Dr. Fancy Pants: No Expedition Too Small
Dr. Fancy Pants: No Expedition Too Small

Monday • May 24th 2021 • 10:56:32 pm

Dr. Fancy Pants: No Expedition Too Small

Monday • May 24th 2021 • 10:56:32 pm

I firmly believe we are each born a Scientist,

when I was little - just as soon as I could scribble I begun writing a book entitled Kosmos.

And when the bullies came,

I started a garden where I was hoping to make a crabcherryapplegrass tree, by splicing some random branches together, some of which might have been dead and dry.

And, I could say many awful words in different languages,

and I remember the movie poster from which I slowly learned the f-word, like it was yesterday.

I use the f-word at least three times a week,

and only to crow the worst divers, I am proud to know my words, I never mean ill will.

Even though I never became a Professional,

I always ignored people telling me that I can't do something.

Only once did I have a tiny little doubt,

and this was about mathematics - but only lyke for a second - I quickly realized that everyone was just memorizing everything, and that was not learning.

My expeditions are absolutely my greatest venture,

not once in my whole life, did I ever go for a walk - like at all - it was always a challenging expedition.

And where I was cursed with but a short stretch of a road - which almost never happened,

then I would take to philosophy and unsolved mysterious-mysteries.

For example, did you know that the big feet of the big foot,

is just how the sun melts footprints in the snow, yup - I cracked that case too (though I am unwilling to admit how old I was.)

I still remember my most frightening mystery,

it happened on a lonely hill, by a couple of trees I called rain makers.

I was walking around the rim of a steep drop-off,

got lured in by some fancy sticks, and possibly a small passage.

And all of a sudden I heard footsteps,

and get this, footsteps all-a-freaking-round-me, everywhere.

It was like medieval warriors rushing to battle me,

I had no idea what was going on.

It turned out to be deer,

but it wasn't just any deer, they were huge, magnificent, majestic, movie deer, with huger antlers.

They didn't just frighten me,

they also manged to make me feel ugly, somehow.

But... not once did I skip an adventure,

not once did I skip an expedition.

Not once did I forget to bring something I needed,

I lived the life of a great explorer.

And a little scientist,

for many years, if not decades I would celebrate New Years by writing a small but nice computer program.

I reached the height of my programming,

when I got my early Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 and ended up writing bunch of cute little Perl scripts, without getting off the couch.

It is a little know fact that back in my Flash days,

I was slowly becoming a generative artist, I remember creating a book of trees, it is a simple program with classy results.

I also created a book of shadows by automating Poser,

a program that deal with human figures and shadow, it was a shadow reference book for artists.

Yes, these are all small experiments,

but there were m,any of them, I built flimsy horses out of sticks and screws based on Theo Jansen's Ideas.

I made so many miniature slingshots that to this day,

I am still an expert at making them.

Teachers hated this,

everyone hated this, always; but I never listened, not when I was little, not when I grew older.

Learning is what it is all about,

we must never never give in.

You must never let the teachers scar you with grades,

never let the bullies crush you, threats are always temporary, and they always pass.

Learning is forever,

I said to myself this morning that I forgot more than I know - but that is a dumb thing to say - and I didn't quite meant to be serious.

You never forget what you learn,

all the new stuff needs that other stuff to stand on top of.

Never stop learning,

never let anyone stop you from learning.

Every new lesson is a new path,

that will expand your universe.

We each have a Scientist, and an Artist, and an Inventor in our soul,

and we can feel that the most when we are little, but then we must hand on to that, especially as we start growing up.

You never really become a grow up,

it is just that you grow wiser, each day.

No lesson is too foolish,

no expedition too small.