Programming For Education And Future; Or, The Computer Program That We Must Each Write
Programming For Education And Future; Or, The Computer Program That We Must Each Write

Friday • April 28th 2023 • 10:34:09 pm

Programming For Education And Future; Or, The Computer Program That We Must Each Write

Friday • April 28th 2023 • 10:34:09 pm

Imagine creating an online store that just sells your photos, now upgrade this idea, to allow other users to register and sell their photos.

This upgrade transitions your program from an online store, to an online market place.

The product, is not actually plain old photos, but artificial intelligence generated content.

The most important reason why we must all write this type of program, is to effectively learn programming.

Which in this context will encompass, web security, web application programming, application deployment...

And finally, interacting with artificial intelligence platforms.

In fact your first bunch of users, can be just artificial intelligence mimicking human behavior.

You will watch new products, new reviews and comments, and perhaps even hacking attempts.

Web application security is extremely important, not just to secure your users, but to help you become a better programmer.

In most schools, lectures are ineffective or fake, and this is often obscured by bad subject divisions, and useless memorization.

Your teacher will not protest that what you are learning is off topic, because the hard work required to memorize noise, will keep you busy.

The overwhelming hard work that feels like some kind of accomplishment, is a complete waste of your time.

There isn’t even a little bit there, because it is out of context, and warped towards random ends, none of it is useful.

When you are faced with the creation, deployment and management, of a real platform…

You begin asking the correct questions, in the correct sequence, and under the correct context.

Here, your ineffective teachers will protest, and say that you require balanced education.

But balanced education is not how we learn, we need a self paced, self directed, integrated education.

Balanced Education, is a broken idea, with subject divisions that make learning just about impossible.

Students are forces to memorize and pretend to learn, under the threat of not getting a diploma and a job, but human beings are meant for more than that.

You must prepare yourself, to stand up against ineffective or fake education, under banners such as hard work will set you free, or balanced education, or it will make sense eventually.

In real education, every step you take forward feels like a reward, as it integrates with your existing knowledge, making it even more precious.

When you look at this program, from the finished end, you will see how important launching a fully functional and secure platform is.

And how schools weren't actually helping you towards real knowledge, but infarct a dilute soup of made out of pre-chewed meat.

Please understand, that if what you are learning, does not instantly integrate with your existing body of knowledge.

Then you are receiving make believe education, that feels like education, but it is just theater.

You need a real program, that will be used by real users, make real money, attacked by real bots and hackers.

To serve as a backbone, to real education, otherwise you will be cheated.

Please, be ready, to stand up for real education, the words balanced education will be used against you.

And you will be artificially slowed down, to shut you up and keep you busy, but you must demand real education that works.

But the way subjects are divides, disintegrates your knowledge, and it never comes together.

The most terrible lie, is that programming is not for you, or not for all, or that it it is hard, or confusing.

Take a look at the svelte tutorial, programming is so simple, you may infer the fundamentals.

And if you need some intermediate guidance, look at p5.js tutorials, or just search for a node.js course or tutorial

Ever since the invention of the personal computer, it was true, that computers are the future.

What you must understand, in addition to this, is that programming is the key to that future.

Programming is the fourth subject, right after reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Do not let schools trick you out of the ability to write software, what is what schools and education is for.

Finally, once young people start learning programming early on, they will learn to see when they are being given ineffective and unintegrated education.

This will give them, the power to stand up, for meaningful subject divisions and lectures.

Low quality education is dividing humanity, and preventing authentic leaders from emerging and gaining leadership positions.

Until we repair education, our world will be locked in an endless cycle of wars started for meaningless reasons.

You must stand up for real education today, so that the future generations can live in a world that is worthy of them.

So that no child grows up, without ever being taught, that to grow up, means to grow all they way up, until they become a great being.