Don’t Jump Hoops, Don’t Just Go To College, Don’t Just Work
Don’t Jump Hoops, Don’t Just Go To College, Don’t Just Work

Thursday • August 31st 2023 • 11:32:02 pm

Don’t Jump Hoops, Don’t Just Go To College, Don’t Just Work

Thursday • August 31st 2023 • 11:32:02 pm

To learn, you have to learn for real.

To learn something for real, is to gain the ability to use it in your life.

To just learn something towards some bigger goal, is not learning.

Building boring little bridges, to some distant aim, is called getting an impression of learning.

Teachers often use this tactic, to hide their incompetence.

And a lot of times, to fuzz a vile tactic, that robs you of education.

They purposefully create an incomprehensible curriculum, which just requires low effort.

Knowing, that unintegrated knowledge, will make you fear failing the class, and force you to memorize.

Cramming was not invented by crappy students, it is a tactic imposed by fake teachers.

You can’t learn something, by jumping hoops to get there.

By asking “Well, then how do I become a Doctor?”, you are revealing that you shouldn't be Doctor.

A professional, is someone who is predisposed for a field, by the unique constellation of curiosities that defines their quest for knowledge.

Like Happiness, arriving at a field must ensue, from smaller curiosities that eventually lead you there.

Meaning, you can’t choose a career, it will emerge out of you, based on your interests.

If you force yourself into a career incompatible with your curiosities, you will not have the drive to go above an beyond.

As that drive is powered, by your unique constellation of curiosities.

This is the difference between a professor you must respect, and a great being who made lasting contributions to human kind.

The curiosities grant you greater powers, they help you rise above all the others, by driving you far forward.

The answers to you ever growing constellation, brings you joy, health, pleasure, a sense of accomplishment.

The pursuit of your curiosities, is how you integrate knowledge within you.

How you compact it to make it strong, so that you may build on top of it.

If years of pursuits of your curiosities take you to becoming a Doctor, then you will carry a unique wisdom that will push your field forward.

One thing is certain, your search for answers, will take you across many fields, you will learn for real across many fields.

You will revisit them countless times, dancing from Biology, to Programming, Mathematics, Art.

Your destination, is all the way on top, right in the middle, or where growing all the way up resides.

And there is no name for it, it is perfectly unique, it won’t exist as a college class.

You will need to step down to a field, from that height.

You will approach a profession, from above, overpowered, to dominate it, expand it, lead it.

You see, without learning for real, you will never rise upwards and around to discover your center.

You will stay on the bottom of your mountain, in your confusion, mistakenly wishing you had done, as you were told.

Which brings us to the final point, we are so brilliant, and our minds can become so immensely powerful…

That in the Universal cruelty, our lives will never be long enough, ever.

By writing fascinating books we can however keep our spirit alive indefinitely.

This act of survival is called, leaving a positive and lasting legacy.

This will only ever work, when you describe the path you took, through your unique constellation of curiosities.

In order for your legacy to capture your spirit, and thus become worth keeping.

It has to capture all your adventures, all your sadness, and joy, all your seriousness, and foolishness as well.

In short, your legacy must make people fell, and laugh, they must be able to befriend you across your many quests and adventures.

So you see, you cannot chose a field, or a career, or listen to your guardians, or professors.

Because if you do, you will not be able to write about your discoveries, about all the side quests that make you, you.

You can’t start your book with “My mother wanted me to be a doctor”, unless what follows is something like “but I had something greater in mind...".