A Short Poem About World Peace And Growing All The Way Up
A Short Poem About World Peace And Growing All The Way Up

Thursday • April 1st 2021 • 11:10:44 pm

A Short Poem About World Peace And Growing All The Way Up

Thursday • April 1st 2021 • 11:10:44 pm

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

-- Harriet Tubman

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

-- Mahatma Gandhi

It is probably possible to comprehend how the world works,

and sort the causes from effects, and build a tree.

Imagine you are from Mars,

and you just got here.

And there are problems,

Human Rights Violations, Corruption, and the concept of money got completely messed up.

This is probably easier than building the tree of life,

it won't take a century, it will take a decade and a half.

Test your theory,

make sure the results are reproducible.

And invite your friends for sweet black tea,

build a small think tank, and a large charity, and try to fix it all.

You won't be able to fight the bullies,

but not because they are untouchable, but because the act of fighting spawns more bullies.

One of the industries you will be studying,

will without a doubt show you how that works.

A wise being can't engage the evil,

but she can prevent it from existing, and what a power *that* is.

One of the greatest pillars of prevention that you can drive into time,

is access to narrated books written by great beings.

And the greatest idea you can share,

is that we are each meant to become a great being, by means of knowledge and wisdom.

Imagine what a massive intellectual strength that represents,

to someone whose been intellectually neutered by nationalism, and sickened by indoctrination.

As Humanity grows must all aim towards World Peace,

and part of that is preventing wars from occurring.

When the war begins, and the soldiers are sent in,

it is our fault, our failure as One Human Family to create real schools and provide real education.

Don't get mad at soldiers,

they have no choice.

It is our failure that wars happen,

and our power, the power of prevention, is greater than all the armed forces put together.

War is an effect, a symptom,

and the root cause is our failure to prevent it from happening.

The internet connects the world in part to erase the borders,

for us to learn that we are family.

Fragile and failed states have great difficulty preventing information from crossing the border,

all it takes is a balloon or a book, or poetry.

But in order for prevention to become an active force,

we can't allow ourselves to live under the control of fear rooted in poverty be it of wallet, or of mind.

Until the world is at peace,

you can't have a career that does little to contribute to that aim.

Sitting in front of commuter monitors, pushing virtual buttons,

waiting for that carrot and stick of a raise to tell you how great you are, does no one any good.

Neither poverty of wallet of mind, nor the broken concepts of money,

should serve as a nose around our neck.

I know,

I understand it:

You didn't have a life manual,

you did your best, and it *really was* hard work.

But you went in the wrong direction,

your Legacy has to in some part contribute to pushing away from war, and towards World Peace.

The direction you were meant to move,

was up, not forward.

You don't have a life manual,

to go forward, you needed up.

It is hard for all of us,

but that just means we need to become tougher, wiser, more intelligent, read more, listen to more narrated books, ask more, and spend some more time with Great Beings.

Conquering something that is hard,

is good for you, it helps you grow up faster.

Besides, you won't find financial security in sectors where you can be replaced by multiple younger people,

that will never speak back, and can be replaced with even less effort if they cause trouble.

Profit maximization,

is what companies do.

You won't be allowed to make enough money, to satisfy you,

because that figure, will represent multiple employees that will do your job cheaper and faster, and as bonus, your boss will get, a bonus.

Running your own company is the only financial security you will find,

plus you will get to look after your senior employees, and make sure that they make enough to satisfy them.

Figure out a format for a company that can stand the test of time,

build it, and point it at making the world a more peaceful place, actually do no evil, for real.

You'll find your self in need of understanding how the world works,

...but that advice is at the top of this poem.

Honest wars become justified because of the evil that begins occurring in the streets,

because someone has to step in there and put an end to human right violations.

The human rights violations must be prevented from occurring,

and that will prevent the conflict from developing.

Prevention is all we got,

once we face the enemy it is too late for peace.

Ask yourself about your Knowledge, Wisdom, Content of Character, and Legacy,

ask your elder self about their regrets, and consider how lasting your contributions to Human Kind.

That's the manual you wished you had,

that is the answer to where to go next, to "then what", and; a considerable portion of the answer, to the question of the meaning of your life.