Trust In Great Wisdom
Trust In Great Wisdom

Sunday • September 3rd 2023 • 8:41:27 pm

Trust In Great Wisdom

Sunday • September 3rd 2023 • 8:41:27 pm

Wisdom is like an operating system upgrade, all your observations are hoisted upwards.

And what was before, is no longer very useful, as there are more powerful tools at your disposal.

The easiest source of wisdom is narrated books, paper version is just a way of storing books.

Books are meant to be heard, not merely read.

Not being able to understand or comprehend, what is being being whispered in your ear.

Is a sign of overwork, sadness, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

So to hear books, your mind and body, will ask you to heal yourself.

The easiest source of healing, is vacation.

But it is not an ordinary vacation, it is a vacation you don’t return from.

Again, your thinking, perceiving, and the content of your character will be upgraded.

Not returning from a vacation, only sounds odd, for you today.

The easiest explanation, of what will happen as you reach your first plateau.

Is that you will reach out for more knowledge, and you will be looking not just to Philosophy.

But to all her daughters, the Sciences.

All your tools, and abilities will immediately feel inadequate, gooey and flimsy.

In other words you will require more precision, and bookmarking abilities, in your self education.

The first thing you may begin with learning is programming, and you’ll just simply search for programming tutorials.

This is especially useful if you are still in middle school, because then you can just take it easy for many years and explore various tangents.

Learn JavaScript first, avoid python, Java, closed source and niche languages, if you even need more power play with to C and head on for C++.

Programming is two things, a microscope, that will help you zoom into anything.

You can simulate anything from super-luminal travel, to slime mold, microbial world, and the interworking of a cell.

You can visualize anything, mathematical formulas and procedures, databases, consensus protocols, compression, data streams, and algorithms.

But that also means, you are creating tools, and thus value, and creating value is near enough to creating money.

This means by programming games, applications, apps, programs, utilities, websites, and generative products.

You will be able to set yourself free, from the constraints of poverty.

You will however have to choose to stop learning, and begin selling.

In your wisdom, that is a choice you will make later than sooner.

Just lite Sun Tzu reminds, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”

Some starter ideas are helping your customers to visual programming where creating programs is more user friendly plug and play.

And fixing schools, as today, teachers are people who think teaching is easy, you just send your hormonal herd to memorize and pass tests.

Most teachers don’t know they misunderstood what education is, and in fact sold out the world for easy paychecks.

And anyway, real education is self directed and self paced, and though it crosses all subjects countless times…

It has no divisions, not student rows, not instruction periods, not subject, no graduations.

Just a singe line that the student creates as they follow their own curiosities, all the way up to greatness and making lasting contributions ti human kind.

Yes, there are things other than programming, but they are much less efficient at pulling you out of poverty.

Building beautiful sterling engines, or cardboard drones, working with ant colonies, or closed ecosystems for sale…

Or creating new musical instruments, or painting custom portraits with the aid of a projector.

Or even getting comfy with CAD making addictive tactical wallets, or puzzle kits that assemble into huge 3D robots.

All of that is amazing, but it is even more amazing with programming, but also, in terms of sales, requires warehousing, and shipping.

And dealing with returned physical items, damaged in transit.

Where in the digital wold, you write a program and sell it as a download, an infinite amount of times.

You can experiment with monthly memberships, and maverick stuff like Art and Text AI.

There is more freedom in the digital world, more flexibility.

This flexibility helps you circle through and around all the scineces, creating all you need to advance in knowledge and greatness.

Lastly, as you begin consuming wisdom, the culture of the great beings whose books you read, will simply transfer onto you to grant you even more powers.

Here, you will discover that while our lives are long, they can never be long enough.

To extend life you need to take to building a lasting legacy, that will outlive you by centuries.

Somewhere here, you will see that to grow up, means to grow all they way up.

Until like the authors of the books you love, You too will become a Great Being, be it in person or in time.