Get Up! The Commencement Address Is As Fake As Your Education, And You Still Need To Learn For Real
Get Up! The Commencement Address Is As Fake As Your Education, And You Still Need To Learn For Real

Sunday • August 27th 2023 • 10:07:36 pm

Get Up! The Commencement Address Is As Fake As Your Education, And You Still Need To Learn For Real

Sunday • August 27th 2023 • 10:07:36 pm

Do not let the ghoul at the podium belittle you, with make believe fantasies.

A celebrity, or a lucky winner.

An electable face. who could afford to stay on the election carousel long enough...

To be picked, by little more than choice,

is not a model for anything, and if anything, it is a false leader.

There is no little voice that you must hear and follow, healthy people don’t hear voices.

The only thing you can listen to narrated books, written by secular and clear thinking great beings.

Whose contributions, will outlast the reruns and reelections, and in fact carry on for centuries.

You don’t have an intuition, because you were not aware, that there was a 10,000 book intellectual inheritance that you had to be helped to first.

To Kill A Mocking Bird and The Godfather, and The Firm, do not constitute any relevant part of your Intellectual Inheritance.

The books you were meant to read, were the ones that changed lives, ones you could freely inherit wisdom from.

Hard won wisdom that bent the mind and bone of the clear thinking author, that he hoped to present you so that you didn’t have to start at zero.

Because that is what the impostor syndrome marks, everything you know is un-integrated, and thus impossible to make sense from.

Real education is self directed, you learn in a sequence that fits you, and thus can navigate it like a memory palace.

The imposer syndrome is real, because your education is fake.

Standardized education along with its subject divisions can’t work, real education is self directed, and self paced.

It does not feature memorization, or scraps of knowledge limited by what the classroom can cram before the tests.

You have been betrayed, this is a commencement of you paying off your debt with all that sweet interest.

You have been put into debt for the rest of your foreseeable life, because you were easy to manipulate, and easy to betray.

The carrot and stick of a diploma and punishment of being held back, or ridiculed, or having a low GPA, was there to shut you up.

The knowledge you are already forgetting, was mixed up on purpose.

Because your teachers knew that an incomprehensible curriculum, is one that they can bet on, they knew you would memorize it.

You, you, still need a real education.

And no, no, you can’t just go to the job that your diploma affords you, all the positions around you will be filled by fake it until you make it types.

And the only people that will advance, are those with family connections.

Not only do you still need a real education, but you need to learn to build your won business too.

Consider building… a real school.

The commencement speaker is contradicting what they said some other time, and neither loaf, has any value.

It is not even possible for you to do the same thing for the rest of your life, as we are learning creatures, and every new lesson will lift you to a higher calling.

What you do when you are young, is just a beginning, and nothing that you will strive for, will ever be cut up.

Your progress it is three result of your rise, of your growing up, of your growing all the way up.

Your only aim in life, is growing all the way up, until, you become an authentic great being – that is where you will understand life.

Do not let them bring their imaginary friends into this, do not network with men driven by made up creatures.

Religious indoctrination, and religious body mutilation, is the same kind of use and abuse.

That your knowledge has not yet taught you to stay away from religious cults, is yet more proof, that your education is ineffective or fake.

Trust in men who hold human life dear, not those who will send millions to war for economic gain and easy reelections.

Trust those who stand above indoctrination, and see that criminals are simply made ill, they are not super predators.

But children, who were betrayed, left behind, and cursed.

Whatever wave of indoctrination comes next, must be prevented by leaving behind dead ends and bad ideas.

And embracing what makes us grow, towards the kind of greatness, that helps us leave a positive and lasting legacy.

One to guide the future generations towards a better and healthier life, a brighter future, without, an end or destination in sight.

A future that will constantly enable its generations with more, and not rob them, or damn them to repeat regrettable mistakes.

The only real threat to human kind, is the cult of stupid.

The stupid old ghouls and lucky celebrities, spouting off some pretty words in a way only an actor can.

And thus misleading those who don’t know better, into another path of division, or derision.

Get up, make them see you leave, show, that you know – watch the doubt wash over them.

And keep on walking, you need to pack, for the real school now.

The Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, and The Continental Divide.

Here, you will receive your education, as you listen to hundreds of narrated books to guide you out of this curse.

Out of this idea that life can be easy, that you are app away from making it.

It will be tough, but you will have to return to where you left off – and countless times.

Until you finish your first section hike, and your first batch of hundreds of narrated books.

Do not let the world make a tool out of you, you are meant to become a clear thinking great being.

And the real triple crown, comes from walking the three trails thrice.

In your youth, your middle age, and your age of enlightenment, where you finally piece it all together.