Destination: Nordhouse Dunes
Destination: Nordhouse Dunes

Tuesday • February 13th 2024 • 12:01:51 am

Destination: Nordhouse Dunes

Tuesday • February 13th 2024 • 12:01:51 am

I live on the other side of the state, so it takes a short 4 hour drive to get to Nordhouse.

I packed my stuff and went to sleep early to wake up at 2AM, and start the drive, to arrive on a crisp Monday morning.

I love re-listening to Four Horsemen Part 1/2/Four Horsemen Part 2/2 and Richard Dawkins, so the drive is always very classy, interesting and short.

I arrived in Ludington at 6AM, and bought some ice cream.

I didn't go into the city, I got some supplies and drove to the Nurnberg Trailhead

I take North Stiles Road all the way to then end, and then turn right to get on West Towline Rd for just a moment.

And then turn left onto North Quaterline Rd, then two miles later another left onto the beautiful Nurnberg Rd...

That ends with a tidy parking lot at the Nurnberg Trailhead, parking in the woods is free, it just takes an extra 5 minute walk.

I did it once and it was no trouble, I felt even more like an adventurer.

I put on my gear, which consists of multiple fanny packs, and my backpack, grabbed a plastic supermarket bag of food...

Gave myself an extra squirt of bug repellent, and started marching.

The sound of the gravel beneath my feet, woke me up to nature and I took a deep sigh.

Because I carry fanciful contraptions like hammocks, and second tents, bear whistles, wolf pokes, Old skool IBM Keyboards, and knives.

My backpack is always heavy, and it makes me heavier, so I go slow, and sometimes even rest.

Going up that big hill around the second bend, has been challenging several times.

It is really lovely out there, your ears perk up to be delighted by chipmunk squeks.

And you can really hear nature in great detail, including bugs, and distant bird sounds.

Left at the fork, and the Dunes are not that far, before you know it...

And if you are lucky not to pay attention, the trail just explodes into sand.

I went north searching for a green and lonesome campsite, and ended up at my [old one at the cross roads] again.

I usually reach from the north via West Forest Trail, and you can reach it by taking right at the fork, though I never tried.

I just love walking on the sandy beach, the backpack becomes a thousand times lighter on a beach.

Once I got to the site, I dropped my pack, setup my tent, and sat there staring at the lake and listening to narrated books.

This being Monday, there was no one there with me, it was just me and the philosophers.

I took a long walk on the beach, and rough a bag of interesting rocks back to the camp.

I didn't search for firewood much, as there was a large fallen tree trunk.

It was too hard to cut with knives or a small axe, But I brought a hand saw with me, and cut large chunks.

I got down to the beach to watch the sunset upclose, and hurried back up to start the fire.

The logs burned hot and for a long time, as I set there roasting sausages and listening to Giants Of Philosophy narrated by Charles Heston.

Lonesome and tired I covered up what remained of the fire, crawled into my tent and promptly, fell asleep.

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