The Terrible Curse Of The Mitochondria
The Terrible Curse Of The Mitochondria

Sunday • August 6th 2023 • 11:17:20 pm

The Terrible Curse Of The Mitochondria

Sunday • August 6th 2023 • 11:17:20 pm

One of the saddest things is for an adult to realize, that they have been betrayed by school.

The key to that realization is reciting that one line from biology class; “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.”

It is such a bizarre thing to know, that most parents will immediately realize that they have been cheated out of real education.

They justify sending you to school by thinking, you will become more social, but in reality, most just appreciate having a free babysitter.

When your parents deny any of this, you just ask them, why are you sending me to place where that is so stressful…

That a lot the students start drinking alcohol, and begin trying out drugs, others fracture right out and become bullies.

I don’t know, if adults can snap out of it.

But I know, and you know one thing for sure, getting a real education is infinitely more important.

A lot of people lose their mind here, and say that real education is one that gets you a job, like a trade school.

But that is also wrong, real education, is all encompassing.

And in fact, there are tens of thousands of topics, that schools – heartbreakingly - leave out.

And in a real school the topics are never as narrow as “Chemistry”, or “Physics”.

In a real school you start and continue moving along things, that touch your heart.

There is never a classroom, as students are constantly branching out, towards what calls to them.

One fun way to begin a school year, is to go panning for gold, comprehend how to purify it which would be an introduction to Chemistry.

Or understand, that there is no process on earth that creates gold, the gold dust that we can pan out of a river comes from the previous sun.

It was a giant that forged heavy metals at its core, and then exploded, sending its heart out into space as dust.

When two bits of dust bump into each other, they increase their gravitational attraction, and begin pulling on other bits of dust.

Creating a tiny pebble, and a rock, and a bigger one still, and if there is enough dust, then gravity will fuse atoms at the center creating a nuclear reactor known as a star, like our own sun.

That is Physics, Nuclear Fusion, Orbital Dynamics, Astrophysics, and once you consider that the universe has intelligent life, Astrobiology as well.

You see, real education helps you stitch together, whatever it is that you are interested in.

Fake education, just has you repeating that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

In fact, has its own genetic code, each of our cells, has a little creature working hard to power them.

There is fascinating stuff here, but fake education only aims to trick you into memorization.

In hopes of turning you into a semi-reliable grade machine, that will earn your school funding, and keep those paychecks coming.

I can’t imagine anybody tolerating this, but people do, they move along as not to damage their GPA which they are told is everything.

GPA is fake, your grades are fake, they are made average, for schools to keep under the radar.

Not only is your teacher is not qualified to measure your intellect, but your intelligence is infinite.

If you can easily learn to navigate countless cities, you can easily navigate countless concepts.

You’ve ready shown extreme intelligence by learning to speak, write, rhyme, and by navigating complex abstract concepts that you are curious about.

For a teacher to come in and give you anything less than an A, is to insult you, and cause harm to your self image.

The entire High School experience can just be rolled up into a singe interesting narrated, one that is integrated, and read by a lovely narrator, for a change.

I know you don’t have to be told, that you need a real education.

But let me just say, what you know today, completely influences all your private decisions, and thus the entire future ahead of you.

And let me add, that schools, have betrayed you.

You must begin your self education immediately, without delay, one of the things that may not yet be clear…

Is that we must each grow up, and all the way up, until, with wisdom and knowledge, we begin moving towards greatness.

In short, you are meant to become a great being.

You need to get rid of the stress that surrounds you, you will need serenity, you may need to fight for it.

And then, begin listening to all the non-fiction narrated books, especially the ones loved by all the world’s clear thinking intellectuals.

Those books are your intellectual inheritance, and if you don’t read them, the world will continue standing still.

Lastly, there is one more thing you need to be aware of, as you learn in serenity from books written by great beings…

The culture of greatness contained between the lines, will copy onto you, and greatly accelerate your growing up.

May you begin your life, where the great beings left off.