You Are A Brilliant Genius
You Are A Brilliant Genius

Sunday • January 9th 2022 • 9:38:52 pm

You Are A Brilliant Genius

Sunday • January 9th 2022 • 9:38:52 pm

You must not let the world convince you,
that you are not a Brilliant Genius.

In fact, the definition of Brilliance and Genius,
is hinged upon you not letting anyone to take either from you.

If you need a bit oh help,
Einstein wasn't smarter, and neither was Hawking.

They loved being thought about that way,
because it made them, celebrities.

But they were just like you,
except that they did not let anything crush them.

Einstein by subtle analogy,
used trains.

Hawking by subtle analogy,
used the clock.

And unlike you,
both of them were limited by paper math.

You can use computers,
that will do the math for you.

If you just simulate SETI with pixels,
to for example figure out what the Drake Equation and Fermi Paradox is actually saying.

And perhaps visualize the Twin Paradox,
on an ark accelerating at a reasonable although constant rate.

You will brush up again dozens,
of unsolved mysteries, that you can have your computer solve for you.

Without any additional tools,
you have mastered your native language.

Stories, Poems, Sentences, Words, Letters, and Punctuation,
is not something that you are born with.

You are such a powerful Genius,
that you master it all without thinking about it too much.

But notice that you are surrounded by language,
surrounded by closed captions, books, and various other text.

You are surrounded by people voicing words,
people creating new sentences.

That is exactly why you need a simple programming language,
to study physics.

You have to build a pixel star ship, or ark,
and spin it around singularities.

Oh an by the way, don't worry about mathematical formulas,
it is an old language meant for paper.

Real mathematics,
is translated to a simple programming language.

Programming languages are just tools,
like with tools, you only learn them when you have a use for them.

A Beat Sequencer is a tiny example of a language,
there is this loop that goes in circles that triggers events.

It is just a grid where columns light up every beat,
and if there is something in a column that is lit, it plays.

This is a visual programming a language,
and I invite you to explore a more complex Visual Programming language by looking at Nodes in Blender.

Blender will help you see UNIX Pipes,
and later then you can install Termux on your Phone and use Bash and Node Streams.

Learning programming is easy as long as you set meaningful goals,
rather than just saving a file build a super tiny WikiWiki.

You'll explore writing to files,
when save is pressed on the edit page.

All computers have a silly private internet address,
called the localhost with the IP

When building an HTTP server you have to give it a port,
such as 8080.

by going to localhost at port 8080,
you will see your server output.

Often Hello World at first,
but when a request is made to your server it includes the file path.

So is someone requests /main you print the home page,
if someone goes to main/edit you expose contents of main in a text area.

A tiny little wiki,
is a magical teacher.

You can use express.js for your experiments,
it has plenty of snippets to copy, and many express.js tutorial videos to watch

don't let anybody trick you into thinking that you are not a Brilliant Genius.

Teachers are doing that,
because they want to hide they don't know how to teach.

They hide behind tests, and finals they rush,
and behind the ever changing flow of students.

You must learn on your own,
you must accept the responsibility for your own education.

It is a beautiful adventure.
there is a million directions to pick from.

You can pause curiosities you conquered for years,
and you always get learn at your own pace.

And you can change whatever it is you are curious about,
anytime you want.

You are your own best teacher,
and school is the worst.

Do you see?
you are a Brilliant Genius.

You've been a Brilliant Genius,
all along.