Wisdom; Or, All The Right Humanity Has Ever Had
Wisdom; Or, All The Right Humanity Has Ever Had

Saturday • October 21st 2023 • 11:39:15 pm

Wisdom; Or, All The Right Humanity Has Ever Had

Saturday • October 21st 2023 • 11:39:15 pm

Wisdom is, Humanity.

The other stuff, was merely spun to fly over its head.

It was even used for entertainment, a sport, for the bored.

There are so many takes and variations, on what keeps humanity divided.

That there is no way, so sort any of it out.

The movement something is found, a liar will come and change it.

Alter its formula slightly, to keep it flying under the radar.

But if you brush all this noise aside, and focus on inheriting wisdom.

And with the aim, clear as day of becoming a Great Being.

All attempts at control, manipulation, distraction, bondage, and securing servitude fail.

Because, here the human mind, disconnects from the well worn paths.

Where all this sticky noise, and ravenous encouragement occurs.

The moment you sit down at the library, and open your history of Philosophy to Socrates.

You will see what he represented, to the these systems feeble static systems.

A force impossible to contain, a force to question everything, to examine life.

A force that unravels false leaders, and undoes all the twisted things.

He represented change, wisdom, an enabled pursuit of happiness.

No control system of any kind can deliver, it exists to only promise, and always take.

And wisdom leads, it brings, it upgrades, it changes, it snaps all the lies.

What are we to do today, to recognize that there come points of no return.

Up until that moment, we wield the reality rewiring power of prevention.

A power that controls future, it adjusts Humanity’s course.

And after the tipping point, it is just confusion, division, conflict and war.

There is no right or wrong at that point, it is all just wrong.

And there is no stopping it either, as with rain, the end comes on its own.

Do not attempt to make sense of misery, it has no logic, it has no causality, no order.

It is what happens, when the tipping point is reached.

Until that miserable point, however, the incredible power of prevention is ours.

And all it asks of us, is to love wisdom.

Which is easily found, in authentic philosophy books.

The power of prevention, asks us to befriend philosophers.

And all the clear thinkers, that they inspired.

And to view wisdom, as our intellectual inheritance.

Our most important right, the right, to prevent all the wrong.