Brilliant Expression And Self Education
Brilliant Expression And Self Education

Thursday • December 7th 2023 • 11:44:28 pm

Brilliant Expression And Self Education

Thursday • December 7th 2023 • 11:44:28 pm

Don’t let anyone rob you of real education, everything human has an easy access ramp, unless cut up, for standardization.

I spoke to a stranger for a few minutes, he was hoping to sell used items online.

I encouraged him to learn programming instead, as he showed an appreciation for web browser plugins.

Today, I figured out, based on his behaviour, what web browser plugin he would have written.

I am imagining things, but, it is a brilliant idea.

A well dressed father, looking to start a tiny business.

Is enough to describe the program he would make, had he the ability, to write software.

It was going to be a way to simplify user interfaces, by creating an alternative front-end to websites.

But even though he’d become wealthy by chance, what would get him there, was the tiny-ness of his invention.

It is like, he had an innate appreciation, for wonderful simplicity, it had to be wonderful, you see.

The front end technology would be an RSS reader, it shows headlines line by line, the UI is simple and perfect, and done.

And the way he would extract, web page data, to put into the easy to read RSS form is scary brilliant.

It would have come to him in High School, and stick with him, because of how upsetting it was.

He would end up, controlling, the biggest companies in the world, with one liners, programs that only require one line of code.

Because, you see, to scrape data out of a web page, to present it as a distraction free news feed.

He would patch the JSON.parse function, brilliant, just brilliant.

This is the code equivalent of just making, a nice little business of reselling used items in good condition.

JSON.parse is used to turn server response which is in plain text, into Objects, things that programming languages can richly interact with.

There would be other things he would patch, and he would go on to make an even more powerful version.

A web browser that scrapped JavaScript Runtime Heaps, the raw memory of the web page.

But JSON.parse worked for all the useful websites, it was his gravy, bread, butter...

He often returned to the day in High School, that never existed, the one that taught him for real, that never happened.

And continued being upset, that JSON parse, could be just renamed, for later.

And then his hacer version of parse, would call the renamed version…

And before returning the result, to the program wanting the parsed version.

He’d send it down a reactive data pipe of all his little one liners, that extracted data.

Reactive means, that the RSS feed reader, would automatically update, as it is subscribing to data I the program, and not merely having it assigned.

We only spoke for three o five minutes, I knew his freedom of expression got stolen.

I told him he was robbed, “We got hustled” - I said.

“We received a fake education”, the teachers just wanted to get paid.

It took him a moment, and I saw painful memories, of being made to feel stupid.

The teachers way of shutting him, and the class up.

“You will amount to nothing” they used to say, while peddling horse-sh&t education for chicken change...

My final words were JavaScript tutorials, and I went on my way.

Next time I said we got robbed, the lady turned out to be a teacher.

And while she pushed away thousands of children from music composition, to this day my heart hurts, that I didn’t show appreciation for her being a teacher.

She wanted it, all she ever got was smiles, she never deserved them, but my heart hurts that I didn’t smile, that I kept a serious face.

It is best not to face a teacher, let them keep their fantasies.

Do something meaningful instead, teach, teach right, inspire to self education.

Prevent students from being tricked, into thinking that they are not smart.

That is far more meaningful, then explaining to a music teacher that it was about kindling the flame.

And not, filling the vessel.

And in her case, it was trying to demand perfect pitch, or at least note recognition.

Way, before the students composed their first works, cutting the off from music, before they even tasted it in full.

Trust in self education, in online tutorials, trust in free and open source AI, and all the other free and open programs.

Accept the responsibility for your own education, so that nothing ever stands in the way of your self expression.