The Age Of Visual Programming Languages
The Age Of Visual Programming Languages

Saturday • July 1st 2023 • 11:14:52 pm

The Age Of Visual Programming Languages

Saturday • July 1st 2023 • 11:14:52 pm

As on-line businesses tighten restrictions, and squeeze its users for more irrelevant ad views.

The internet stops being fun, and that is not a very good business model.

There is no centralized way out of this, while these corporations don’t own the content…

They make the rule because they host it, or serve it, and no new app, or alternative website...

Can bypass their misguided greed, over other peoples art.

And they can crush pretty much everything, and squeeze it all for a petty extra penny.

Except, for a programming language like Node-RED, which is combined with the browseless project can go far.

The new class of visual programming languages, bust be even more light weight and fit anywhere there is room for a program to run.

From the visual programming user interface being directly injected, into a website via a web browser plugin or even content rewriting proxy.

To the mobile screen, the desktop, and especially, the web browser plugin.

Internally, the Visual Programming language thinks in terms of, Actions and Connection, such us scrape data being connected to save data.

But it is really just nested data objects, where the parent nodes hold connections, and children are bound to their parent via a .parent property.

The Actions are represented presented by HTML, and the lines drawn via an SVG element in the background.

The pan and zoom is just an external library, that delivers a scale property to make drag and drop work when zoomed in or out.

Aside from being a wonderful project to start learning programming with, it is also a project you don’t have to finish.

Because as you near the end, and the language becomes functional, you will turn right around…

And replace large parts of your manually written code, with the superior visual programming language it self.

In a word, the Visual Programming Language, will eventually become programmed with it self.

Svelte can take care of most of the grunt work, providing easy to read code and neat ideas like writables().

And RxJs will provide a complete Packet Oriented Language and Flow Control library, known as a Functional and Reactive Programming Language.

I for one an very glad that the internet is about to become more distracting, because that means the pro and the novice…

Now have a clear reason to collaborate, and can now work together on making the internet a smarter and more programmable place.

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