Point Of Genius
Point Of Genius

Wednesday • June 5th 2024 • 10:21:00 pm

Point Of Genius

Wednesday • June 5th 2024 • 10:21:00 pm

We each have a point of genius, it lies within our uniqueness.

This is what real teachers would seek. In the quest for the kindling of the flame.

Think of it as the precise location that the last snowflake, must land at, to start the avalanche of learning.

It is a simple, primitive, beautiful, and sacred place.

If all that grew prom it was a line, it would look like this:

You play with sand, and mud, then plastic bricks, then write your first reusable subroutine.

And your first, program, and your company, and your books, and your legacy.

But it is a branching tree, and most branches, although blooming and bearing fruit, will be small.

The trunk is your comfort zone, what the constellation within you predisposes you for.

If you avoid the career you are forced into, ignore the teachers who carelessly hope to standardize you.

If you give your self time, to accept your intellectual inheritance.

Both in the shape of all the greatest books, written by the most celebrated clear thinkers.

And, their culture, that make them great, that made them immortal.

And then take to the woods, camping at the edge of the universe.

You will find your point, and you will glimpse all your many branches.

Listen carefully, your very own point of genius.

Comes with its own source of energy, boundless curiosity, passion, and joy.

What others want you to do, that you may actually fall for doing…

As you won’t always see the tree in front of you, you may only see the sand and mud and bricks.

Will drain your energy, your life, your joy.

Do you hear me? One always gives, the other always takes.

And which is worse, your vision is obscured.

You won’t always see what the older you, will forever regret doing.

You are not somebody ease's tool, you are not a bridge to their comfort.

You are not, their, greatest achievement.

You are a unique, irreplaceable, and independent creature of the universe.

Who by birth alone, reaches a status of universal royalty.

Precisely because of your ability, to independently think, towards unique ends.

The constellation of predispositions within you, is the single most precious element in the universe.

In all the infinity of time, you will only occur only once, and never repeat.

You are not to hand out your respect like candy, you are not to clean up after the adults.

You are not to work at a gas station cleaning toilets, you are not to ask the teacher “What’s my lesson.”

Do you hear me? You are neither a tool, nor a worker, nor some means, nor expendable.

Pull yourself together, and begin practicing Hiking and Camping where you can clear your mind.

Begin collecting all the wisest books, that you will listen and re-listen, throughout your existence.

And prepare to take your library, with you, on every adventure, that is yet to come.

You are to fight for your mind, and grow all the way up, until you become a Great Being.

So that you can love life, celebrate your existence, and leave a wise and cheerful legacy that will quicken others to their rise.

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