Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; Or, Why In The Doodle Do I Even Need Mathematics or Physics?
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; Or, Why In The Doodle Do I Even Need Mathematics or Physics?

Wednesday • July 20th 2022 • 5:05:58 pm

Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; Or, Why In The Doodle Do I Even Need Mathematics or Physics?

Wednesday • July 20th 2022 • 5:05:58 pm

Most people don't actually want you to know math or physics,
they just want you to work and cause as little inconvenience as you can.

The reason why you are being force fed mathematics and physics,
is because a school will lose accreditation if enough students fail to memorize answers.

If a school loses accreditation, the teachers will lose their job,
this would be very inconvenient to them.

Yes, there are teachers, who will tell you they are nothing like that,
with tears in their eyes, they have also been lied to.

The lie you have been given is that school will give you education,
and the teacher got, "follow the material and they will learn".

The teachers do not know how to teach you,
that can be frustrating.

But they will punish and belittle, thus abuse other students,
and sometimes hold them back.

Which in the young student's mind,
will permanently mark them as delayed, as losers, as not good enough.

This is called a stalemate,
the teacher is both abusive and hurt.

The only way out of this,
is preventing fake teachers from trying to teach.

Or more correctly, teaching teachers how to teach,
students who just want to learn.

Either way, it is pretty ridiculous,
it is a consequence of Human arrogance and ignorance.

Deep down the teacher knows that in order for them to be a real teacher,
they have to discover their own independent way.

You cannot help them, if they ask you for help,
then that is usually a sign that you are being manipulated or taken advantage of.

And yes, there are teachers who will be surprised,
that we are talking about how they aren't teaching.

They will say:
"Respectfully, what the hell are you even talking about?? Like. Forreal."

The tone and the approach will be that of someone who has been tricked into thinking they are a teacher,
a lot of them do not know that they can't teach.

And almost all of them, don't know that they are not just hurting you,
but pushing you away from real education, by tricking you into thinking that what they do is real education.

Religious cults have something similar, they present their members with a creation story,
and once they accept it, they will never ask a real question ever again.

Because the answer is right in front of them, their almighty did it,
and how dare they ask for a better answer.

Before I answer the title question,
I must tell you that your teachers haven't actually tried to teach you real math and by extension physics.

More than that, you can't just learn physics,
you have to independently re-invent the parts that interest you.

Real math, is constantly in motion, it is alive, they x and y always has a changing value,
and calculus by extension seems trivial and obvious.

The very language of mathematics that you have been force fed, is wrong,
today, the language of mathematics is within the programming language.

Learning mathematics on paper, is exactly the same as learning a word processor,
from drawings of icons on a blackboard.

I am very sorry, this is happening to you,
it is the greatest tragedy, and there cannot be a greater betrayal - than the betrayal of younger generations.

We can't afford to shed a single tear, there is no time,
there is no, time, Dear.

We don't have real schools, but there is something, somewhat similar to a real school,
in context of mathematics p5 programming tutorials, will reach you the real thing.

As to for physics, while game design, or 2D engine design seems about right,
I would recommend that you grab copy of Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica and make it all come to life as animations and screensavers.

As to why, aside from your intellectual independence, dignity,
and self education.

It is because everything you learn,
breaks down into reusable components in your mind.

But, please, more important than why, is when,
because you can't just be told, or ordered to learn math.

Nor are you ever allowed to set a long stretch of time aside,
and start int he beginning.

You can only learn Mathematics and Physics,
once you begin becoming curious about it.

And if you allow me to kindle you curiosity at this moment,
find a Newton's cannon animation on your video website of choice.

See in a way there is no such thing as math and physics,
there is just fascination with the working of the universe, and an urge for a language to capture it in.

Again, I am really sorry that you are being tricked,
a healthy human mind has no limit.

The trouble with learning only arises,
when school stresses you out, poverty threatens your existence...

And teachers who do not know that they cannot teach,
try to force you into a standardized sequence, at a standardized pace.

You don't have a problem with learning mathematics or physics,
you have a natural curiosity for it.

It is the ineffective schools and the teachers, the principals and the paychecks,
it is the threat of being held back, threat of being laughed at, thereat of poverty - that simply prevent you from learning.

Follow Sir Issac Newton,
learn the way he did...

Take to self education,
and don't stop, until you become a great being.

Stay strong,
the world really needs a teacher like you.