Michigan Bug Report
Michigan Bug Report

Tuesday • May 9th 2023 • 11:22:14 pm

Michigan Bug Report

Tuesday • May 9th 2023 • 11:22:14 pm

Each year our bugs fly away without much fanfare, and no one’s really sure where.

Though I suspect they go to Oh, hi, yo, but I don’t really know.

And we all agree, that it is pretty good that they flee.

Whenever they go, there always comes the day, when they fly-back the same way.

And golly!, today the bugs returned to Michigan, and they are hungry, yet again.

They arrived as a ball of fuzz, surprisingly, without making much buzz.

Though they landed with a small thud, and immediately tried to suck my blood.

I am usually the first, to get bitten, which is why this strange report gets written.

My grandma used to say that it was really neat. because it meant that my blood was super sweet.

But I quickly grew tired of all the bites, and now I keep away from night lights.

As far as I can tell my blood is still pretty sweet, but with aid of bug-spray I am no longer an easy treat.

Except of course on the first day, which just happened to be today.

Though they didn't get me yet, they touched me several times, and I had to shoo them away from their sweet crimes.

I was somewhat expecting them, and kept on guard, but, I tell ya, being sweet, is pretty hard.