Hello Teacher, Tell Me What’s My Lesson
Hello Teacher, Tell Me What’s My Lesson

Tuesday • May 23rd 2023 • 11:14:23 pm

Hello Teacher, Tell Me What’s My Lesson

Tuesday • May 23rd 2023 • 11:14:23 pm

A school cannot be a bureaucratic factory, that processes input into output.

Though a factory of this kind, is great for processing meat.

Though like with all black boxes, garbage in, garbage out.

Feeding a school bad education, will only produce bad results.

Furthermore, though some politicians want it to be one, under the banner of “Struggle!”, poverty is not a system.

It is an unintentional error, that is supported by an uneducated Humanity.

And even more than that, I will say, that lack of effective education, drags the world into war.

Some of the smartest people I’ve met, still believe that serving god and country is noble.

Still believe that, to improve education, students must work harder.

But the truth is, we are all one family, and we may not send children to war.

And no amount of effort, will make a person educated, if the materials are an educational fantasy.

And just to drive the point further, you knowing, by heart…

That mitochondria is a powerhouse of the cell, is ridiculous, embarrassing, and serves as an insult to the younger generations.

The dream of school is a beautiful dream, but real education is always effective, and always profound.

It is not marked by a GPA, or a diploma, or some worthless career, that means nothing in the long run.

A real education is marked b greatness, by the student growing all the way up and making lasting positive contributions.

Under the threat of poverty and fake education, there are only four subjects that work.

The three beautiful originals, and a new meta subject, that encompasses everything else…

And grants the student a tool, to lift themselves out of poverty.

That subject is computer programming, here mitochondria does make sense.

A student can simulate a cell, and walk away form their computer program, with pride and dignity, and above all great integrated knowledge.

Here subjects have no need for divisions, and there is a clear aim, financial independence and exit from poverty.

Stop using school as a baby sitter for you kids, organize real lectures that result in children learning programming.

Compile a large free and open library of video lectures, presentations, narrated books, and on-line classes.

Get all the parents together, and create a startup accelerator to fund the waves of projects.

Stop propagating the stupid idea that only rare and special people, are gifted or brilliant , or can be geniuses, and successful.

Brilliance and genius, and the underlying wisdom and knowledge, is merely a simple function of real education.

If you are an adult, that is your job.

If you are a student, don't gamble with your future.

Programming is just a way to create tools, that will help you, to get to wherever you are going.

It will keep you from getting scared or depressed, programming is an endless trail of meaningful rewards.

And wherever you are headed, please remember, that in the absence of teachers, you are the teacher.