The Year Of The Bicycle
The Year Of The Bicycle

Saturday • February 3rd 2024 • 11:18:36 pm

The Year Of The Bicycle

Saturday • February 3rd 2024 • 11:18:36 pm

With 45 days left until Spring, why not make 2024 the year of the bicycle.

Somehow, whether you realize it or not, there is always a bicycle trail near by.

And that can easily translate to, rebellion, adventure, and mischief.

Bicycling, is almost like riding a car, in that you can get anywhere.

But, unlike driving around, bicycling gives you a feeling of adventure.

Especially, when you bring your day pack along.

Prepare snacks, and even a sausage for a grill 20 miles away.

You set off in the morning, maybe 4AM.

Check tire pressure, and slobber sunscreen all over yourself.

If there is a motorist out there, then they will wonder about you.

About the kind of an adventurer you are, and where you are going so early.

Before you know it, you'll be on the trail proper.

And crisp morning air, will welcome you.

Aside from having everything you need, to inflate a tire.

Including a full sized, no nonsense, clanky air pump.

And some grease, because things always squeak somewhere somehow.

There is one more thing, that no one ever talks about.

And that is a wide seat, bicycle adventure is not a race.

You don't need a race seat, that you must first get used to.

You need a soft leather seat, meant for a large person.

You will never tire your behind, and it will feel like riding on a sofa.

Those little seats, are no good for day long adventure.

They are only for couple of hours, an already painful race.

Listen to me, put a wide seat on your sleek bicycle.

They are not too expensive, and you can always change them back for short runs.

Lastly, I want to encourage you, to buy a simple bicycle.

Especially one, without any hand operated brakes.

That don't have any cables, that never quite work.

Or disc brakes, that will have you soon buying break pads.

Get an inexpensive bicycle, without many moving parts.

Here in order to stop you, gently push the pedals backwards.

You only have one gear, and that's really all you need.

Before you know it, your endurance will increase.

And the speed with which, you zip around on your bicycle, will follow.

Be safe, stay away from cars, most of the time drivers can't see you.

If you must ride a road, get some blinking lights and a helmet.

Be sure to bring your narrated books along, bicycling long distances goes great with adventure books.

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