Walking, Hiking, And Dancing; Or, Gradually Increasing Endurance To Transform Your Body
Walking, Hiking, And Dancing; Or, Gradually Increasing Endurance To Transform Your Body

Thursday • February 1st 2024 • 11:11:30 pm

Walking, Hiking, And Dancing; Or, Gradually Increasing Endurance To Transform Your Body

Thursday • February 1st 2024 • 11:11:30 pm

Begin, in the beginning, and then get to the end.

And begin by walking, and walk farther and faster every day.

In a way, our bodies were made for walking, we are amazing at walking.

Try to give up your car, if you can fit on a bicycle use it.

If you are too large for a bicycle, you are a bodybuilder.

All that extra weight, added gave you an athlete's body.

Walk, rest when you need to, but keep on walking and extending the distance.

By gradually increasing your endurance, you gently disable your body's ability to protect fat.

Make your walks interesting, make a list of all the parks.

State parks, museums, gardens, trails and bicycle paths.

And all the weird places, that nobody visits anymore.

Go explore, take photos, mark your adventures on a big map.

Tell the world, by posting on the internet.

When you are ready, go camping and hiking - every weekend if you can.

Because there is little to do around the camp, you will want to keep moving, keep walking.

You will be forced to switch to a protein diet, and to go to sleep when it gets dark.

Hiking and camping, is an amazing way to further your transformation.

Practice hiking and camping at the same time, so that you get an idea what it is like to walk the AT.

The famous Appalachian Trail, it is one third of your Triple Crown.

Make room in life to walk all three, The Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails.

Don't worry about you job, your job will not worry about you.

Worry about your health, because that is up to you.

Sign up for the gym, but only when you are ready to visit daily.

All a gym is, is climate control.

A guarantee, that you can workout without interruptions.

Do not allow yourself to accumulate damage, if that ever occurs, take weekends off.

If every day is too overwhelming, try every other day for a few months.

It is very sad, that gyms and workouts are misunderstood.

Everyone seems to be coping, some arrangement of movies.

But those aren't real workouts, they are fantasy workouts.

And machines are only for those with injuries.

They are not for healthy people, they are for people with difficulties.

The true workout has been revealed in the 80s, by non other than Hollywood stars.

We know it as the aerobic workout, but what it really is.

Is dumbbells in hand, music in ears, dance trance from trying to move to music, and no rest.

If you are large, make your way towards three hours.

If you are medium, you will only need tho hours.

And if you are small, you are already beautiful.

But yes, even a fit person, can dance.

And the result of that is back and abdominal muscles, and delicate muscles throughout.

But the biggest benefit here, is overall fitness, flexibility, and extended longevity.

I recommend Shuffle Dancing, or just practicing the sweet and gentle Napoleon Dynamite routine.

I can't help you with the bros at the gym, they will laugh, talk behind you back.

Please know that dressing beautifully, is a form of warfare.

The more beautifully you dress, the less powerful your bullies become.

I don't know about hats, but you can wear a long tail to the gym.

It is possible to make your bullies laugh so hard, that they will turn inside out - that's how turtles become a thing.

Finally, and most importantly, begin in the beginning with dumbbells as well.

It does not matter, that you can start at some high weight.

You begin with the three pound weights, at least for a week.

You dance, learn to move your body, sort your songs by beats per minute.

And when you get to a point where, you think to yourself.

These dumb bells don't do anything for me, let them be dumb for one more month.

And then move up a weight, but also speed up your songs.

If you feel the dumbbells in your back, you went too fast, too far.

You were wrong, that they were not doing anything for you.

The lower weight dumbbells, weren't doing much for your biceps maybe.

But they were gently working on your back, to make it more flexible and stronger as you danced.

Go back, but keep your music slightly faster, and your workout longer.

I repeat, dance with dumbells, do not stop.

Gradually increase your endurance, use an interval timer if you need to.

Go light and slow, never push.

And your endurance will begin growing, and eventually leaping fort like a growth spur.

This hard endurance will give you the ability, to overwhelm your body, and enter the athletic transformation zone.

You will know that you are there, the meowment you will realize that you see visible results, weekly.

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