First Steps Into Epic Art; Or Make Them Squint
First Steps Into Epic Art; Or Make Them Squint

Tuesday • January 17th 2023 • 7:20:59 pm

First Steps Into Epic Art; Or Make Them Squint

Tuesday • January 17th 2023 • 7:20:59 pm

Because of the ease with which you can generate artistic creations, you can quite easily leap into epic art, just about from the start.

Here the question of transformative art and AI lawsuits is not important, because an epic scene, involving many characters, will never be similar to other art.

It will become as unique as your curiosity and character, and sense of humor.

All you need to do to start, is picture one of the old paintings, that involved many characters with unique traits.

In fact a complex paining, can be seen as the centerfold of a comic book, you may even eventually surround it with speech bubbles and countless story panels.

You will need, is a handful of related characters, it maybe useful to involve multiple species, but you can stick to just cats.

In my example, I created 16 cats in space helmets (link may take forever to generate anything, retry), because it is trivial to paste a space helmet on a space suit.

Even if you have difficulty to generate animal or chibi space suits, all you really need to do is shorten arms and legs.

Here you develop a library of character components, cat heads in helmets, animal space suits, and whatever you paste on top of their mittens.

You can use layers, in the free and open source Krita to place your objects on, and then group them into folders.

But to start, create a simple background such as a galaxy with come spaceships, and get all your little creatures out on a space walk.

Printing such a creation out, will no longer cost 40c as the case is with 4x4 photos, you are probably looking at something upwards of 20 dollars, and then a frame.

Rather than visualizing a poster of silly cats floating in space, imagine 16 posters at a local gallery.

Go ahead, close your eyes, and look at people moving from poster to poster, simply lost in time, and beyond fascinates with strange kitties.

And that is long before you add speech bubbles, or even sort your kitties out into well defined characters.

In closing, the Hulk is green because of the ink that was available when printing comics, early Simpsons cartoons are kind of crooked, but note how that makes them more charming.

Furthermore, when I made my way into he local game arcades as a teen, I was shocked to discover that Marge had such a long hair do, to hide bunny ears.

And there is rumor that Krusty the Clown, was actually Homer in disguise.

There is no such thing as a humble beginning, the moment you spend that 15 minutes generating those 16 cats…

Is already epic, magical, and charming, you just don’t notice it, because you are too busy creating the whole thing.

I have three words for you, to get you started on detailed Epic Art this Summer:

Make them squint, Make them squint, harder than they ever squinted when searching for freaking Waldo in a low resolution jpeg.