Learning For Real
Learning For Real

Saturday • May 22nd 2021 • 9:10:20 pm

Learning For Real

Saturday • May 22nd 2021 • 9:10:20 pm

Life, in large part is about becoming a noble, dignified, and thus great being;

and later, helping the world grow.

I am sure someone, someday will simply explain,

why so many things have gone wrong today.

It could be that nobody is really in charge,

and the liars are keeping everything in a constant state of destruction.

It could be because of lack of education,

and the thing that is disrupting education is the ongoing-uneducation, and fantasy beliefs and lifestyles.

Be it believing a falsehood, or pretending to know something,

or having been mislead, it will all have lasting consequences as those things influence our decisions.

It isn't always easy to pull our selves up and above,

am I wrong to say; that finding a good book or a good friend; is... kind of a function of luck?

The unlucky, may never set themselves free,

they may never come across something that is compatible with their mind; that will influence them to keep learning and rising.

Obviously, schools were meant to fix this,

they were meant to teach us what is false, what is wrong, what isn't real, how parents shouldn't behave.

And school - really - should be our Shield and a Place of Wisdom,

but it is actually a place of punishment, that frequently will cause parents to punish the student further.

This is an example of an interruption to growing up,

our natural curiosity would have us do amazing things.

Observing Jupiter's Moons, and Saturn's Rings,

through our own telescope, and that would be just one tiny step away from taking pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy.

We would be Composing Music,

it is unbelievably easy to compose beautiful melodies for the piano with a Digital Audio Workstation like the Open Source lmms.

The world of Art would open it self to us as we put our photographs through basic GIMP photo filters,

and project outlines of our art inspirations on walls or canvas.

Then our attention would turn to fixing Climate, fixing Politics, making World Peace a reality, ensuring Human Rights, and Fixing Schools,

becoming Great Beings comes naturally to us.

Ba careful,

if school is not teaching you for real.

If it is interrupting your real education,

then it poses a danger.

You have to grow up in a culture where opinions can't stand up to a facts,

where ineffective politics are seen as clear evidence of corruption.

You have to grow up in a world,

that does not try to trick you into thinking that memorization is education... to make the job of collecting paychecks easier.

You have to grow up in a world that cares about the future,

and thus consequences of actions that are taking place today.

You have to grow up in a world,

that will protect you, and empower you to become a great being.

There is a disgusting little saying in the country I come from,

"Co wolno wojewodzie, to nie tobie, smrodzie"; it means "A stinking little person can't do what a governor can."

That is the opposite, of the truth,

it is a lie that is meant to belittle and intimidate the younger generations, and it automatically forfeits the authority of the persons spreading it.

The truth is, to you; belongs the future,

and by the time you get there; all that will be left of those governors, is the unforeseen consequences of their brainless actions.

Consequences that in their lack of education, they were unable to foresee,

consequences, that they will not be able, to deal with - and they will be too old to care.

See the truth is, the future of Human Kind is more important,

than any shortsighted vision.

All the ongoing mistakes are unmovable,

precisely because almost nobody is growing up to face the reality of the Future Human Kind.

People are instead taught to deal and make deals,

which only complicates problems like Climate Change, or our road to World Peace.

If your school is teaching you to pretend to learn by means of memorization,

and to stop caring about the world, because it is not your problem yet.

Your first act of greatness is to quietly, and peacefully, resist a fake education,

and go get a real one; presumably from Narrated Books that will ease you into complicated subjects.

Those who stand in the way of your real education,

forfeit their authority over you, as they are simply there to pretend to teach you and get paid.

Being your teacher is not just a job, bridging generations with Knowledge and Wisdom, is nothing like a job,

and pretending to teach to merely get paid, is not only fraud, but a crime against Humanity, and The Future of Human Kind.

Not only do you have to resist fake education and make your way to get a real one on your own,

you also have to help the others, prevent their growing up from being interrupted with fake education.

Do not let the teachers frighten you into memorization,

you will lose if you try to stand up to them directly.

Move beyond, who is right and wrong, _do not_ waste time on broken things,

begin your self education, immediately; and help your classmates if you can.

As to your financial worries, try to learn computers, programming and design,

and build a series of little companies until you get the hang of things.

Start slow, be gentle, you have much to learn, here are a few Authors and real Teachers to get you started,

there are thousands of these magnificent individuals, and you will have to understand most of their thoughts and philosophy in order get a real, self balancing, and mutually reinforcing picture of the world.