Eight Gadzillion Things To Learn
Eight Gadzillion Things To Learn

Friday • October 15th 2021 • 10:11:03 pm

Eight Gadzillion Things To Learn

Friday • October 15th 2021 • 10:11:03 pm

There are so many things to learn,
that once we get distracted we never return.

And that is absolutely the right way,
self education is totally about play.

It means that we just keep learning new things,
that we fly with our wonderful wings.

And there are countless places to visit too,
and as soon as you visit, you think of somewhere new.

That is one of the things that wisdom demands,
it is how our minds expands.

We don't have to become experts at recording sound,
to make a chipper song that is pretty good all around.

Likewise, we don't need an expensive tutor,
to program a computer.

Just a few videos will do,
and they will certainly expand our view.

The biggest thing is to go slow,
follow your curiosity and let it flow.

It does not matter how fast you go,
there are just too many things to know.

So stop often and enjoy your learning quests,
learning for real does not require stupid tests.

Take to adventure, computers, or art,
and don't worry about being smart.

Smart is a silly myth that teachers tell,
it is a rare teacher that does their job very well.

We are all extremely smart,
but we have to aim for wisdom listen to our heart.

You cannot be forced to learn,
you can only learn that, for which you yearn.

More than that,
you have to frequently switch you hat.

Dance around and mix your bookmarks and books up,
search for new talents that you can pickup.

You can start sculpting with clay,
and then jump into 3D modeling next day.

Schools can't teach you like that,
they won't let you wear another hat.

It is important that you slowly learn on your own,
so that later you are not sad about things you wish you have known.

I think the most important thing about knowing a lot,
is that we get used to building bridges, a lot.

The ability to create photo realistic drawings,
for example, is about creating a system of things.

It is not about knowing how to do it by hand,
initially everything is carefully pre-planned.

Later we find we memorize a lot of it somehow,
but it is better to teach rather than pretend to wow.

It is best to share,
to show the world that we really do care.

At the end of the day there are just too many things to know,
it is not about learning perfectly, but that we grow.

Perfection is a very silly idea too,
because you... are you.

You are already extremely smart,
and perfectly capable of creating unique art.

Your creations can build on other peoples work,
but they are supposed to be your own quirk.

Build bridges, create a new kind of rhyme,
all you have to do is build upwards one layer at a time.