And What The Heck Is Philosophy Anyway?
And What The Heck Is Philosophy Anyway?

Monday • May 15th 2023 • 11:46:53 pm

And What The Heck Is Philosophy Anyway?

Monday • May 15th 2023 • 11:46:53 pm

Well, Philosophy is your greatest superpower, it is the operating system of your mind.

It is your ability to rise, adapt, to deal with hardships, and to cheerfully and unbreakably dance through life.

Philosophy is also the cradle, for your own, original, sense of humour.

In fact the most powerful creature in the universe, is the laughing philosopher.

Philosophers, come as a function of growing up, they just start and never stop part way.

And their final books read like computer programs, for the betterment of operating systems and humanity.

Except the language is Poetry, Wisdom, Kindness, Inspiration, it is life and living, and growing up well.

What philosophers, aren’t, is unintegrated, because one sure way to rise, is to examine life, in detail, even early on.

Why does your teacher tolerate cramming, is cramming a real education, or just make believe?

Why is it that after finals, you don’t feel more enabled by this new knowledge.

Say compared to an athlete, that trained for five months.

Or one of your programmer friends, who learned many new little powers, and wrote several tiny programs.

Why can’t you just use the art projector above your art teachers empty heat, and begin creating large canvas works that will help you to your first gallery.

Is hand eye coordination art, or the art of keeping you busy and pacified.

Asking such question will reveal that fake teachers and politicians, use pointless Sisyphean tasks to prevent things from changing.

They many notice that teachers copy grades from each other, if you have a “C” bigger subject, you will have a “C” everywhere else.

You don’t have to start early as a philosopher, but questioning everything, all the time, is the easy way there.

As they pay attention and search for answers, they begin integrating more and more ideas without contradiction.

One of the keys to understanding of the modern world, is that liars easily out competence honest people.

You will see that in the classroom, the faculty room, among leaders, that go all the way up.

When you pay attention early on, you make room for making corrections, you have the time for real self education, for adventure, and invention.

But let me make this clear, you can’t become a lover of wisdom, by merely loving all wisdom, it has to be an enabling integrated whole.

Adopted and built, step by step, observation by observation, it is just like programming.

You can’t just throw random functions together, they need to form a coherent whole, that creates a new program, a new power.

Wisdom must be integrated, into your own philosophical system, that helps you rise.

And philosophers are not special, not at all, it is just a stage in our growing up, where the world Philosophia fits so neatly.

We are each tasked with inheriting all the wisdom that is worth the wile, upgrading it, synthesizing what maybe missin, and building something greater.

No one should ever stop growing up... part way, growing up means, all the way up, until we become great beings.

Until the world can converge in authenticity and wisdom, on world peace, and great ideas.

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