We Are Each Unique, But Not Different
We Are Each Unique, But Not Different

Monday • September 4th 2023 • 11:22:58 pm

We Are Each Unique, But Not Different

Monday • September 4th 2023 • 11:22:58 pm

There is a dual mechanism, that spreads false beliefs in two modes.

The first mode is our tendency to believe whatever we are born into, and thus easily getting tricked into holding false beliefs above all else.

The second is that those who are indoctrinated, into a system of false beliefs.

Will feel compelled to spread it, even as family advice, as that is all they know.

And very often these are kind, and lovely people, who’d never wish a bad thing on anyone.

Just don’t realize, that indoctrination has consequences.

An otherwise nice man, may say that without the system of thought we was pressed into…

People would be treating each other like animals, thus insulting his own family.

The true price of false beliefs, however, is that they push people away from functional and useful knowledge,

Without which, life changing wisdom cannot bloom.

False beliefs, tend to plug noble questions and curiosities, with instant and false answers.

That favorite old question, sometimes called a silly question of “Why are we here?”

Can be answered as, because the universe is so vast.

And three are just so many accidents, and odd interactions of fundamental principles of universe.

That it would be weird, for life and evolution not to emerge.

It would be weird for life, not to begin spreading among the stars.

You have to consider the number of failures, where life didn’t bubble up, where it didn’t hitch a ride on evolution.

Where the beings had tentacles, and just never had the dexterity to hold a soldering iron.

Dolphins are a particularly cute example of that, they are mammals, that went back to the ocean.

Now they just help to retrieve soggy smart phones, guide the occasional sailor, or train hard to do cool flips.

Real knowledge, is a journey full of enlightening little discoveries.

Indoctrination into false knowledge, already comes with all the answers.

Not to mention, the pyramid of handlers, that are collecting all the benefits all they way up.

Often with the group or person at the very top, being unaware that they are a mere lightening rod for the public to hate, or judge.

Humans are clever, but the cunning humans, will stop at nothing to just continue feeding on whatever gives them a kick.

This group includes, drug dealers and gang or paramilitary leaders, all the way up to political leaders, and religious figures.

We are indoctrinated int thinking that it is OK to die for “God and Country”, to use carcinogens like cigarettes and alcohol, that poverty is our fault.

Or that criminals are broken and evil, and not just messed up kids, who lost their minds.

Here, is an example of how false beliefs, cause harm, in a just world, we would prevent lost kids from entering the world of crime.

By giving hem a fair chance, a home away from the mind bending misery and resulting indoctrination.

Ineffective education is yet another example of a system that indoctrinates into false beliefs, often demanding that students part with all their savings and take out life long loans.

Going to school and not learning only seems OK, because we assume there must be something wrong with our intelligence.

But there isn’t, aside from few easily exploitable tricks, such as firmly believing whatever it is that we are born into.

Our minds, are extraordinary powerful, and shockingly captious, as our knowledge gets refined into just the best parts.

When we learn to step out of the invisible walls of false beliefs, often by reading or listening to books that describe such challenges.

We don’t end up, void of morals and empathy as false leaders tend to warn us, we simply being growing up, again book by life-changing book.

Starting from the point where we got tapped by false beliefs, and with an aim, we never considered when we were taught to merely be small and useful.

We arrive at the aim, by simply considering what growing up means, and what happens when we continue listening to books and inheriting the lifetimes of wisdom within.

To grow all the way up, means to become a wide and independent great being.

Precisely the kind of a powerful thinker, that those who tolerate or force indoctrination on others, fear.

Like a mother who can always tell when her little one lies, a great being can see who all the liars are.

Take to books, even the narrated ones are free at your library.

Seek out the ones that are held in high regard, by all the world’s clear thinking intellectuals…

And rise, rise to see the invisible walls, rise to see the false leaders; rise to no end.