Music, Fitness, And Your Natural Jiggling Frequency
Music, Fitness, And Your Natural Jiggling Frequency

Thursday • June 22nd 2023 • 11:39:46 pm

Music, Fitness, And Your Natural Jiggling Frequency

Thursday • June 22nd 2023 • 11:39:46 pm

Joggers have the most fun at a pace that their body dictates, I call it The Goldilocks Pace, it is, just right.

The Goldilocks Pace also exists in high intensity training, but it is made more complex.

Fresh music is the only source of workout energy, hitting every beat to a fun and interesting song will make for a perfect workout.

The problem is, the songs are never are never in the zone.

And even if they were, adjusting your weights or weight-vest will alter your that Jiggling Frequency.

And now your song, will be out of sync, with what your body is wishing to flow with, your Jiggling Frequency.

Here many will say, that the whole point of a workout, is to be out of sync and let your body develop the necessary muscles.

But high intensity training, is already hard, and often focused on going long, far, and even burning fat.

Staying at the right frequency, especially for long while, will give you the energy and endurance to move way past your limitations.

Your weights do not alter your jiggling frequency, in any way that is useful or friendly enough to manipulate.

So all you can do to get into that zone, is either keep looking for a song at the right pace…

Which will force you to skip over a ton, of good songs.

Or, use a free and open source program like Audacity, to adjust the tempo of the songs you already like.

You may also check, if maybe your audio player has a speed feature.

But getting an mp3 version of your song, and using Audacity is probably the most reliable way.

High intensity training is not very phone friendly, as phones are too heavy and hate salt and moisture.

A tiny mp3 player, or mp3 headphones are already very useful, so going through the trouble of getting mp3 versions of your songs…

And running them through audacity of ffmpeg, if you like the command line, is well worth it.

It is hard to say, that this complicates the workout.

The peaceful harmonious trance, that interesting music at the right pace will put you in...

Will help you achieve your fitness goals, much faster, it is a neat an reliable way to increase your speed and endurance.