Find A Library
Find A Library

Friday • August 28th 2020 • 4:29:56 pm

Find A Library

Friday • August 28th 2020 • 4:29:56 pm

If the world had an enemy,

its greatest weapon would be the control of the level of knowledge,

and control of what is allowed to be known.

Even without an enemy, we fall into the trap of unknowing, all on our own,

..and we make, what we discover later on to be, wrong decisions.

While we are making those decisions,

we are certainly making them with goodness in mind,

but without knowledge, good intentions may indeed, pave a way to hell.

This is something that has been known for thousands of years,

control of what is known is the evil behind slavery,

it is the evil behind manufactured consent.

And anything, that stands in the way of real education,

even broken schools, should be seen as an attack,

the theft of our intellectual inheritance.

Real Education must be seen as one of our Greatest Rights,

as a Great Treasure, a Great Honor, and Great Reward.

Failure to see that, is a sign that something has gone wrong,

and it is time to begin reading books on your own.

Be mindful of schools that are not educating you,

find your way to the library, read all the books that help you,

drop out, and carry on in Relentless Pursuit of Knowledge.

Know with full certainty,

that Dysfunctional Education, Neutered Education,

Education that fails to help you become Wise,

and Education that Makes You Feel Trapped, of Stupid,

is Fake Education!

It is a trick

that is robbing you of your right to knowledge and your path to greatness;

Find A library, find the Philosophy Section,

and find your beloved books there.

In the absence of teachers, you become a teacher,

learn, so that you may help others grow.

Humanity needs you to become a Great Being,

so that it too, can grow.