What If No Other Subject Can Compare To Programming
What If No Other Subject Can Compare To Programming

Monday • November 14th 2022 • 11:00:34 pm

What If No Other Subject Can Compare To Programming

Monday • November 14th 2022 • 11:00:34 pm

What if programming is so special, that it should be at the center of world’s education.

The one easily overlooked benefit, is learning how to learn.

And by extension, knowing what real education is, and isn’t.

Imagine how much harder, it would be to cheat students out of education.

The students would want to be taught, the way they had learned programming.

No more memorizing dates, or even multiplication tables.

Like in programming, we only learn, when we take something useful for making progress.

The biggest benefit, is a clear plan for the future.

Currently we threaten students, to sit in rows pretending to learn…

From a random mix of incomprehensible, disconnected and fraudulent lectures.

If a lecture is less than a well selling book, no mater how colorful it is…

It actually slows down learning, by distracting the students away from books.

We threaten them with poverty, hunger, homeliness, and being held back.

And in a young mind, that translates to being permanently marks as late.

It is prison, and they lose thieving.

With programming at the center, the students are asked to prepare for co-founding a startups.

Look what a magnificent incentive, for self education this is.

You just need to learn one thing well, and everyone will want you on their team.

And if they do it really well, they’ll build everything they need on their own.

And it will be investors, trying to get in on their start-up.

Here, there are no threats, there is no need for promises.

The students, being able to see their future neat and clear, simply take care of them selves, without anybody’s help.

Finally, programming starts off as a sweet and quiet hobby, and it requires little more than some neat tutorials.

It costs nothing, there are no books to buy, there are so many tutorials that there is no need for tutors.

I suspect, no other subject, that travels such length of distance, and with such gentle on-ramps, can promise such a fine and colorful future.