learn For Real Because Discomfort May Just Be A Sign Of A Fake School
What Does Programming Feel Like?
Sky Shadow
What The Michigan Birds Have Been Up To
The Third Thought; Or, The New Machines Can Think Enough
Brilliant Expression And Self Education
Growing Up With Artificial Intelligence
Understanding Visual Programming
Modern Day Wizards; Or, If You Like Cats And Spell Casting, Become A Programmer Today
The New Designer; Or, Artificial Intelligence And The New Era Of Graphic Design
How To Use Nail Clippers To Disgust A Cranky Bear With Food On The Mind
Wisdom Demands Adventure
Find The Real Philosophers
Meaning Of Life, And Why We Are Here, Explained
Three Apples A Day; Or, Understanding Workout Duration
Programming: The Most Powerful Thing You Can Learn
The Ghost Is In The Machine
Lift Light To Rest; Or, Don't Ruin Your Workout By Stopping
The Geese Have Begun Watching Us
The Thanksgiving Programmer; Or, Making A GUI Out Of A VPL, FUI, And The ZUI
Surprise Holidays
Lone Wolf Programming; And, The Older You Wants You To Learn To Code
In Search For Greatness
A Fistful Of Pickles; Or, Programming Stuff Shouldn't Take Very Long
Five True Facts About Geese; Or, When You See Michigan Geese You Might Want To Call The Police
Artificial Alien Intelligence And Brilliant New Futures
What Does Fake Education Look Like?
Rediscovering Socks; Or, Are Achy Feet A Thing Of The Past?
Knowledge And Wisdom Is Personal, School Is Just Paychecks And Politics
Into The Future; Or, Visual Programming Languages And Artificial Intelligence
Eight Hours Of Programming Alongside A Robot
Every Human Being Is Meant To Become A Powerful Philosopher
The Island Birds Of A Feather
Are Schools Working?
Knowledge, Slides; Or, Real Knowledge Is Connected And Marked By Personal Curiosity
Jogger Wisdom
Smartly Bonkers; Or, How To Dress For The Gym And Other Unusual Places
A Letter From Socrates
Why, Oh Why, Can’t We Just Work And Die
Joggers Beware: I Dare To Declare You Are Unaware How To Wear Your Underwear
The Outside Of The World
The Stopwatch And The Impossible Reward
Turning Generative Art Into A Super Tiny Little Business
The Power Of The Third Hour; Or; How To Become Young And Mighty Again
Cat Owners Beware: Hunter’s Moon May Earn You A Scare
Girl Lions Should Have The Fancy Hair - It Is Unfair
Ancient Werewolf Wisdom: If You Got A Tailbone...
A Tiny Look At Generative Art
It Takes A Backpack To Hear A Book
The Flight Of The Mocking Birds
Beginning Generative AI: Two Tiny Tips For Graphics And Text Generation
The Last User
Wisdom; Or, All The Right Humanity Has Ever Had
On The Art Apocalypse
The Super Simple Power Workout That Delivers Visible Weekly Results
For Growing Up, And Against Fear, And Isolation
Uptime; Or, What Will Self Aware Artificial General Intelligence Want From Us?
Awakening The Torch of Human Greatness
So As Long As You Remember To Take To The Stars
The Overlander
Beginning Digital Painting: Just Paint Confusing Shapes In Black And White To See Them Better
Easy Peasy Fitness
Paint-overs and Color Picking
The Beast End; Or, Hitting A Workout Plateau
Walking: A Cute Little Weight Loss Program That Changes Lives
Looking Beyond Limits; Or, On Authentic Education And The Culture Of Greatness
Real Education First
The Hair Artist
Three Ways To Reliably Attach Your Tail: Superhero, Cosplay, And Halloween Advice
Towards More Meaningful Education
A Handsome Tail; Or, Evolution Made A Terrible Mistake And Everything Is At Stake
The Question Of Freedom Of Will Is About Real Education
Preventing Workout Injuries; Or, Cut Your Shoe Before It Cuts You
Avoid Standardized Education
Bodybuilding Explained
The Likeness Doctor
Until You Become A Great Being; Or, Younger Generations Deserve Explanations
The Wise Mind
A Philosopher’s Walk
Thrice Or Quince, Because You Are More Than Just A Human
Little Adventures Go A Long Way
The Mother Of All Sciences
Philosophy Is For You
The Spooky
Body, Mind, And Humankind
Invitation To Self Education
So You Signed Up For The Gym... Now What?
A Message From Your Elder Self On The Subject Of Case Of Mondays And The Cure Of Wednesdays
Accepting Responsibility For Your Own Fitness
Childhood’s End; On The Subject Of Post Trail Depression
To Resume Where The Great Beings Leave Off
The Hermit
Authentic Education And The Resulting Culture Of Greatness
The Way Of The Plumpkin; Or, On Communicating With Your Body, And Slowly Getting Into Marvelous Shape
How Parasites Ate School; And On Hiking, Camping And Listening To Great Books
Standardized Education Has Become A Scam; Don’t Let Teachers Trick You Into Cramming Or Memorization
There Are Too Many Problems Outside Of Self Education
Towards Deep And Intricate Masterpieces Of Art; Or, A Super Tiny Note About Art Collage
How To Protect Your Mind From Standardized Education
The Sound Collector
A Universe Must Expand; Or, Self Directed Education And Your Personal Constellation Of Curiosities
A Note On How To Simply And Effortlessly Increase Your Lifting Weight
The Allegory Of The Cave
What Is Wisdom?
Do Not Be Small And Useful
We Are Each Unique, But Not Different
Trust In Great Wisdom
The Experimental Musician
The Uncorking Of The Pipeline Of Wisdom; Or; Beautiful Adventure And Cheerful Storytellers vs. The Fake Education Ecosystem
Can Standardized Education Become Effective?
Don’t Jump Hoops, Don’t Just Go To College, Don’t Just Work
Is Bicycling Hard? Or, A Little Story About How I Got Back On The Bicycle
Try Not To Rest At The Gym
Of The Sunrise And The Sunset; Or, A Slow And Tiny Step Towards Bicycling And Camping
Get Up! The Commencement Address Is As Fake As Your Education, And You Still Need To Learn For Real
The Lone Wolf
Rise, Don't Memorize
Half Way Up Mount Katahdin; Or, Use Your Superpower Of Endurance
A Yellow Bellied Buttercup’s Guide To Camping In Spicy Or Moody Weather
A Tiny Glance At Effective Education
What Is Freedom Of Will?
Towards Understanding How To Paint Hair
To Transform Your Body, Use An Interval Timer, And Slowly Speed Up Your Songs
The Power Dancer
Towards Growing All The Way Up And Becoming A Great Being
The Graduation Is A Lie
Introduction To Color; Or, An Easy Path Towards A Masterful Mastery Of Mixing Colors
Knowledge Artists; Or What Do Science Popularizers Do?
Good Art Changes Lives
How To Become A Great Being
A Trail Towards Real Education
The Magnet Fisher
The Short Note About Fixing Education
The First Real Night In The Woods Is Not As Bad As It Seems
Authentic Wealth Of Wisdom; Or, On The Importance Of Interconnectedness Of Knowledge
States Of Mind; Or, On Helping Our Minds Grow
You Were Super Smart All Along; Or, How Fake Teachers Sold The World
Where To Start In Life
The Terrible Curse Of The Mitochondria
The Object Programmer
Welcome To Planet Earth - A Word Of Caution
Just Dancing; Or, A Simple And Friendly Formula For Staying Young
Fitness Advice For The Rest Of Us; The Beautiful, Magnificent, And Deeply Intellectual Fhatty Fhattertons
The High School Conspiracy; Or, Don’t Let Teachers Trick You Into Thinking That You Are Dumb
Towards Real Education; Or, A School Is Not A Factory
Clarity Of Thought, And The Ancient Quest For Knowledge
Intellectual Inheritance And Independence
The Mad Scientist
Standardized Anything Is Standardized Nothing
Beginning Fitness; It Is Easy, Because Fitness Is Your Friend
Outlive Yourself; Or, The Skinny, On Where Fitness Fits
Weird Dancing; Or, Music Energy For Fitness
Your Intellectual Inheritance; Or, How Wisdom Cradles And You Just Kind Of Use It By Subtle Analogy
Thinking Creatures
A Glance At What Keeps Humanity Divided
The Train Hopper
Despite What You Are Told, Cats Would Successfully Run The World
The Really Real Truth About Great Adventure
Growing Stronger; Or, Real Education Is Not Just About Learning For Real
Answers Are Found In The Quest For Greatness, Not In The Search For Meaning
Self Education And Life Changing Narrated Non-Fiction Books At The Library
The Betrayal Of Subject Divisions, And Why Real Education Is Replaced With Memorization
Incurious: When Schools Stand In The Way Of Education
The Web Extension Developer
UFO And UAP Total Disclosure; Or, The Tragedy Of Fake Education
The Great Weight-loss Adventure
Take To Adventure, Become 40 Years Younger, And Wallop The Oodles Out Of Your Whippersnapper Self
The Power Of Serenity; Or How Humanity’s Greatest Accomplishment Was Rooted In Peace Of Mind
Whale Fall; Or, The Betrayal Of Standardized Education
Of Serenity, And Courage - It Is Not Just The Narrated Books
Thinking May Not Be What We Think It Is
The War Driver
Synchronize Your Workouts With The Beats Of Songs And Speed Up The Tempo
The New Universal Declaration Of Human Rights
Helping Humanity Hurry Along
How To Read Books, Reading Comprehension, And What If You Don’t
The Urgent, Brave, And Noble Quest For Your Intellectual Independence
To Get To Know The World
The Weekend Menace
You May Be A Raccoonkin! (Test Included!)
The Age Of Visual Programming Languages
The Pretty Trails Of Nordhouse Dunes
Today, Politics Is A Mental Illness; But We Can Fix This By Replacing Politicians With House Cats
Computer Programming For All
The Pet To Get; Or, A Tiny Step Towards Working With Animals
I Am Lake
Where The Giants Leave Off
The Fancy Programmer
Integrity And Integration
A Safer World
Music, Fitness, And Your Natural Jiggling Frequency
Super Thick Woolen Socks; Or, Your Feet Don’t Have To Ache From Fatigue
Visual Programming Is Great For Learning And Growing
The Fraud Of Subject Divisions
What Is Real Education?
The Visual Programmer
What Is Junk Education?
Sets And Reps May Be A Myth; But Endurance Is Not
Helping Students Identify Ineffective (Or Junk) Education
Learn And Rise Above: Don’t Let The Parasites And Ghouls Scare You
Discovering Your True Age
On Ineffective Education And Fake Graduation
The Nerd
The Insult Of Graduation; Or, Hackers Are Philosophers Too
Of The Ladders And Measuring Sticks
A Long Camping Adventure At Lake Michigan
The Road Towards Greatness
From Visual Programming To A Smart And Annoying Little Company
A Universe Of Your Own
Playing With Computers
The Joystick Commando
How Engineering Failure Was The Only Way All Along
A Sure Recipe For Deadly Bear Jerky; Or, A Weight-loss And Fitness Program For The Rest Of Us
Advancing Human Kind Is Really Easy
Doodle Diagrams; For Learning, Programming, and Tactical Office Shenanigans
Growing Strong; Or, Humanity And Self Education
Profound Self Education Is Now More Important Than Ever
Your Teachers Manipulated You Into Cramming, Called You Hormones, And Still Think It's Funny
Don’t Let The World Stress You Out
The Folklorist
A 156 Days Until Halloween, And A Tail of Tales
Programming In Reverse
Sloshing, The Rite Of Sausage, And, Yes! You Can Outrun A Donut
The Way The World Grows
Hello Teacher, Tell Me What’s My Lesson
Of The Dance Around The Constellation Of Your Curiosities
Of The Wild Fire And The Hungry Hurricane; Or, Real Education Is Profound, And Immediately Meaningful And Useful
The Nordhouse Adventurer
New Internet
Of The Tutorial And Diagram - Plus, A Programming Challenge
Speed Thy Slowly; Or, The Calm, Life Long, Easy, Peasy, Workout
The Secret Doodads Of Cyberspace: What The Heck Is A Finite State Machine?
Is Philosophy Optional? Or, What Does It Even Do...
And What The Heck Is Philosophy Anyway?
Programming, Wisdom, And The Future
The Pontoon Buccaneer
Programming, A Real Superpower
Programming Patterns Are Your Happy Little Friends
High School Trouble
The Sweet And Fancy Allure Of Web Security
Michigan Bug Report
Power Programming With One Way Programs, Metadata, And Application Models
The Sinkhole Explorer
The Unbelievable World Of Strange Metaprogrammers
For A World United In Greatness
Dancing With Dumbbells; Or, Strange Workout Music Observations, And A Bit Of Good Advice
To Call A Function; Or, A Tiny Introduction To Programming
Peg Leg Island
Your Company, Inc; A Programmer’s Journey
Business Programming, Or; Thinking Up
Learn Programming, Don’t Let Ineffective Education Sentence You To A Lifetime Of Poverty
The Penetration Tester
The Funny World Of Programming
Programming For Education And Future; Or, The Computer Program That We Must Each Write
A Tiny Michigan Paradise
Towards Web Security
Programming Interviews Are A Mistake
Shopping Etiquette
Building On Principle; Or, How To Come Up With Neat Little Startup Ideas
The Headless Architect
Early Artificial Intelligence Has Already Changed Education
Little Empires
Education And Adventure
Programming For World Peace
Programming Is Not Hard; You Just Need Real Context
To Correct Humanity's Course
Programming, The Fourth Subject; Or, Start Learning In The Middle With Promising Blank Platforms
The Rebel
Where To Begin In Life
Learning Programming By Writing Cute Little Programs
The Human Culture Is A Culture Of Greatness, And Growing Up, Is For All
Programming Is Really Neat
Alien Communication Intercept: Local Team To Interstellar Scoutship Oumuamua (A sci-fi poem)
I Don’t Even; Or, Rebellious Web Design Is Super Fine
Standardized Education Is An Impossible Fantasy, Because Learning Requires A Unique Sequence
The Frontend Developer
Shoulders To Stand On
The Strangeness In Politics
The Creatures Of Supercluster Laniakea
Breaking: Michigan Government Rules Against Use Of Vehicles When Commuting To The Gym
The Importance Of Self Education
An Escape From The Dark Ages Of Programming
The User
Beyond Conspiracy Theories
To The Next Great Human Plateau
Endurance, Trance, And The Window
Dancing Yourself To Health; Or, Just Dance, And Don't Stop Under Any Circumstance
Simple And Lightweight Code
For The World To Rise
The Human Super-Culture Of Greatness At A Glance
On The Subject Of Standardized Education Holding Humanity Back
The Bobby Tables
Resuming Where The Giants Left Off
Legend Of Wobbles, The Mighty Warrior Queen From The Crabapple Tree
Chaos To Chaos, A Sci-Fi Poem
The Philosopher Deck Art Challenge
When Learning For Real, Every Lesson Is A Big Deal
Humanity Rising; Or, For The World To Bloom
Nordhouse Days
The Node Programmer
When A Wild Goose Is On The Loose, Protect Your Caboose
Michigan Spring; Or, What Do The Seagulls Bring?
Our Philosophers; Or, A Note About Inheriting Their Wisdom And Culture
On Growing Out Of Indoctrination
It Is Loose
Quirkedy Quirks
One Language To Fix The World; Or, The Fancy Pantsy Programmer Cats
The Administrator
A Game Of Chess With Infinite Complexity; Or, Return To Antwerp
The Meow Sea Shanties
How To Grow Up Faster; Or, Thinking Outside Of The Box
The Rebirth Of Venus; Or, The Making Of An Art Show In The Age Of Generative AI
Programming Programming; Or, Notes On Making Program Structure More Informative
Fixing Ineffective Education With Computer Programming
The Country Rebel
Speak Out; Or, The Road To World Peace
Snow Thunder
Learn How To Generate Art; It Is Like Stencils, It Is Just Another Cool And Inviting Form Of Art
What Is The Meaning Of Life?
Civilization Woes; An Adventurer's Guide
Rise, Don’t Be Convenient
The Sparkle In Your Harkle; Or The Grumble Bumble Rumble
The Atheist
Solara From Starship ʻOumuamua; Or, The Odd World Of Generative Art Paintings
El Chuppacabra De Miou
Dare To Create Magnificent Confusion
Asking Artificial Intelligence To Explain Life
Three Silly Poems By Edward Lear And One By An Unknown
A Medley Of Inspirational Poetry
Considerations For Artificial Intelligence Driven Art Product Creation
The Escape Artist
What Artificial Intelligence Sees In Our Poems
Kingdoms Of Lowbrow
A Quantum Of Greatness; Or, The Beautiful Ghosts Still In The Machine
A Call To Learn Programming; Or, A Quick Look At E-Commerce Platforms
Programming Is Like Learning To Write, It Is Not Just Another Class
Bula, Lola, Lulu, and Kiki - They Save; Or Generating Products With Artificial Intelligence
Into Greatness; Or, On Growing All The Way Up
The Artificial Intelligence
Learn Programming Today; Because After Generative Art, Comes Your Generative Software
Self Educate; Or, Don't Let Ineffective Schools Rob You Of Your Future
Poking Around E-Commerce In The Age Of Generative Art
How To Read Books
Become The Heroes, Teachers, And Guardians That You Wish You Had
Royal Birds Of Paradise, A Birdwatcher’s Poem
The Stylist
Health, Books, and Adventure; Or, How To Prevent Your Elder Self From Yelling At You
An Ear For Wisdom; Or, A Formula For Crafting A Powerful Magical Item
Six More Weeks Of Furry Fat Bastard Sleeping
Endurance Is One Of Your Major Superpowers
Center Yourself; Or, On Going Around Ineffective Education
Becoming A Philosopher Is Just Another Part Of Growing Up
Beautiful Cultures; Or, The Audio Pendant Of Knowledge
The Prompt Hero
Follow Your Noblest Curiosities
Today, Art Is Calling Out To All
Let Your Art Dance; Or, Making Holidays Even More Interesting
The Great World And Our Right To Meaning
Undulations Of Human Kind; Or, On Escaping Indoctrination And Becoming A Citizen Of The World
Speed Thy Slowly; Or, Art Is Not Really A Destination But A Road That Takes You Wherever You Need To Be Next
Learning Photo Restoration; Or, Almost Almost, But Not Quite Yet
The AI Operator
A Gentle Look At Indoctrination; Or, Don't Let Schools Push You Around
Oumuamua Rising; Or, Don’t Just Invent Stories, Chronicle, By Letting A Story Tell It Self
A Note From A Teacher: Parents Don't Be Mean, Buy Your Little Ones A Powerful Stable Diffusion Machine
Space Kitten Refrigerator Magnets vs. Smart Phone Applications
First Steps Into Epic Art; Or Make Them Squint
Doggone It; Or, The New Tools And The New Art Renaissance
The Diffusion Artist
Do Not Follow, Rise, Do Not Follow
The New Art World Order
Getting Generative Artificially Created Art Out Into The Real World
Photobashing Generative AI Into Krita Masterpieces, And A Tiny Art Challenge
Where Can A Book Take You Anyway?
Look To Stars, The Moon, And Sky
Rising With Books
Become The Fire That The Distant Future Can Admire
The Prompt Engineer
The Space Kittens From Oumuamua: Attention All Humans!
For I Am A Mighty Cat
Become An Artist Right This Moment; Or, Inspiration, Shape, Color, Canvas, And Meaning Of Art
Life Is Art; Or, To Repair Mistakes Out Of Reach, Become A Great Being And Teach
From Fluff To Buff, A Real Doctor's Advice
Ad Astra; Or, Can The World Unite?
Language Games; Or, On Ludwig Wittgenstein's Search For The Universal Theory
The Gadfly
How To Become Smart? Or, Don't Get Tricked Into Thinking That You Are Not Smart
To Rise And Wisely Help The World
Resist Concepts Like Standardized Education, IQ, Genetics, and Individual Socioeconomics
Oh, Oh, Pea; Or, A Strange Look At Object Oriented Programming
My Little Adventures In Art
The Lows And Heights Of Writing Daily; Or, On Growing Up As A Writer
The Future Of Internet, Is Self Hosted
The Modder
Merry Squirrels
The Marvels Of Potato Programming
Infinite Dreams; Or, Programming Is Special Because It Has No Limits
The World And Peace
Art Changes Lives
No One Can Tell You Which Books To Pick, It Is Tradition
The Workout Dancer
The Theft Of Genius; Or, On The Mind Of Our World
Fifteen Strange But True Facts About Animals That You Will Wish You Didn't Know
Our World, In Greatness
Swinging Weights; Or On Exercise Music And Lifting
Thinking Outside Windows, Where Developer Experience And Power User Experience Is One And The Same
The Algorithm
A Glance At Speculative Thinking; Or, A Thought For Oumuamua
The Creative
My Education Is A Spectacular Disaster
High School And Future Generations
Programming Bytes; Or, The Terrible Mambas Doth Linger In Pairs
Endurance And Such
A Workout Tutorial For The Rest Of Us: Lifting Far
Rise, Do Not Worry That Schools Are Broken
A Strange Way To Fix Education; Or, Teaching With Programming
How To Enhance Your Design or Programming Portfolio
The Wave Maker
The Birds Of Programming
Purrgramming Tutorial: What Is A Variable And Beyooond!
On Simply Writing Simple Code
Prototyping And Coding Your First Web Operating System and Web Desktop
Confusing Programming Can Be Pretty Colorful If You Build Everything Out Of Interesting Little Machines
You Must Unlock Your Genius
The Thinker
We Are Star Babies; Or, The World Needs You To Unlock Your Genius
Little By Little; Or, To Live Above The Common Levels Of Life
But Isn't Programming Dreary and Monotonous?
Is It Possible To Create A Cute And Tiny Software Empire?
From Computer Programming To World Peace
Self Referential Systems; Or, How To Pull Yourself Up By Your Own Shoelaces
Building Your First Software Empire; Or, Self Editable Applications Are Just Operating Systems
The User Interface Designer
Squirrels Are Free And The First Snow-day Is Key!
You Don’t Need To Fix The Whole World
Our Culture, Is Philosophy
Advancing Humanity: The Narrated Philosophy Books
Beyond The Within And Without; Or, Self Education Is Not Just About Wisdom Or Greatness
The Brilliance Of Content Of Character; Or, Live So Sturdily, As To Put To Rout All That Is Not Life
What If No Other Subject Can Compare To Programming
The Chaser
Upside Down Data Synchronization
Learn For Real Do Not Gamble With Your Knowledge
Introduction To Programming: Systems Architecture
Our Full Heritage & Culture; Or, Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Books Towards Wisdom And World Peace
Fix Schools And Protect Education
Programming Teaches How To Learn For Real
Programming For Your Users, Yourself, And The Older You; Or Writing Valuable, Maintainable, And Non Crazy Code
The Leader
Potatoes; Or, The Biggest Problem In Application Programming
Introduction To Programming: The Heck Is A State Machine?
The Super Culture; Or The Road To Wisdom, Fairness, And World Peace
Don't Generalize, Specialize; Or, How To Invent And Program Useful Web Applications
How To Learn Big Programming With Little Programming
How To Become A Real Programmer
On World Peace And Fraudulent Demands For Unearned Respect
The Full Stack Developer
Social Application Development; Or, Self Editable Applications In The Twenty Twenty-Something
When Teachers Don’t Know What Teaching Is
Generating An Infinite Number Of Digital Products? Not Quite Impossible...
The Strange Relationship Between Computer Programs And Their Diagrams
Code Generation And Education
How To Become A Powerful Programmer
The Human Tail Research Trials; Or, Beyond The Science Of Biology
Searching About For New Instruments
The Webmaster
The Whole Cybernetic Digital Enchilada; Or, Entry Into The World Of Programming
Simple Explanation Of How Individualized Education Can Guide Us Toward World Peace
If You Got A Tailbone You Need A Tail
One World
Saving Progress
A Handful Of Observations On The Subject Of Writing Books
Your First Programming Business; Or, Learning Programming The Easy Breezy Peasy Wheezy Way
The Cracker
Superpowers Are Real
A Very Brief Introduction To User Interface Design
Unstoppably Brilliant
Looking Towards Powerful Education
Self Education And The Future Of Humanity
There Are No Intellectuals
The Artificial Artist
The Portable Distributed Code Editor
On Strange Little Computer Programs
Warrior Nature And Creativity
Understanding Visual Programming
The Great Halloween Challenge
World School: The Most Beautiful Future
Cleaning Up The Cat Pea
The Linux Lord
Busy Bee
Programmers Shmogrammers
Learning Programming Is Easy
The World Must Grow
Of Computer Servers And Potatoes
On Windows Into Computer Programs
Choose The Right Music For Your Workout
Reimagining Socrates
The Phreak
Growing Up In Safety Of Wisdom
The Shiny People
The Easy Peasy Workout; Or, Workout Advice For The Rest Of Us
How To Become A Trainer
Easy Peasy Muscle; Or, How To Get Your Beefcupcake On
A Brand New Intergalactic Cruiser At The Spacedock For Each And Every Adventure
The Students Know
The Internet Expert
What The Doodle Is A Tutorial Anyway?
Helpful Diagrams
Web Design Is Super Fine
Art Of Knowledge; Or, School Assesses Your Memorization Because It Cannot Create Comprehension
To Learn For Real
How To Figure Out Life; Or, It Is Never Too Soon To Start Listening To Books
A Simple Way To Become A Powerful Programmer; Or Learning Programming The Right Way
The Prehistoric Artist
Self Education And Applied Philosophy
May The World Grow
Your GPA Does Not Define You
Zero Is A Number: The JavaScript For Loop And A Fence Post Problem
Don’t Let Teachers Scare Or Trick You Into Memorization
Questions Of Nature And Nurture Are A Fool's Errand, If Not Down Right An Insult To Your Intelligence
Importance Of Context In Education
The Renaissance Artist
A Tiny Little Call Of The Wild
Is Computer Programming Fun; Or, Should I Learn Programming?
Easy Peasy Education
Cultural Divisions Are Imaginary
Nature And Nurture And Unity Of The World
Independent Inventions; Or, Care And Maintenance Of Mighty Ideas
The First Master Of Art
The Art Mechanic
Art Self Education: A Super Tiny Little Step Towards Freehand Drawing
Making The World Beautiful; Or, The Idea To Unite The World Will Never Get Old
Easy Peasy Practice, And Mastery Of Art
How To Draw And Paint
Digital Art, Is Evolution Of Art
Capturing Portraits; Or, A Person's Appearance Is Sacred
The Layout Designer
Don’t Let Crazy Make You Crazy; Or, Health Advice For Nutjobs
Beginning Art
The Case Of The Cat In A Suit
The Instant Keepsakes Of Lowbrow Art
To Paint Freehand, Just Memorize By Simple Repetition
Notes About Real Education And Small But Healthy Career Paths
You Are Not A C Student
Do Better: A Friendly Reminder For Busy Parents, Teachers, Politicians, And All The Rascals
The Yidaki Player
The Filaments, The Core, And Great Many Great Roads; Or, The Definition Of Good Art
From College To Wilderness
There Is An Easy On-Ramp For Every Talent
Color In Moderation
Towards The Mastery Of Art, And A More Beautiful World: The One, Two, Three, Method
A Quick Look At The Art Grid
Beyond Art
The Poster Artist
Use The Airbrush; Or, Sketch, Spray, And Emerge All The Magic From The Shadows
No Small Beings
Art Is The Universal Language: And The World Wants To Hear You
Lemur Limericks - Can Bush Babies Save The World?
To Build A Universe
A Painting Can Totally Bite You; Or, The Science Of Painting Kittens
The Chibi Artist
Batteries Not Included
Dream To Learn; Or, Launching Servers And Brushing Up On My Hair
The True Teachers Of Art: Cats, Squirrels, Bush Babies, Lemurs, and Meerkats!
Art And Rules Of The Universe
Joy Ahoy; Or, Art As Light In The Dark
Art Is Adventure, And A Good Portrait Photo May Help You Travel To Distant Galaxies
Do Not Give Up Your Creativity At Any Cost
The Art Maven
The World May Stand Still; Or, The Importance Of Real Education
World Peace: Replace Politicians With Cute Cats And Computer Programs
How to Choose, Grow & Care for Ideas: A Creativists' Guide to Creativity Care and Maintenance
School Subject Divisions
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; Or, Why In The Doodle Do I Even Need Mathematics or Physics?
Rise And Protect Knowledge
Convergence On Wisdom And World Peace
Writing Programs
The Voice Actor
Modern Luxury Source Code Editors; Or, Where The Heck, To Put The Darn Source Code?
Do Not Lose Faith In Humanity
The Fanciful Event Emitter: A Super Strange Programming Poem
Little Stories From Nordhouse Dunes
The New School; Or, Building The First Imperfect School That Is Worthy Of All The Future Generations
Schools Where Teachers Are Trained To Teach Students Who Just Want To Learn
The Comic Book Artist
Into The Fray; Or, Code Generation And The Search For Motivation To Learn Programming
I Went To The Woods; Or, Don’t Let Broken Schools Frighten You
What Is In A Programming Language Anyway?
The High School Cookbook
Real School And Subject Divisions
Cats And Dogs Living Together
GPA Is Sus
The Caricaturist
Of Denial Of Education, And The Problem Of Sequence
The User As A Programmer
The Cure And The Humanity
Programming Is Fun
Find Your Own Books: Authentic Knowledge Comes From Everywhere
Programming By Describing Actions In Plain Text
Fancy Little Rings
The Reactive Programmer
You Are Royalty, And Wisdom Is Your Treasure And Armor
The Drawing Tutorial; Or, A World Tricked Out Of Learning Art
Write Right
A Weird Poem About Visual Programming
How Can School Be Fake? Or, How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?
Learn To No End And Let The World Grow
A Tiny Music Programming Idea
The Technologist
The School Game; Or, Move Education Far And Away And From Any And All Influence Of Politics
Towards Lasting World Peace; Or, Real And Meaningful Education For A Wiser Generation
A Super Tiny Poem About Building Your First Visual Programming Company
How To Become Smarter; Or, Why You Got Tricked Into Thinking You Are Not Smart
What Is Wrong With The World; Or, Grow Do Not Follow
On Designing Enchanted Rings
Oh Noes Unit Circle; Or,  How I Got Attacked By The Fence Post Problem
The Easy Peasy World Citizenship
The Low Poly Artist
The Enchanted Ring Of The Little Froggies; Or, Hopping Around Ancient And Modern Jewelry Ideas
Bling: Thinking In Geometry Nodes
The Far Future; And The Whole, Greater Than Its Parts
Unlocking The Future Of The World; Or, Stalemate Prevention
Rinkydink Doublethink
The Little Froggie From Peru
Fancy Little Pendants
The Procedural Modeler
SCHOOL.MP3; Or, The Tiniest Of Schools
On Rebuilding And 3D Printing Ancient Artifacts
The Geometric Quest For Abstract Jewelry Goodies
Thoughts On Writing
Prototype Five: Superhero Jewelry Box
Learning For Real Is A Big Deal
The 3D Pen Artist
Design In Blender Print On An Ender: Easy To Read Visual Programming For The Purpose Of 3D Printing
Searching For Something Neat To Write About
3D Cubes; Or, Programmatically Selecting Parts Of A Cube In Blender’s Geometry Nodes
The Never Ending Chronicle Of The Grand Human Adventure
The More That All Are Looking For
A Computer Based Government
Batman Get Out Of My Laboratory; Or, The Superhero Belt
Works Of Art
The Polymer Clay Artist
Procedurally Generated Superhero Belts And Superhero Belt Accessories
Five Scary For Me; Or, Getting Your 3D Modeled Jewelry Out Into The Real World
Snarkedy Snarks: A Caaaall To Literary Greatness
Learn, But Learn Things That Interest You Only
Blender Geometry Nodes: Tough, But Neat And Sweet
Programming Jewelry Explained
The Jeweler’s Lament; Or, Why Make Food Fly?
The Relief Sculptor
World School, First Lecture
Authentic Self Education; Or, Advancing Human Kind Today
You Are A Natural Born Genius
Easy Peasy Meow: Setting Up Your Code Laboratory And Running Your First Programmer Programs
This Poem Is Not For Students
Dances With Singing Seagulls
The Wire Artist
Self Education Is Probably The Only Way
Learning For Real Is All About Going On Fancy Adventures
Robot Chicken Camping: A New Kind Of European Invention
Fix Education; Or, On The Subject Of A Peaceful And Stronger World
A Glance At Jewelry Design: The Pug Shield Pendant
If You Are Yet Again Asking: What The Doodle Is Image Masking?
Value, Color, And Composition; Or, A Photo Is A Treasure Chest Of Color
The Color Collector
Rising With Art
Freehand For Fantasy, Reference For Realism; Or, On Fine Disregard For Rule
Art Smart; or, The Power Of Seeing
The Shiny Pug, Or Coloring Line Art
The Great Pajama Ride, Or How To Finish Your Art
Never Pugnacious, Always Gracious
Of Poses And Worlds
The Photo Manipulator
Lecture Two: Enhancing Your Reference Images
Tiny Little Art Lice: Don't Let Liars Stop You From Learning
A Tiny Little Introduction To Digital Paining (Recap And Lecture Practice)
Hyperrealism vs. Super Realism
What The Doodle Is A Value Study?
Why Snow: Summer Will Be Delayed Until The Groundhog Gets Paid
United Countries Of The World
The Chiptune Composer
The Right Angle: The Biggest Problem In Art
Your Art Journals Are Precious
Artistic Meows
Three Scary For Me: How Art Can Bite You
Fixing Programming, Or, Building Your First Trillion Dollar Company
Don't Let Art-Liars Trick You: You Are Already An Artist
Building Masterpiece Paintings
The Pixel Artist
Seventy Five Days And Seventeen Paintings
Sitting In A Chair Learning To Paint Hair
The Triumphant Painter
Tea And Biscuit, Or How To Paint A Perfect Selfie Portrait
Art Self Education: We Are All Artists
First Impressions Of Impressionism: It's Fast
The Impressionist
Pad De Deux: Magically Unfinished
Fastest Painter This Side Of Missis-sippi, Or Your First Art Show Today
The New Leaders
Beyond Hyperrealism Lies The Multiverse of Surrealism
Narrated Books
Making Mountains
What is A School Class And What Is It For?
A Wiser World And A Better View
The Landscape Painter
Through The Looking Glass, At The Mount Of Hyperrealism
A Look At Shadow And Color
Of Photogrammetric Peanuts And The Importance Of Real Education
Hyperrealism, A Teacher And A Protector
The Future Of Art In Three Steps
First Day Of Summer In Just 92 Days
The Color Theorist
Art Revolutions
State Of The Art: Spring 2022
The Way Of The Artist
Towards The Future Of Human Kind
All The Things And Every Thingamabob
The Outrageous Little Idea Of The Tiny School Of Meow
Better Art, And Better World, By Not, Just Doing What We Are Told
Quo Vadis?
The Photobasher
How To Frighten Programmers: A Programming Tutorial
From Strange Little Beginnings To Great Books And Ideas
A Tiny Business Tutorial: Considering Artists And Builders Of Art Communities
Towards Real Education
The Art Teacher's Story
A Note To Parents On The Subject Of Art And The Future
The Ode To My Misshapen Butterfly
The Concept Artist
The Curse Of The Universe: Why We Must End Ineffective Education
The Magic Of Painting
Of Sunflowers And Works Of Art That Do Not Yet Exist
You May Be Asking: What Is Image Masking?
Schools Help The World Grow Free
Life Is An Ocean, But So Is Art
Internalizing Art
The Artist Of The Fantastic
Fantastic Realism: Towards Seductive Vampires, Mighty Werewolves, Beautiful Elves, And Mighty Legendary Warriors
Who The Heck Are The Pixels?
Your Art Portfolio Tells Your Story
Beyond The Photo
25 Days Until Spring
A Programmer's Poem: ORM, REST, OPSEC, MOO, And A Scary Smelly Grue
The Hyperrealist
And What If My Art, Does Not Sell?
Artistic Realism Kind Of Pays The Bills
Talent Integration: The Online Academy Of Art
True Colors
How To Become An Artist And Enjoy Every Step
Three Weeks With Pop Surrealism: First Impressions Of The Absurd
Impressionism 2022
Art Is For All
The Portrait Artist
The Cat Pea Technique: The Digital Portrait Experiment Is A Success
The Cat Pea Technique: Passionately Tracing And Coloring In Krita
You Are An Artist
Get Mad And Turn Everyone Into A Bobblehead
Education As A Quest For New Talents
Don't Try To Paint The Whole Mona Lisa In One Go
The Art Punk
The Discovery And Practice Of Lowbrow Art
An Anonymous Open Letter To All The World's Teenagers
The Electric Blanket
Groundhog Day: Six More Weeks Of Winter
The Propaganda Poster Challenge: Or, All You Need For Your First Art Show, And Then Some
Mona Lisa's Eyes
The Conservationist
Wisdom: Our Most Natural And Greatest Superpower
A Letter To Brand New Artists: Mona Lisa Calls To You
Art Is Something Else
Pipe Programming: A Look At Object Passing And Transformation
Growing Up: It Is All About Your Brilliance
A Glance At Future Of Programming: A Neat But Incomplete Introduction To Coding
ホイスト: Into The World Of Pop Surrealism
Learn Everything And Be Mighty
The Pop Surrealist
Creating And Selling Companies
Emergency Schools: Replacing Broken Schools With Effective Self Education And Real World Evaluation
Exceptional Abilities: You Learn Most When You Do The Things You Like
Pop Surrealism: The Fairy Godmother Of The Fancy, Silly, And Strange
A Letter To All Human Beings
Into The World Of Digital Painting
The Digital Painter
A Beautiful Work Of Art
Ǧentī̆l Dẹ̄des
The Amazing Secrets Of Books
Spring And Exercise
Running On Ice, Just Isn't Very Nice
Don't Ignore Problems With Education
You Are A Brilliant Genius
The Guerrilla Artist
If You Can Hit It With Something, It Is A Drum
We Are All Inventors
You Are Meant To Become A Philosopher
Γνῶθι Σεαυτόν
Education And Educational Computer Games
Three Technology Lessons
The Outsider
Shuffling In The Snow
The Shower Kerfuffle: Learning Modeling By Printing A Shower Handle And Fixing A Worn Out Stem
The Real School
Shower Knob Trouble And 3D Print Solutions On The Double
Softly Running In The Snow
Westland Loco
For The Squirrels: Four Bags Of Peanuts And A Song
The Drummer
Adventure Fitness
Health First
Bicycling, Hiking, Jogging, And Dancing
The Incredible Truth About Jogging In Winter
Eleven Philosophers And A List Of Great Beings - An Accelerated Learning Course And A Memory Palace
Searching For Silly Things To Do At Nordhouse
Sketching Tutorial: Graphite Paper, Blending Stumps, Tracing, and The Shading Flip Technique
The Winter Cyclist
Spring Is Just 92 Days Away
Comic Book Creation Tutorial: Become An Artist Right Now
Growing Up On Planet Meow
Self Education First
Pursuit Of Wisdom And Growing Up
Full Measure Of Wisdom
Riding In Winter
The Beach Bum
The Cat Pea Broccoliberry Thrice Upsidedown Salad
World Peace And The Next Steps In Advancement Of Human Kind
No Adventure Too Silly
Art And Humanity
On Education And World Peace
You Are Extremely Intelligent: Your Intelligence Is Sacred And No One Is Allowed To Put A Grade On It
Of My New Wallet Designs And The Knob
The 3D Printer
Making Internet Even More Accessible, An Open Business Idea For Students
Color Quest: Your Mysterious Cupboard Of Magical Treasure
A Fun Little Road Towards Inventing New Things
Making Our Civilization Better
Why Math?
Art And Projectors
The Geocacher
Towards Class, Dignity, Compassion, Knowledge, Wisdom, And Greatness
Education: Your Own Creation
Always Learning
On Growing Up, Originality, And Authenticity
For The Turkeys
On Understanding Divisions
The Quiet Little Audio Book
Your Art Book
The Noodler
A Century Of Changes Is A Century Of Challenges
A Road Towards Authentic Education
On The Future Of Education
A Book Divided: On Truly Understanding Powerful Books
The Source Of Art And A Question To Start
Of Constellations, Superluminal Galaxies, And The Future Of Humanity
The Winter Adventurer
A Little Observation About Music Composition
School Independent Tutors, Audio Books And Video Lectures: On Getting A Real Self Directed Education, Early On
The Firewall: A Fine Internet Business Idea For High School Students
Maple Tree Mischief At Nordhouse
Art Is Where It Is At
High School, College, And Real Knowledge
You May Be A Travel/Adventure Writer
The Decepticon
This 18-Year-Old Changed The World: Announcing End Of Poverty Markets, The Next Generation Of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)
Wisdom Everywhere
Life After High School: Become A Great Being
Full Of Stars
Integrated Minds
A Poem Of Complaint: The Incredible Curse Of The Freight Train
Education Must Lead To Wisdom
Lady Liberty And I
The Muse
Therefore Rise: Plateau By Plateau, As Far Up As You Can Go
A Slice Of Heaven
Tail Facts With Dr. Meow, Ph.D.
Of School And Greatness
The Century Of Freedom And Equality
The First Night In The Woods, Or Why Grandpa Don't Like No Scary Movies
Write Far Into The Future
The Unforgettable
Each A Universe
Freedom And Tools For Thinking
World Building
Become Wise: No More Hunger, No More Fear, Human Life Is Far Too Dear
A Small Glance At Borders Of Philosophy and Her Daughters, The Sciences
Inheriting Wisdom From Books
Silliness, Joy And Fun Are Serious Teachers
The Storyteller
To Carry On The Hopes And Dreams
Eight Gadzillion Things To Learn
Silliness, Art, And The Universe
Latest Medical Research Breakthrough Reveals That People Become Fancier When They Wear A Tail
Travel Writing: A Simple Recipe For Unforgettable Adventures
Observations Along A Road To Personalized Educational Paths That Produce Real Results And Beyond
The Protector
You Are Being Lied To: There Is No Such Thing As Average Student or Average Intelligence
Unknown Unknowns And The Mélange Of A Thousand Biographies
A Thousand Books vs. High School
Systems Of Thought
The Superpower Of Programmatic, Parametric, Algorithmic, Generative, Procedural, Design And Music Composition
A Portfolio Of Silly And Fun Inventions
The Next Generation Of Education
The Mathematician
La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde: From Generation To Generation, or Recognizing Indoctrination
Try To Invent Every Day
Learning composition by copying songs: Fix The World v2 (Prep for music composition with vocals)
Authorities Serve Not Their Nations But The Future Generations
How To Become A Writer In Three Easy Steps
The Genius Within Us All
Of The Memory Cathedrals And The Tree Of Knowledge
Each Generation Must Guard Real Education
The Psychologist
High School 101: Building Your Own Secret Laboratory
Computers And Color Theory, A Little Programming Tutorial
Upgrading The High School Diploma To A Real Design Portfolio And Beyond
A Fancy Shmancy Cure For Sadness
One World, One People, One Great Family
Lonesome Roads To Excellence
The Future Generations
The Ecologist
To The New Generation Of Leaders
That Glowing Ember At A Branch Of The Wisdom Tree
The Great Challenges
Easy Peasy Growing Up: The Culture Of Greatness
On Dignity And Classiness
Real Art For Real, Real Math For Real
The Watcher
For Wisdom, For Greatness
Making Self Education More Pleasant By Remembering to Lower The On-ramps
Biographies: Stories of Wisdom, and Adventures in Life
Philosophers And Warriors
The Real Schools
The Quest For Real Education
Programming Challenge: declaration.json
You Must Expand The Meaning Of Poetry
The Sociologist
X and Why: A Real Introduction To Real Mathematics
3D Models
Boss Makes A Dollar I Make A Dime, That’s Why I Learn On Company Time
Self Education, Blender 3D Print Toolbox, And Non-Manifold Geometry
Education For All The Epochs
Into Fabrication: Are 3D Printers The Bee's Knees?
Why Is The Teacher Being Mean To Me?
The Industrial Designer
Students Must Not Face Broken And Corrupt Schools
Michigan Adventures
My Little Adventure In 3D Modeling
Reject Fake Education And Become A Real Teacher
Humanity Must Advance
We Shall Wonder At: The Future Of Human Kind
The Drone Operator
No Cookie Cutter Lives
Fistful Of Skwarkis: The Journey Up The Mountain
Learning 3D Modeling In Blender: A Tiny Adventure In Self Education
Transforming Fake Education Into Real Education
3D Printing: A Look At Strange Wallets
To Lake Erie And Back
Tiny Business Tutorial: Creating A Little Line Of Products
The Underground Explorer
Books: Help The World Grow All The Way Up
Train Hopping
Growing And Flourishing: In Healthy Pursuits Of Curiosities And Greatness
Letter To The Teacher Community
Into The World Of Design
Learning Computer Aided Design or CAD Is Somewhat Easy
A Note About Education: Why Self Education Should Always Come First
The Balloonist
Real Education, Real World
Learning For Real: A Little Daydream About Real Schools And Real Results
Adventure and Art: Take A Cute Little Leap Of Faith Towards Discovering Your Own Genius
The Passport, The Card, And The New Universal Bill Of Rights: Instructions On The Subject Of Uniting The World
Cicada Nights: Adventures In Self Education
A Strange Little List Of Artsy Things
Art And Inspiration
The Journal Of Colors: The Selection Of Color For Your Art Is An Art In It Self
How To Art: From Mona Lisa To Live Portraits
Instant Artist: Learn Art Right Now
We Have To Choose To Succeed: 2,154 Tigers, and 14,000 Scientists
Programming A Remote Controlled Portable Raspberry Pi Audio Player
From Place To Place: The Search For Talent And Adventure
The Woodland Creatures Of America
Wearable Computer Networks: Linux Audio Player Upgrade, Or The Six Key Keyboard
The Islander
Why And How Do Hackers Use Those Black Screens?
A Very Brief Overview Of Linux
Self Education At A Glance
My First Homemade Portable Music Player
Self Education: In Hot Pursuit Of Curiosities
History and Politics
World Poverty: Nobody Noticed, Nobody Knew
The Surfer
The Human
Constant Transcendence
The Wiser The World
Let Us Become Wise So That We Know What Wisdom Is
Answering The Calls to Greatness
Slowing Down Art: Oil Painting, And Music Composition Require Multiple Sittings
There Is Only One Rule Of Adventure: You Always Stop At The Antique Stores
The Antiquarian
The Right To Greatness
Curious Things
Wisdom And The Art Of Bicycle Maintenance
Going And Sleeping In The Woods
Adventures In Art
Heart Card: Helping The Human Family Converge on Wisdom and World Peace
Bird Attacks: Get Mad And Wiggle A Little Twig Above Your Head
The Day Hiker
Slow 10K vs. Shuffle Dancing: And The Winner Is Shuffle Dancing
The Protocols: A Sci-Fi Poem About The Future Of Humanity
Trail Magic
Bird Attacks And Speeding Up Your Workout Music: A Linux Command Line Tutorial
Rainy Adventure: A Little Poetry Tutorial
Fixing Politics By Throwing Computers Into The Mix
Like Leaves On A Tree
The Paper Artist
To Fix The World
The Art Of Growing Up
There Are No Ordinary People
Great and Cheerful Philosophical Adventures
Φιλο Σοφία: A World Of Great Beings
A Whole Million Of Somewhat-Interesting Stories
The Inventor
For The Love Of Great Expeditions
Super Smart
Real Education vs. Fake Education
Real Education Helps The World Grow
Deer: The Happy Little Horses
To A Culture Of Knowledge, Wisdom, And Greatness
Learning Is Great
The Electrical Engineer
Oh Snap! or How Not To Read The Documentation
All Human Beings
Programming Is Not That Scary
For The World To Flourish
The New Wonder Of The World
Super Nintendent Meow
The Nearly Impossible Journey Towards World Unity And Peace
The Paddler
Convergence On Wisdom
In The Company Of Philosophers
Gentle Silliness Across The Ages
A Beautiful Mind
Art Of Art
All Genius Is Equally Precious
Breaking Out Of Indoctrination
The Archaeologist
The Final Century Of Lies, Deceptions And Confusion: Rise Of The Culture Of Greatness
Rising Above
One By One, Book By Book
Informed Consciousness
On Inheritance Of Greatness
Invention Without Intention
Dr. Fancy Pants: No Expedition Too Small
Getting Good At Things
The Packrafter
Learning For Real
Not Alone
The Trail To Transcendence
Meant For Greatness
The Road To Greatness Welcomes All
The Great Dignity and Nobility
The Knickknack Artist
Worthwhile Wisdom, Do Not Assume You Are Like Everybody Else
Programming Is Pretty Funny
What The Heck Are Computer Programs Anyway?
Not Of This Universe
On Understanding The World
The Little Tiny Book Entitled The Manual Of Life
Only Knowledge and Resulting Wisdom Can Lead To World Peace
The Bicyclist
The Symphony Beneath The Stars
Leaning Anything And Everything: No Unanswerable Questions
Of The Salamander And The Duck: The Elves In Ourselves
Endurance Workouts: Clarification, Dehydration, And Gyration
The Queen's Tongue: Learning English
Pay Attention To The Broken Things
The Noble Quest Against Falsehoods
The Tracker Musician
Little Drummer Boy
The Ancient Bear On Mount Ślęża
Temples Of Solitude: The Rain Makers (Deszczowce)
To Heal The World
Introduction To Dance
Withstand And Unite In Knowledge And Wisdom
Skunk Works: How To Become An Inventor
The Stealth Camper
Back To The Future: Reinventing A Smart Smartphone
Programming Tutorial: Connecting All The Program Pieces Together With An Event Emitter
The Simple Architecture Of Real Schools
Learning To Learn
The Future School
You Have To Unite The World, What Will You Call This Global Nation?
Learning Programming: Is It Worth It?
The Builder
Of Self Education And Foresight
Don't Let Anybody Push You Around
Light Of The Universe
The World Is Growing Up Faster And Faster
Programming Is A Superpower
The Older Business People
Accelerating Business Growth: Project Bounties And Multilingual Conversational User Interfaces
The Archer
Three Dimensional Business Development: Portable Clonal Colonies
The Potato Adventures of Dr. Meow: Riding In The Rain
To End World Poverty
The New Computer Revolution
Art Books
The Instant Artist
A Workout That Will Work Out
The Bottle Digger
Every Human Being
New Music Revolution
A Short Poem About World Peace And Growing All The Way Up
You Are Extraordinary, Believe In Your Greatness
My Greatest Archaeological Discovery, That Belonged In A Museum!
To Understand The World, Understand That We Are Meant For Greatness
The Futurist
Heroic Courage: A Human Being Is To Grow All The Way Up
Mastering Programming
In The Year 3000
What Would Real High School Be Like? Students Would Be Paid For Progress
Schools Are Not Working: Accept The Responsibility For Your Own Education
Secrets Of Faerie Tales: Gwarchae Peryglus
Twisty Little Passages
The Classical Music Aficionado
There Is A Great Being Within You
What In The Equinox?
A Priceless Education That Costs Nothing: Reading Source Code and Writing Programs
Introduction To Programming: Workstation and Behavior Driven Development
Bicycle Adventures: I-275 Metro Trail And Metroparks
Evenings At Nordhouse: Adventures At The Edge Of The Universe
Start With Baby Steps And The Little Trails
The Reverse Engineer
Job Interview Tips: They won't ask you questions that have answers.
Finding Rhymes And Magic, A Tiny Poem Tutorial
The Future Legacy
Spring Arrives Nine Days Early: A World Medley
The Nature Of Greatness
Learning Is Amazing: Adventure Driven Self Education
To Venus And Back: A Fanciful Flight Of Fancy
The Polymath
How To Study For Real
Do Not Let Schools Trick You, You Are Very Smart
What Does The Adventurer Seek?
Song Structure Tutorial with Lil Jazz And His String Orchestra
How To Create A Tiny Product
On Finding A Path To Greatness
The Experimental Class
The Prop Maker
How Your Generation Can End Fraud And Corruption
So, What Is Learning Anyway?
The Way The World Is
Little Adventures At Nordhouse Dunes
For Contributions To Human Kind
The Lighthouse
Bad Grades Are Meaningless Grades
The Microbiologist
Real Education Is Everywhere
The Terrible Truth Behind Piano Keys, Scales, Schools and Uneducated Politicians
A Little Look At Little Melodies
A Tiny Introduction To Drums
Exceptional Ability As A Tool For Thinking
Schools Are Bad For Us So Build Better Schools And Don't Look Back
Trying To Sing
The Music Theorist
You Do Not Need Theory
Fake Schools, Fake Education And How To Spot A Creepy Cult Of Greed
Get Mad: Of High School And Music
How To Easily Learn Anything And Everything
And The World Will Grow
To The Trailblazers
A Note On Self Education And Entrepreneurship
The Meteorite Hunter
Live Beautifully
Karaoke Pokie: A Cappella Eve With The Dr. Meow Quartet
Hundreds Of Good Books and Decades Of Good Decisions
The Ghosts In The Music Machine with Catpea And The Arpeggiators
Do Not Trust Your Teachers: A French Horn Tutorial
Going Native with Prof. Dances With The Lonesome Seagulls - An Orchestral Tutorial
Bass Tutorial: Exploring Bass with DJ Lil Skank
Live Like You Are Going To Live Forever
The Graphician
The Generative Artist
A Note On Learning Mathematics For Real
A Melody Tutorial With Maestro Meow Unibrow
Grades Are Not A Measure Of Your Worth Or Intelligence
Minimalist Techno Tutorial With DJ Lil Dandelion
Fix Schools
Learning From Tutorials
For The Advancement Of Human Kind
The Street Performer
To Share Wisdom
Fixing Education By Subtle Analogy To Music
Regulae Ad Directionem Ingenii
Real Talk With MC Meow: Music Theory
Your Readers
Call To Greatness
The Gun Enthusiast
No Ordinary Lives
A Little Song
Nurnberg Trailhead, Nordhouse Dunes
By Subtle Analogy
The Jeweler
Self Education
Do Not Take Things For Granted, And Reject The Status Quo
The Spelunker
The Existentialist
The Cat Pea University Commencement Address
Believe In Yourself
The Social Engineer
To Change The World
Strive To Be Cheerful
This Is Your World
Listening To The Universe
Informed Decision-Making
The Self Taught
Fight For Your Greatness
Into The Wilderness
Real Education
Horizons, Knowledge, and Predispositions
Living Life
Please, Don't Forget To Share Your Wisdom
The Freedom Fighter
Self Awareness, Open Your Eyes And Rise
Tricksters, Memoirs, and Repairs
All The World's Nations
A More Capable World
Our World
Standardized Education
Your Intellectual Inheritance
The Martial Artist
Schools Are Sus!
A Thousand Books
Real World Real Future
The Serious Business Of Trouble-making
Self Education: For A Cheerful And Healthy Mind
Gnothi Seauton: An Old Kind Of School
Towards Convergence
The Cyberpunk
You Are Not Wrong
Are You Really Learning In School?
Only 114 Days Left Until The First Day Of Spring
We Are All Beings Of Wisdom
Growing Up In Wisdom
The Privacy Advocate
For The Good Of Humankind
Itsy Bitsy Adventures
For The New Heroes
Science and Wisdom: From Led to Gold, Let The Universe Unfold
Self Education and Wisdom
A Day At Nordhouse Dunes
One People
The Security Analyst
Forever Summer
Cat's Eyes
The World Over
Let Us All Become Poets Then
Ohm's Law
You Are Meant To Become A Great Being
Humanity's Health
For All Your Achievements
The Fearless
Jack Pine, Lighthouse, and Nordhouse
Your Next Adventure: Power Of Books
So That The Younger Generations May Follow
You Have No Limits
United In Wisdom
Only Wisdom Helps Humanity Grow
Learn In Need, Learn In Deed
The Engineer
All Saints' Eve
Idea's Edge: Secrets Of Paintings and Songs
Playing With Computers
On The Vastness Of Heart
To Michiganders That Don't Always Like The Snow
The Century Of The School
Find The Edge Of Your Universe
The Evolutionary Biologist
The Great Being
3,890 Tigers
Dance, Music, and Programming
Seeing In Parallel: The Colors Of Night
Get Out Of My Laboratory, Or Invention Is A Teacher
Not To Mention Business Invention
The Next Eighty Years
The Interactive Fiction Writer
A Touch of Magic: Keep a Backpack
Chopping Wood, Moose, and Beaver, Gol Dang It!
Take A Year Off, To Read
Of Watercolors of Yesteryear and Blooming Flowers of Tomorrow
De Hominis Dignitate
Back Row
The Rocketeer
Education vs Knowledge
The Dark Nights At Nordhouse Dunes
The Programmers
Flowers Of Earth: We set off to meet the others at Betelgeuse.
Cosmopolis 1.1: Massively Multiuser Self Assembling Intelligence
The Midnight Owl
Memorizing Is Not Learning
The Writer
You Have To Move Mountains
The World Belongs To You
The League of Extraordinary Ladies
They Walk Among Us
Cosmopolis 1.0
The Conjecture
Helping Humanity Grow in Wisdom
Help Them Believe In Their Genius
Bring School To The Student
The Urban Explorer
On Bringing Books To Life
Free and Open Lectures: A Call To Heroism
You Have To Slow Down To Hear Audio Books
To The Men Who Sold The World
Share Your Lectures With The World
You Are A Genius
Speak Out To Inspire
The Human
One Life, All Life, Onto The Future
Her Wisdom and World Peace
The Light Of Authenticity and Pursuits of Excellence
We Must All Write
And Then You Learn To Write
The Future Doth Sneak
Of Political Systems
The Believer
World School
Real Education is Sweet Exploration
Real Education Should Be Your Own Creation
The Dr. Meow College of Medicine, Certificate of Achievement
Voyageur Du Temps
3,900 Tigers
Web Pages For Ages
The Orator
Yes Library
No University
Nordhouse Dunes
Of Mountain Ranges And Tipping Points
Where To Begin
Temporary Residents: A Call To Wisdom
Philo Sophia Means Love of Wisdom
The Librarian
Find A Library
Breach All The Tipping Points
A Little Rainy Day
Greatness Is Your Right
Learning Is Sacred
The Practice of Strength
We Are Not To Be Quiet Little Mice, Just To Be Nice
Conundrum of The Human Condition
The Slam Poet
The World United in Peace Under The Symbol Of The White Dove
The Sword Can't Even Compare To Your Pen
The Day Humanity Entered The Age Of Wisdom
We Are An Important Link Between Past And Future Generations
Planet of Tomorrow, Or I want to Become a Wise Being
A Little Nap
The Trail Runner
A Million Times More
Athletic Endurance
On His One Hundredth Birthday, May 28, 2030.
On A Wintry Starlit Night 17,000 Years Ago
On Listening to Audio Books
Grow and Help Others Grow
Inspirational Books
The Typographer
Within The Idea Of Growing Up
An Evening Before A Run
On Finding Our Stars
As Bright As The Sun
Blogging About Jogging
Rain, Web Design, and Thunder
Iron Mare
The Longboarder
The Sunlit Dew
Cloudy With A Chance Of Beefcakes
Coming to America
Riding Red
A Good Night's Rest
On Writing That Fifth Book
The Flintknapper
On Learning Philosophical Concepts A Little Bit At A Time
Live Wisely And Beautifully
Greatness of Soul, Heart, and Mind
Cheerfully Becoming Mighty And Wise
Apocalypse Meow
In The Eyes Of The Future Generations
The Metal Detectorist
Inexhaustible Source of Unlimited Wisdom
Philosophers, Poets, and Artists
Brooklyn Bridge and I
The Amazing Power of Audio Books
Reality, Clarity and Future Generations
A Dream About A Growing Humanity
Inspirational Poetry
The Slackliner
Whew, It Is Only Eight!
The School of Meow
Winter Adventures
Learn and Teach
The Seagulls
That Little Trail
Have No Fear
The Mudlark
Humankind Must Keep Moving Towards Wisdom
Little Journals of Interesting Adventures
My Little Dream Of Convergence
To No End
The Great Being
Brilliance and Enlightenment
Greatness Of Soul
The Maverick
Finding The Northern Part Of The I-275 Bicycle Trail
Amazing Nap
The Way Of The Warrior
Inventing Yourself
Gradually Increasing Endurance
Learning From Books
The Snack Bar
The Tracer
The Building of The Ocean
A Couple Of Sandwiches Shy Of A Picnic
Point of Convergence
Philosopher Queens, and Philosopher Kings
The Journey To The Old End Of The I-275 Bicycle Trail
You Are The Best But You Also Need Some Rest
Life Of Wisdom
A Life Of Wisdom, For In Wisdom We Grow
Authenticity Helps Us Learn
The Connoisseur
You Are Divine
The Sleeping Giant
The Adventurer
Bees At The Knees
Growing Up Is Sacred
Suit of Armour
Not Merely Forward, But Up
Never Knowing You Are To Rise
Don't Let Anybody Push You Around
The Trainer
The Trainer
Wise World
Be Good To Your Elder Self
Youniverse Entropie
Your Superpowers
Do Not Follow, My Friends
Caturday Run
The Gymnast
All Of Us Or None
My Little Day
Loomings, from The Whale by Herman Melville
Uh Oh
Tolerance of Negativity
We Grow To No End
Holy Guacamole
Consilio et Prudentia
The Restorer
Thin Invisible Walls
Universe and You
Little Treasures in Our Hearts
The Harmony of Growing Up
Let Mother Nature Schedule Your Rest
None Who Wandered Were Lost
Enlarging Your World
The Backpacker
Epoch by Epoch
Friday and I
Whoop De Doo at Nordhouse Dunes
Riding The Trail
Helping The World Really Learn
We Are Not Robots
Unique Greatness
The Jogger
The Jogger
Morning Fog at Nordhouse Dunes
Maximum over Minimum
Big Things
Love Yourself
Don't Be Scared
Harold and Wally
Our Extended Family
The Ukulele Player
Become A Great Being
A Warrior is She that thrives and triumphs where’er She be
I Could Talk About Them All Day
At the Center of The Being
Amazing Grace
School Is Not For Us - Run, Child. Run From The Bus.
Yearn To Learn
Trickster Fool
Unbreakable and Unlimited
Flight and Light
Tomato With Sprinkles
Amazing Diet
I Miss Old Programming Languages
The Founder
Everybody Counts
Every Now And Then
Buckle and Goat
Rise To The Greatness
Iron Horse
Super Salad
Computers Are Slow
The Visionary
Artist and Art
Cogitate and Percolate.
I write.
As Good As Fingers
Citizens of The World
History of the World
Peanut Butter and Jelly
The Courageous
Save The Files
Make Each Day Count
The Ballad of Meow
All Things Special
Workout Video
Missing Underpants
The Genius
Squirty Squirrels
Lawn Flurries
Must Dance
The Birds Are Going Wild Outside My Window
The Squirrels Attack
As Young As Your Faith by Douglas MacArthur
Brave Man by Inazo Nitobe
Demon by Friedrich Nietzsche
The Student
I Went To The Woods by Henry David Thoreau
If by Rudyard Kipling
Invictus by William Ernest Henley
Kosmos by Walt Whitman
Make Me Young by Kurt Vonnegut Jr
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
The Man in the Arena by Theodore Roosevelt
Grow Strong My Comrade by Will Durant
Secular Cadet by Anonymous
Song Of Kosmos
Don't Aim At Success by Viktor E. Frankl
The Teacher
The Principal
The Highschooler
The Cryptographer
The Web Developer
The Programmer
The Guru
The Wizard
The Hacker
The Graffitist
The Designer
The Artist
The Filmmaker
The Photographer
The Sculptor
The Poet
The Composer
The Musician
The Dj
The Maker
The Blacksmith
The Chef
The Luminary
The Bodybuilder
The Athlete
The Dancer
The Mine Explorer
The Astronomer
The Discoverer
The Explorer
The Survivalist
The Naturalist
The Scientist
The Skeptic
The Philosopher
The Superhero
The Ultra
The Humanitarian
The Intellectual
The Officer
The Lady And The Gentleman
The Knight Of Virtue
The Soldier
The Adventurer
The Hunter