The Magnet Fisher
The Magnet Fisher

Sunday • August 13th 2023 • 7:32:43 pm

The Magnet Fisher

Sunday • August 13th 2023 • 7:32:43 pm

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Magnet Fishing On A Military Base - US Army Equipment Recovered (86 Rockets, Mortar and More)

We Had To Go To Federal Court - United Sates VS Magnet Fisherman

Magnet Fishing Madness: Police Shocked at the Incredible Finds We Reel In!

Finding THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS While Magnet Fishing!!! FULL SAFE

Going Deep

What's In The Well? (A look into a well)

Dropping Go Pro Down Deepest Pit In The USA

Magnet Fishing Wells

Magnet Fishing The Creepy Well In The Woods

Magnet Fishing Treasure From A 1000 Year Old Well!

What's Inside the Old Well? | MAGNET FISHING



Detecting Under Water - Untouched WW2 History

We Found 6 Guns Magnet Fishing The Site Of A MURDER-Criminal Evidence Recovered While Magnet Fishing

Stolen Military Equipment Found Magnet Fishing - Magnet Fishing Gone Crazy


Magnet Fishing Unearths a Grenade, Leading to a Public Emergency!

This Was NEVER Supposed To Be Found- Police Called While Magnet Fishing! (Gun, Ammo Create And More)

Cash & Jewlery

Ultimate Criminal Canal Found Magnet Fishing! Police on the Hunt

HUGE SAFE Pulled out of River with a CRANE! (Money still inside)

BIG SAFE Found Magnet Fishing Epic Criminal Hotspot!

No Way! Magnet Fisherman Finds Stolen Cash Box With Giant Magnet - Crazy Magnet Fishing Discovery!

Magnet Fishing REWARD happened in Amsterdam Canals!

Unbelievable!! Two Safes Found with Cash & Jewlery Inside (Magnet Fishing)

Crusty Treasures

Magnet Fishing GONE CRAZY Police Everywhere

Sensational Magnet Fishing Find from Dirty Old canal in France!

What People Lose In The CANAL (Magnet Fishing)

The Biggest Magnet Fishing Jackpot EVER - You Won't Believe What I Found!!!

28 Years I’ve NEVER Found Anything Like This! MEGA MAGNET FISHING JACKPOT

Found a Samurai Sword While Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing Next To A Prison

Magnet Fishing HOWTO

Magnet Fishing For Fun And Profit: Tips and Tricks

Best Fishing Magnets In 2023 - Top 10 Fishing Magnet Review

Guide To Magnet Fishing - Everything You Need To Know

STRONGEST and BEST KNOT For Magnet Fishing (Step by Step)!

Single Sided Magnet VS. Double Sided Magnet | Which Is Better?

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