The Magic Of Athletic Endurance, For The Rest Of Us
The Magic Of Athletic Endurance, For The Rest Of Us

Tuesday • January 30th 2024 • 11:11:24 pm

The Magic Of Athletic Endurance, For The Rest Of Us

Tuesday • January 30th 2024 • 11:11:24 pm

To put it shortly, if you jog a little bit more every day.

You'll eventually become, an ultra, an ultra marathon runner.

And while a hundred miles, won't be anything to sneeze at.

You'll be able to jog, more than that.

Not because of your special genetics, or because you always liked it.

But because, of gradually increasing your endurance.

Prolonged activity, on this scale, has other benefits.

You can for example very quickly, transform your body.

Simply keep increasing your endurance, until you start transforming.

There will be a tipping point, and you'll feel it, or see it.

Gradually increasing your endurance, can be used for running multiple consecutive marathons.

But also to put on lean muscle, and burn up your fat, to show them off.

More wisely, it a life extension technique, many people can double their lifespan.

And most of us can un-age, by a couple of decades.

Those of us who were always plump, and no doubt very cute.

Can use endurance, to become more fit than when we were young.

Endurance works for people of all ages, you are never too old.

But eventually, you'll freak the heck out of your nurse.

So slow down, for them.

Let us take a look, at the word "gradually", now,

You will need a calculator, even if you don't use it.

And you will need a timer, any clock will do.

Go out for your first jog, and measure the full distance, one mile.

And how long can you run for, before you must stop.

It was about 30 seconds for me, though double inhaling helped.

And now, spend a week repeating the same routine...

And next week, gradually increase how long you jog for.

Try doubling it, or adding 10 percent.

And again, cement it down, by running for a week, and do another increase.

If that is too fast for you, then jog every other day...

Repeating the same routing for 10, or 14 days, or as many days you need.

Two weeks, every other day, seem to be the standard.

But you may not be standard, maybe you can just take the weekends off.

The harder you, try, the quicker the result.

Employing your endurance, marks the end of rounding corners.

And the beginning, of searching for the sharpest and most challenging ones.

It is an attitude switch, from "How can I make this easier?""...

To "How can I do this, in order to, more effectively enhance my superpower of endurance?"

Or, "How can I make it harder?"

You see seeking out the physical challenges, maximizes the rise of your endurance.

I you need a reason, and don't have one.

Know, that you will only find your meaning, when you grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

If you just grow part way up, you'll never really know who you are.

You see the quest for endurance, is very much the quest to discover yourself.

By becoming fit, you can easily get your triple crown.

By walking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trials.

You can run western states, brand name challenges and local ultra marathons.

You'll be as fit as most 20 year olds, at the age of 70 or 80.

You have been granted a chance at existence, you will be challenged to see how powerful you are.

And then granted the privilege of aging, a privilege denied to many.

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