What The Michigan Birds Have Been Up To
What The Michigan Birds Have Been Up To

Saturday • December 9th 2023 • 11:56:20 pm

What The Michigan Birds Have Been Up To

Saturday • December 9th 2023 • 11:56:20 pm

For many days now, I felt a splinter in the mind, really odd somehow.

Each time, I’d leave my home I’d pause, but, I couldn't really tell what it was,

Hence, I blamed it on the winter silence,

It has been quiet and grey, since all the birds flew away.

As soon as we got the first chill, most of them flew south with a shrill.

Last week and a half, was void of all bird song and laugh.

I like birds, I am not going to lie, it makes me sad to say goodbye.

One of my happiest memories, that I remember in all its glories.

Is a sparrow cheerfully hopping around, as if it didn’t want to touch the ground.

That was before the baby me, discovered squirrels in the tree.

Birds are my original friends, and it is hard when winter happens.

Yesterday was unusually warm, and all the birds returned in a swarm.

Geese, sparrows, seagulls, doves and ducks, all here as delivered by trucks.

I could swear, I even saw the local mamma duck, and asked, how could she have come back.

And then I was lyke, “Oh, home-on, you were pretending? to be gone?”

That was my mind splinter, the-E-ey didn’t fly away for winter.

This time around, they were hiding in the bushes without making a sound.

Maybe they learned from suspicious geese at the mall, that they don’t need to fly away at all.

Or maybe the geese, are fed up with peace.

Or maybe the climate change, is making all the birds act strange.

One thing is for sure, there will be more.

A now they silently study us from the evergreens, making us worried... what it all means.

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