For The Advancement Of Human Kind
For The Advancement Of Human Kind

Sunday • January 24th 2021 • 6:58:45 pm

For The Advancement Of Human Kind

Sunday • January 24th 2021 • 6:58:45 pm

Start by building a school,

that will teach for real.

You can't use teachers,

because one teacher for many students is wrong.

You will have to use bots similar to 2020 Apple Siri,

and get everyone to participate in answering new questions in the background.

On the surface it will appear like your bot is talking,

but beneath it will be the students and some minimal faculty building a knowledge base.

Don't worry about certification (it never meant a damn),

though do talk to the city officials, as they may be of help.

Above all take care of your students,

create support circles for those who were bullied.

Help the ones that need an apartment away from their family,

by connecting them with options or student exchange, failing that, child protective services.

Make sure all those who lost faith in Humanity,

will become aware of your school, and grant them free access, especially to narrated books.

Grant all free medical care,

a new start.

Teaching for real is a big deal,

when a boy wishes to become a musician, you must provide real results.

Get them into an lmms-like class,

have the other kids help him find videos and answer basic questions.

Stick to Open Source software,

and always choose platforms that pose a possibility of making some money.

The students need to see ways of supporting themselves,

they have to sell some of their music, or license it - even if for a few dollars.

Capture the educational path of every student,

and check if there are others who may wish to follow the same curriculum.

The ultimate aim for a modern and evolved school,

is to pay its students.

In a world where schools are selling out students for a small profit,

you are not going to have trouble finding students wanting to get paid.

Funding your operation will be your first problem,

as you are only allowed to use money of long-term professional investors at first.

And your first venture capitol meeting,

will help you grow, it will make you more; you - instantly.

You'll sit down in-front of a bunch of old men,

who have heard every damn story imaginable.

Except, for yours, and you will begin with:

"I am going to pay my students a living wage.".

"I will build a framework, to support my students for a few years,

and then take 10% percent of my successful graduate's long term earnings."

"The struggling ones will never pay,

nor will they need to pay back."

"If my first undertaking fails,

we will meet again, as I try again, and again, and again, and again."

"Where I will fail my successors will take over"

Tell them that the school motto is based on the West Point honor code,

which it self is based on something much nobler.

"A student will not harm, manipulate, pretend, lie, cheat, steal,

or tolerate any of those who do."

Eventually, the school that does take off,

will go national, and get a budget from the Government.

Think about the military budget,

now think how much more important is the school.

Now scale the military funding by that number,

that will be your starting figure.

Then you go international,

and retire.

Your successor will need to negotiate with some 195 nations,

to establish multiple schools funded by, but independent of, the government.

Humanity, fueled by real education,

will begin growing for real, rising from centuries of dark ages.

Be good to yourself.

Hopefully by the century this text reaches you,

the scientists will have cured aging.

If so, then hope you will witness your school to become the New United Nations,

and in the century that follows a formation of the two friendly giants.

The Unites States of The World,

and the Eurasian Union.

May you never run out of Undiscovered Country & Space,

I wish you an Eternity of Prosperity and Cheerfulness.