Towards Real Education
Towards Real Education

Wednesday • March 9th 2022 • 4:52:31 pm

Towards Real Education

Wednesday • March 9th 2022 • 4:52:31 pm

In order for the world to permanently get better,
we all have to come together.

Our unity is what seals the deal,
our unity makes it real.

Nothing works for long,
because we got everything wrong.

The leaders can't lead the world,
because the world is not meant for the old.

And only levels of education cut us apart,
so we only need to become smart.

The myths we believe are very revealing,
they all push us away from growing and healing.

We have to grow out of this my friends,
lest we corner ourselves in dead ends.

The first and foremost is not an imaginary friend or a temporary nation,
it is ensuring real education.

An the first issues to solve is poverty - and it is a big deal,
because in poverty children can't learn for real.

Only real education can erase bad ideas, cults, deadly nationalism, and war,
it is the only force that can help the children reach the future though an open door.

The leaders can only serve the younger generations,
they must focus on maintaining our future's foundations.

We must improve our global sense of navigation,
and aim towards everyone getting a real and profound education.