Conundrum of The Human Condition
Conundrum of The Human Condition

Friday • August 21st 2020 • 9:10:59 pm

Conundrum of The Human Condition

Friday • August 21st 2020 • 9:10:59 pm

The only thing keeping us back, is lack of wisdom,

this is occurring because the world places no emphasis on becoming wise.

Without wisdom we can't even tell if education is real or not,

...the mark of a real education are real results.

Without wisdom we can't tell what real results even are,

without wisdom we begin repeating old mistakes.

People say fake news - nope,

but it is actually the fake education...

Real education, helps a person become Wise and Noble,

Triumphant, Successful, Strong, Unbreakable.

In the real world no one ever celebrates graduation,

because Real Education is about a Dignified, Realistic Success.

If all students get is a Diploma and a Laboratory,

or even Debt and a job they didn't need a University for.

It is just a waste of time,

and time is priceless.

The central component of Real Education is Joy,

and satisfaction, and a sense of progression, and the undoing of the threat of poverty.

But without wisdom, it is hard to define poverty,

or satisfaction, or even what joy is supposed to mean in context of education.

Without wisdom, we are easily tricked that memorization has something to do with education,

we are easily tricked that confusion is just us not being good enough.

Memorization, is a cheap trick used by worthless teachers,

to pretend that they are doing something.

And by memorizing you make them appear legitimate,

you make them produce grades, and appear as teachers.

And that confusion is there because their lectures make no sense,

the text books probably don't make much sense either.

There is no conspiracy,

it is just people trying to fake it until they make it.

Many do have lessons they could teach you,

and just as many will keep them to themselves.

Just to appear smarter someday, or just out of spite,

"Why should I tell them, it is not in the text book".

Lack of wisdom will keep a teacher, childlike,

keep them thinking "this is just a job", "it is us versus them",

and that usual "I hate them", or "hate my job".

There are good teachers out there,

but for all their goodness,

they know deep down in their hearts.

That it is easier for you to learn on your own adventures,

Then for them to try to help you understand what they know.

Learning is very intimate, and teaching what one knows is taking that intimacy,

and trying to reshape it for strangers.

Almost by definition this takes away all the passion,

all the value of the lessons.

Good Teacher,

may just be an Oxymoron.

It is your life, it must be your own path of discovery and self betterment,

no one can help you through this.

Learning languages, is something we do naturally,

not by memorizing but by becoming submerged in the language; by actually needing it for survival.

If you want to learn French,

head for the Colonies, inhale the language, don't memorize it.

Learning mathematics, is similar, you don't do it by memorization,

in Real Mathematics same symbols mean different things based on context and author.

To learn Math, you start in the beginning,

and slowly trace its development across Empires and centuries.

Whatever it is You Have To Love It,

can you imagine loving every mathematician?

Because that's what it takes to learn Math for real,

or Physics, or Chemistry, or Biology, or Astrophysics.

Now imagine trying to teach a stranger,

what you have learned, but without the love that you have personally felt for it.


Being good at Biology, Dancing, Medicine, Trail Running, Math, Electronics, Art, Computers, Music,

still means little.

We get good at things we like,

it is not a big deal to be good at something.

Being Wise, is a Big Deal,

being able to Authentically and Nobly navigate live in a Dignified Fashion.

With wisdom, we can figure out how the world works,

the World is not a Mechanical Machine, now will it ever become a Political One,

it is a Conundrum of Human Conditions.

All else must yield,

it must.

It must,

until you are touching the fabric of the future with your very own fingertips.


you feel like a hero.

Until it is your voice, and your soul, and heart, and your works,

and your strength.

That make him, rise,

with certainty of knowing, you are correct.

Tired old man,

who has seen everything and heard every lie.

He's been a District Judge for more than he can remember,

but he has heard every world yo said.

And the moment you mentioned,

that it is Human Rights Day, he groaned.

And he stood downstairs,

keeping his hands warm with a cup of coffee.

And he stood there much longer than you could,

and it marked the end of his career.

But he never forgot your words,

because your words were filled with wisdom.

Because you searched for it,

because you fought for it.

Because you were courageous,

it all became crystal clear in your mind.

And more than moving a single judge,

you will grow to move a generation.

Grow to renew the search for meaning,

the Love of Wisdom.

You moved mountains,

you gave speeches long past your retirement.

As the cities of the future grew,

and as you grew.

And the life of wisdom made it so,

that your name and the symbols it stood for earned permanence in Human History.

Wisdom, is your right,

it is your first fight,

it is your greatest might.

Rise my friend,

rise to no end,

the world needs you to set the trend.