First Time At The Gym; Or, Heavy Or Light
First Time At The Gym; Or, Heavy Or Light

Sunday • February 18th 2024 • 11:44:10 pm

First Time At The Gym; Or, Heavy Or Light

Sunday • February 18th 2024 • 11:44:10 pm

Gym is like High School, you have to ignore everything and learn on your own.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get what everyone else is getting.

If you do it your self, always gradually increasing complexity.

They you’ll walk out of gym a bodybuilder, and out of High School, a programmer.

You start in the center, and then gradually start spiraling out.

To stand at the center, means to begin meaningfully, and humbly.

And look for challenges that help your endurance, rather than shortcuts that get you out the door.

Standing, sitting, laying down at the gym, is only for those attempting to heal or get over aches.

If you are well, you got to move, and meaningfully so.

I’ve only ever seen three power workouts, it was all women, obviously, and it looked like fencing, football, and climbing.

The climbing excessive, is actually crawling on fours, and the first time I saw it, was when I just opened my eyes…

And the lady came out from behind me, it scared me so bad, that I had energy to spare.

I personally shuffle-ish dance with my eyes mostly closed, to focus on the beat of my songs and enter a trance.

Which makes my three hour exercise feel like, 25 minutes, maybe 35, it is easy and fun.

Lifting things, is probably the first thing we master as babies, not counting filling diapers.

Today is actually a huge milestone for me, I am stupid happy.

I was able to put my socks on, by just lifting my leg and pulling them on in front of me.

Light weights are everything, including, a path to lifting heavy weights.

But by the time you get there, your muscles are so well developed and endurance so high.

That you’d rather train for ultra marathons, or something more outdoor friendly.

Maybe even shuffle dancing, and cutting shapes for real.

Stand at the center, begin with the lightest dumbbells...

And try to make it through a 30 minute workout, use an interval timer to eliminate rest.

And music, to enter a dance trance.

I personally believe, that the combination of dance trance and interval timer is key.

Interval timer loops around two sets of countdowns, and you configure how many loops it does.

Set the first countdown to 30 seconds, to dance with dumbells for 30 seconds.

And the second for 60 seconds, that is your rest period.

The interval timer has a vibrate function, so you just focus on your music….

And the vibration will tell you when to rest, and when to get at it again.

And then every week, or month, even...

You shorten your rest period, in order to gain endurance, to eliminate it completely.

And you just go for 10 rounds, then 20 rounds, 30 and 40, to get past 60 minutes, and maybe even two hours.

Always move out and around your comfort zone, increasing workout duration, weights, speed of music, range of motion.

I don’t know what that lift heavy 30 times and sit is,

Our bodies are magnificent and efficient animals, you need to lift 5,000 times an hour to get the ape to adapt.

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