Clarity Of Thought, And The Ancient Quest For Knowledge
Clarity Of Thought, And The Ancient Quest For Knowledge

Monday • July 31st 2023 • 11:04:14 pm

Clarity Of Thought, And The Ancient Quest For Knowledge

Monday • July 31st 2023 • 11:04:14 pm

Some think that leaders, must rise above the common levels of life.

But that is a terrible mistake, propagated by wanting to feel special.

Everyone needs to rise, growing all the way up is not optional.

There is no such thing as simple people, it is only a matter of upgrading our view of the world.

Humanity has reached a certain level of wisdom, and all humans must share in that treasure.

All of us or none, is not just a question of kindness, it it also a warning.

A divided humanity, where groups are denied effective education.

Will create endless anomalies, most of which will end in tragedy.

This is the nature of the saying, “In war everybody loses”.

Young people especially, have trouble understanding, this.

How is defeating the clearly evil aggressor, a loss for humanity.

The aggressor consists of mad leaders, corrupt politicians.

And teenagers, simply mislead by propaganda.

Propaganda cooked up, for intensely stupid reasons.

Kindergarten-level, half-thought-up-shit.

You see, both sides lose, is because those teenagers…

Needed real education, not a picture of the world warped by evil men.

By doing nothing, to prevent heir indoctrination into false beliefs of fantasies.

We lost, and doubly so, when the teenagers of the free world had to destroy them.

The poisoning of minds, or indoctrination, has been done by religious cults for ages.

And these ideas of knowledge and unity, have been quite literally demonized…

They are personified in religious texts, by monsters, that the cults must fight against.

It is just more propaganda, poisoning the minds of young people.

Without effective education, evil men will present their version of reality.

Real education, one that is effective, inspirational, self faced, and self directed…

Is our only way, towards world peace.

Once we all share in reality, nobody will think about fighting.

In fact, crime is a result, of emergent indoctrination.

Ane that is automatically created, out of lack of education and poverty.

Effective education, also solves the problem of crime.

One of the less direct changes, will be powerful universal income.

Ensuring that nobody, lives below the poverty level.

We created money, and we will upgrade it too.

Humanity, may not be powered by poverty.

Poverty, must end.

Education, is not an easy thing.

It is stupid to think, that we can learn programming, by taking a programming class.

Or that we can learn Philosophy, by taking Philosophy class.

Learning requires serenity and adventure, and the best of the books written by the clearest of thinkers.

The new school, has already been built, and it is in fact, an ancient way of learning.

Though It is unknown what lessons the students will find, in their own selection of books, as they hike the great trails.

But we can be sure, that the lessons will be meaningful, profound, precious, that it will be wisdom.