The Martial Artist
The Martial Artist

Sunday • December 6th 2020 • 11:46:52 pm

The Martial Artist

Sunday • December 6th 2020 • 11:46:52 pm

How to Escape a Standing Rear Choke

Self defence How to escape from armlock

How to defend leg grab in fight

3 Top Aikido knock out moves

5 things you need to know that will save your life in a fight

5 most common attacks and how to stop them

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Push knee "เข่ายัดไส้"


All elbow strike and how to block

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Miss Kung Fu

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Foreign students Shaolin Temple

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Wing Chun

Russian Wushu

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Agatha Wong wins GOLD in Wushu Taijiquan (2019)


Hiromi Matsuoka (Aikido)

Yoko Okamoto (Aikido)

Jiu-Jitsu Highlights


The Women of BJJ

Gezary Matuda BJJ Highlight


Daria Bilodid(UKR)-Funa Tonaki(JPN) Judo World Championships 2019 Final

Daria Bilodid Compilation

Taekwondo Kicks

Taekwondo Kicks/Skills

We Trained KALARIPAYATTU in India for 30 Days

Kalaripayattu, The First Martial Art

Kalaripayattu Championship 2017

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Female Kumite, RECCHIA (FRA) vs MIYAHARA (JPN)

Karate and Taekwondo

Shotokan & Kyokushin

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Flexible Legs Fast

Stretches & Drills

Shao Lin Master, Wushu Team Trials

Taekwondo Follow-Along Routine

Wushu Champion Team - 2017 Chinese New Year

Training Day

Combat Fitness - Karate

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York Circle - Physics and the martial arts