The Correct Posture For Lifting Is Dance; Or, Don’t Be Fooled By Bro Science
The Correct Posture For Lifting Is Dance; Or, Don’t Be Fooled By Bro Science

Wednesday • March 13th 2024 • 12:23:56 am

The Correct Posture For Lifting Is Dance; Or, Don’t Be Fooled By Bro Science

Wednesday • March 13th 2024 • 12:23:56 am

When people do upset their back muscles, their doctors will want you to very gently move and sway, not just lay.

The idea of contracting your back, shoulder and neck muscles, to stabilize your posture is dangerous, if not down right madness.

Eventually those muscles will tighten, and not let go, for days, and you may not ever realize exactly why.

One famous person who suffered back pain, spoke three precious words, that we must always remember.

“Be like the water”, this is not a joke, this is not an air headed quote, this is a lesson born from deep and long pain that tore a man down.

I want to be very precise for you, but you are likely lifting wrong in many different ways.

You must not lift with both arms at the same time, one goes up, the other goes down.

You must not lift heavy, and you must lift for an hour non stop.

Just like a jogger, you begin easy, with 5 pounds (no ego lifting).

And use a vibrating interval timer, to tell you when to lift and when to rest.

So that every couple of weeks, you either lengthen the workout duration…

Or shorten the rest duration, until you don’t have to rest anymore.

With every lift, that puts any pressure on your neck, shoulders, or back

You must gently lift one foot, and gently shift your weight or pose.

With the next lift, you shift to the other foot, think of it as gentle dancing.

Don’t be ashamed of dancing, you will never, ever progress without gentle dancing.

It is not just that it keeps your muscles relaxed, but equally as importantly, it allows you to enter a dance trance.

Dance trance is the opposite of counting, stopping at 10, before your body even noticed you were exercising.

And then getting bored, and sitting, and wanting to go home, but it only been 8 minutes…

Since you camped 20 minutes at locker room, letting your mamma dress you.

And hosing yourself down with a dad deodorant, that smells like toothpaste and incontinence.

And realizing that at 28 minutes, you still have 17 minutes, before you can finally go home, and lay down.

Dance trance enables you to have a real workout, and truly make a difference for your oldler self.

To enter a dance trance, you need those light dumbbells, you need that safe and fluid flexible posture…

And then you need to begin moving, in sync to the beat of your songs.

And your songs must absolutely be new, they have to be entertaining.

Think about what I am saying, if you lift heavy, you won’t even get though the intro of a song.

You will not be able, to achieve a dance trance.

Lifting heavy not only shuts you down way too early, before your body gets the signals to adapt.

Not only does it put your back, shoulders, and neck in severe danger.

(Mind you, exercise will upset your electrolytes and hydration, your muscles will be a lot more sensitive)

But technical heavy lifting, will aslo bore you to death, and prevent you from any kind of dance trance.

Because you are constantly stopping, and running out of strength to complete your exercise.

You see, you need to structure, your entire exercise routine around protecting your back.

Because if you don’t, pain will tear down whatever routine you did come up with.

Once you do, not only will you benefit, from a fluid workout that keeps you safe.

But also receive, dance trance, as that massive bonus…

That will make a three hours workout, feel like 20 minutes.

And guess what doctors tell people, who do lock muscles in their back.

They don’t want them to lay ion bed, they want them to gently move.

Lifting one leg, then the other, moving fluidly until the back lets go.

This also means no machines, no bench press, no muscle isolation, these tools are only used for when you are hurt.

Isolation prevents all your other important muscles, from developing, your entire musculature must be involved in your workout.

Put on some dance music, grab onto light dumbbells…

And focus on eliminating your rest periods first, then move up in weight…

And witness the true beauty and strength, of which your body is capable of.

You must be like the water, and your workout must flow.

You dance to the music, sometimes fast sometimes slow.

You workout nonstop, and when the hour is up, you go.

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