What Does Fake Education Look Like?
What Does Fake Education Look Like?

Thursday • November 16th 2023 • 11:49:50 pm

What Does Fake Education Look Like?

Thursday • November 16th 2023 • 11:49:50 pm

I’ve been programming sine I was 9 or 11, I am self taught, only having taken a couple of classes.

In sixth grade, I was accused of cheating.

The idiot teacher just could not believe, that I could program.

He graded me down, and made my bullies laugh at me again.

I have a vague memory of showing him my diagrams, but a stupid boy like me can’t reason with an idiot.

I neither knew to go to the principal, nor to call the police on my bullies.

Ineffective education, has profound consequences.

We aren’t just taught the wrong things, but we aren’t shown the right ones.

Like how to get help, of what we can get help with.

Teachers blame useless parents, and of course parents blame useless teachers.

Meanwhile, the students don’t notice, that they are coerced into pretending to learn.

So that the teachers, can continue pretending to teach.

And deans and principals, can continue to pretend to lead.

And will send out those Dean’s List letters, which are not for praise, but A+ student retention.

The education is fake, and so are your achievements.

And in a second class, where the teacher looked at me...

To confirm, if what he was saying was right.

This was after High School… continuing education classes, which to my dismay didn’t count as college credits.

I was already enrolled, but the college was teaching the wrong languages.

Continuing education side of things, happened to have the right stuff.

And it is important to choose real education, over useless education.

But here again, you need to know to talk to the administration.

And the moment they say, “We can’t give you full credit for a non-college class, taught in our college”

You are to shoot air through you nose, and say, not full credit, no.

No, I want extra credit on top of that, because I went out of my way to learn for real.

You might want to then place the news paper article, you have already written, on the desk.

And have them skim over, the description of that the administration is up to.

In the end I also took, the wrong language class, and discovered, that getting a 100 on a final is kind of weird.

The tests are so stupid, that they are absolutely an insult to intelligence, and you have to become stupid, to pass them.

To get a hundred, no context, no genius, no association, just memorization, because when thinking, you make reasonable assumptions.

And tests, are not reasonable, you are not to weave thoughts to make sense.

The test is cut up, and randomized, and made tricky, by a professional test making idiot, yes.

Here, reason and assumption, will make you make mistakes.

And I ended up with a 99. because tests test memorization, not reason.

And yes, the test was low quality, out of date, talking about language features being phased out.

Addressing things that were never relevant, and avoiding things that are too hard to explain or memorize, or teach.

The tests and text book, went through many updates, and missed a lot of stuff.

People updating the materials were not programmers, they were just editors, or memorizers.

That was $500 for class, and some $300 for book, in a cheap college.

They can get away with it, precisely because students don’t know they are being cheated.

They have no real education exposure, to compare with.

Their blind trust is abused, and the carrot and stick of a diploma works really well.

We have to learn to expect real things, not just test and example programs.

If I was teaching a class, all my students would walk out with a published app on their phone.

The creation and publishing, marks a complete piece of knowledge.

Anything less than that, is just fraud.

You wouldn’t want to walk into a store, and buy a piece of a product, or a product in pieces.

If you are not buying the whole thing, then you are paying for the wrong thing.

In context of education that means fraud, a toy diploma, and a make believe graduation.