How To Become A Real Programmer
How To Become A Real Programmer

Tuesday • November 1st 2022 • 11:11:06 pm

How To Become A Real Programmer

Tuesday • November 1st 2022 • 11:11:06 pm

First of all, life is precious so, don’t work for anybody but yourself, the price you pay for working for somebody else is becoming old.

Now please understand, that becoming old, is a privileged denied to many.

Which demands that you take good care of your body and mind, if you expect to someone else to do this for you.

They will take decade away from you, and give you a cheap watch upon your retirement.

Nothing in life is simple, there has never been a single shortcut, and there has always been a price to pay.

Life demands of you that you become knowledgeable, wise, and grow all the way up, until you stand as a great being.

Working for somebody else for a paycheck, will not only make you old, bit it will make you hate programming.

Because you will never know the triumph of high achievement, because you will never strive to surpass yourself.

And living life without accepting the responsibility of constant self education, the responsibility for bettering and surpassing yourself.

Will make life seem meaningless, boring, taking shortcuts will make you hate more than just programming.

When you are faced with great questions about your own future, close your eyes and imagine talking to your older self.

Ask what their regrets are, ask them...

If it was better to brainlessly code for a paycheck, or to start programming beautiful ideas, for real.

If you can’t come up with a beautiful idea, that is because you are scared of poverty, homelessness and hunger.

But the world of programming is just exactly what you need, to push all those fears away, you just need two things.

One, learn enough, to know that you can make it, and become wise and strong by walking the Appalachian Trail or its equivalent.

This is a life long adventure, if you eve feel that you are done, you didn’t do it right, you took too many shortcuts.

Pacific Crest trail is next, walk the Continental Divide after that.

Any shortcut you take, will derail you, in everything else you do – every step must be honest.

The truth is, you never return from the trail, and you never shake the midnight starts out of your eyes.

You never stop keeping your eyes out for, for Bears, Mountain Lions, and mean Hillbillies - they make great friends.

Now, you need to recognize corporate code, from great code.

Corporate code, will have you writing pure functions, with pretty function names.

This is a backup mechanism, great logs, and it is a way to easily replace you, if you get cranky at your brainless coding job.

To write great code, you have to move swiftly, you have no time, to create pure function migration strategies, to account for the new API.

Linux has the right idea, efficient tree based file-systems, that are flexible enough to hold any data, and small commands that do one thing well.

In the world of real application programming, you must truly write once and run everywhere – that means web applications.

Which also means, the browser has already chosen your language for you, it is not Java, or go apps compiled with Web assembly, it is modern JavaScript.

Because it is crazy, it is crazy to write your UI in one language, and your server in another, especially now that you don’t have to.

And you will always need code as simple and efficient as the old file systems, and that is the combination of…

Browser PouchDB, of PouchDB server, CouchDB, and whatever couchDB compatible providers you can find.

Because is is simple, because network sync is simple, because design documents are simple, and because you get a log for free.

No data ever gets deleted, all history is always there, it takes a while to see that Next or Redux is not the way.

Learn CouchDB and PouchDB first, they will synchronize your database with application state.

And then use svelte and Bootstrap, which will synchronize your PouchDB driven application state, with a good looking UI.