A Tiny Michigan Paradise
A Tiny Michigan Paradise

Thursday • April 27th 2023 • 10:45:00 pm

A Tiny Michigan Paradise

Thursday • April 27th 2023 • 10:45:00 pm

In the land where lakes have become sweet seas, the seagulls cheerfully fly, in the gentle breeze.

All the Michigan seagulls are so happy and wise, because each visits a tiny little paradise.

It is at Free Soil, Michigan, and even if you already visited, just do it again.

It is called Nordhouse Dunes, known as the land of Genius Raccoons.

And the occasional curious Owl, and Coyotes that always cheerfully howl.

There is probably a Bear or two, but they are loving and won’t bother you.

It the only place where you can pet the deer, they love when you scratch them behind the ear.

Though the paradise looks tiny on a map, it can bet pretty big when you hear a thunderclap.

You will need to pack proper shoes, water, food, tent and a hammock to enjoy the views.

Every morning and evening starts with a fire, and you can eat all the hot-dogs you desire.

The ancient Dunes will keep you fit, adventure is everywhere and there is no time to sit.

Lake Michigan does not seem to have an end, it is so big it is hard to comprehend.

It is so big that the beach is always your own, the beauty cannot be overblown.

It is nature, living, thriving, and thick, and it will restore health and humor, really quick.

There are endless beaches everywhere, and the feeling of joy and adventure fills the air.