A Glance At What Keeps Humanity Divided
A Glance At What Keeps Humanity Divided

Sunday • July 23rd 2023 • 11:03:21 pm

A Glance At What Keeps Humanity Divided

Sunday • July 23rd 2023 • 11:03:21 pm

That what you believe depends on where and to whom you are born, means that you have to be very careful, and not let it influence you.

This is often very frightening because of not knowing where to go, and often becoming a cast away.

The place you need to go to, is the Library, and the books you need, are the ones that change lives.

More precisely narrated non-fiction books, about rising, learning, and growing all the way up.

All of these books are loved by clear thinking intellectuals, who treasure authenticity and truth, and hold up fact over mere option or belief.

Whatever indoctrination is on paper or in hopes, or as a fantasy, it is used against humanity, most often by chance, but sometimes, also by evil men.

It divides us, every single dividing line is a result of indoctrination, it can be a direct result such as religion, or indirect such as life of crime.

We simply believe whatever we are born into, and then bring in some new influences, to mix it up, to make it feel like our own – but that is not the way.

The human mind requires an authentic foundation, that will continue on expanding in truth and authenticity.

When our minds are placed in an imaginary world, built on a foundation crafted to control decision making, we unravel.

Some just abandon progress and reason, others become lairs, and others hope for nothing more than the end of the world.

More than anything else, this is a child like state of existence, that leads nowhere, and locks progress down, as there is nowhere to go.

A human mind is a very beautiful thing, it is far above its underlying principles, above physics, chemistry, and biology.

And it needs a constant, if not downright great, effort towards nurture.

It cannot flourish in a box, with invisible walls.

It demands a curiosity not plugged up by made up answers, the resulting dark ages, and threat of starvation.

But one that is open, and openly yearning for answers.

For humanity to advance, indoctrination must be seen as a prison for the mind.

Victims of indoctrination, are trapped, they deserve to be free.

To love the same books, that the world’s clear thinking intellectuals do.

A human must be encouraged to grow all the way up, until they become a great being.

This is the only way that people can be themselves, and lead an existence, truly worthy of them.

We deserve better, we must take better care of each other, we are one family, and we are each meant for unique greatness.

There is a better world ahead of us, and the first step to get there is to repair schools.

To recognize that there is no standardized sequence, to answering the calls of our curiosities.

That education must be inspirational and inspired, and that demands that the student chooses where to go next and at what pace.

By making education realistic and authentic, effective and profound, the world will turn its attention towards love of wisdom, security, and peace.