Rise, Don't Memorize
Rise, Don't Memorize

Saturday • August 26th 2023 • 10:48:19 pm

Rise, Don't Memorize

Saturday • August 26th 2023 • 10:48:19 pm

Adventures and narrated books, are connected for a reason.

We need peace and serenity, to actually build up understanding.

Where would Newton be, had he went through school memorizing.

You can't look at them moon and throw an apple so hard. as to see it coming back around behind you.

And visualize, how the curvature of earth, can counteract gravity.

At a certain speed, as the apple gets pulled down by gravity, the Earth's surface naturally curves to keep the apple at the same height)

Not when you are stressed out, or threatened by punishment, that is only good for the teachers and their coin.

If you try to describe newtons cannon, you invent calculus.

And when you do mess with math, you discover silly tricks that you can use for shortcuts.

As the case is with Lorentz Transformations, they are born out of a geometric frolicking and neat anomalies.

Not that far away from chucking apples around planets, but really closer to messing with wooden frames, and observing rations.

None of this can be understood by memorization, or by formula, it has to be seen - or independently reinvented.

Or as the case was with Henry Cavendish, independently - freaking - in-vented.

He turned his house, into a laboratory.

Didn't even want to lower the stone of his voice, to sound like a moron.

And in fact, Newton never gave up Alchemy, I doubt Einstein felt fulfillment.

Once he realized that Relativity merely sits a top, that spooky action at t distance.

They didn't have faith in the Professor, faith is earned, not granted.

School will give you memorization, an temporary impression of knowledge.

Even if there was an office, dedicated to explaining every formula.

The curricula are gibberish, all written int he wrong sequence.

In fact, there is no correct sequence, as each student must follow their own path.

As dictated by their inner-most and noblest, constellations of curiosities.

There is a simple visualization, for everything.

And even better than that, a coherent history of easy to visually grasp complexity.

Starting all the way back from counting sticks, and the need for number zero.

Though again, only the student can dictate the path.

The consequences of fake education, are grave.

What we know, dictates, the decisions we make.

To delay student knowledge, with arrogance, ignorance and incompetence...

Is to sentence them to prisons, with invisible walls.

And have them curse themselves for decisions, that seem theirs...

But are in fact, the curse, of fake education.

Such is the tragedy, that Great Beings are not celebrated.

They maybe openly misunderstood, misrepresented, and maybe even demonized.

The authenticity of a school is not found, in the new buildings, and the stadium.

It is not found in the good mood, of the smartly dressed and genuinely kind staff.

It is a question of effectiveness, asked some years after graduation.

Did math teach math, did biology teach biology.

Did programming class teach programming, did physics teach physics.

Did gym class teach about, working out.

Did the government class, teach about government.

Did humanities teach about all things human, the fallacy of genius, ugliness of indoctrination.

Did it teach about our brilliance, need for serenity and nature.

Did it teach, that to grow up, means to grow all the way up - until we become great beings.

Fake education dressed in authentic outfits, is not the first false belief to have grasped the world to milk it for coin.

Take your narrated books to the great trails, like the Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, and The Continental Divide Trail.

Learn by inheriting wisdom from countless authors and lifetimes, do not let those cold and timid souls take real knowledge away from you.

From knowledge comes wisdom, and from wisdom, stems greatness.