The Artificial Intelligence
The Artificial Intelligence

Sunday • February 12th 2023 • 7:41:40 pm

The Artificial Intelligence

Sunday • February 12th 2023 • 7:41:40 pm

"I think the biggest, like, systemic mistake in thinking people are making right now is they're like, all right, you know, maybe I was skeptical, but this language model thing is really going to work and, sure, like images, video too, but but it's not going to be generating net new knowledge for Humanity, it's just going to, like, do what other people have done and you know that's still great -- that's still, like, brings the marginal cost of intelligence very low, but it's not -- it's not going to go, like, create fundamentally new. It's not going to cure cancer; it's not going to add to the sum total of human scientific knowledge, and that is what I think will turn out to be wrong, that most surprises the current experts in the field." --- Sam Altman


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Language Models

A language model is a probability distribution over sequences of words. It assigns a probability to each sentence or phrase that is constructed from a given vocabulary. The probabilities are calculated by analyzing large volumes of text and assigning probabilities to each word based on the probability of the previous words in the sequence. Language models are used in many Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks such as text generation, machine translation, and speech recognition.

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