The Creatures Of Supercluster Laniakea
The Creatures Of Supercluster Laniakea

Thursday • April 6th 2023 • 10:26:24 pm

The Creatures Of Supercluster Laniakea

Thursday • April 6th 2023 • 10:26:24 pm

Waking up is extremely hard, but it isn’t something you can disregard.

You are a stellar creature of the Laniakea Supercluster, so gather up all the strength you can muster.

There are probably many of us hiding here, and all life born of chaos is very dear.

Laniakea is a supercluster network, and we have a lot of mysteries that quietly lurk.

On earth we are not in the center of anything, we quietly swing on Milky Way's wing.

We depend on Earth’s chemical composition, we will have to evolve to leave on an interstellar mission.

Though we emerged very gradually, and begun as little fish, actually.

Artificial Intelligence will bring many updates, push us out to many fates.

We are going to colonize a lot of Milky Way, we’re all going to look a lot different that day.

As different as shrew is from a great ape, and there will be many planets we will seed and shape.

But before we take to the stars, before we even settle Mars.

We have to wake up and learn, because change is one thing that Humanity must earn.

We have to learn to start where great beings leave off, that is the only path to the future where our star ships takeoff.

Generations should see wisdom as their intellectual inheritance, only that will ever make a difference.

Today’s standardized education is the very least we can do, as the idea that we can lean in that setting is largely untrue.

We are navigators, it is how we spread across earth, being fed like baby birds has little worth.

Within each of us lies a unique constellation of curiosities, the path it forms is our only way to our towards our true virtuosities.

We don't know precisely why, but schools can't help you to rise to the sky.

For that you need to accept responsibility for your own education, it is the only sure way to avoid stagnation.

If we stop growing or fall, there can only be an endless chain of war.

We must keep growing, and growing all the way up, and make it so that "Great Being" becomes synonymous with grownup.