Meaning Of Life, And Why We Are Here, Explained
Meaning Of Life, And Why We Are Here, Explained

Wednesday • November 29th 2023 • 11:19:55 pm

Meaning Of Life, And Why We Are Here, Explained

Wednesday • November 29th 2023 • 11:19:55 pm

To discover the meaning of your life, you must first become a great being.

To become a great being, you must grow all the way up.

To grow all the way up, you will need to inherit wisdom from books.

Growing is not aging as it requires knowledge, thus, you have to learn and explore.

One of the most beautiful ways to grow all the way up, is to become an adventurer and lover of narrated books.

We are here, because the universe is not still, it is not a sold chunk, but a noisy energetic soup.

Given enough time, noisy things emerge new stuff, atoms, molecules, microbes, cats and consciousness.

This emergence relies on motion, chaos, chance, and accident.

Given enough monkeys randomly pressing keys on typewrites, they will eventually write the ultimate source-code for strong artificial intelligence.

When an emergence occurs, it is in every way an unexpected miracle, priceless and precious.

And when a consciousness emerges, after eons of permutations and close calls.

The first thing it does, is doubts, that it was just an eternity of random chance that created it.

The greatest thing it does, is colonize its galaxy.

There is an aim to conscious existence, and that is self betterment: making ourselves more.

And that act is growing, and to grow more, means to grow all the way up.

However, it does not mean that we should start at zero, but rather take to wise books held in high esteem by clear thinking intellectuals.

We are a young species, we are still learning, and there is much to learn.

It is very important that both the authors, and intellectual lovers of those books…

Are neither limited by some form of sectarian indoctrination, nor hope to spread a system of false principles for their benefit.

We are a creature of the universe, and we are to grow up in it, not some some fleeting and limited fantasy.

The books written by clear thinkers, combine to create your intellectual inheritance.

It is your right, it is a gift for you, it is a blessing by all the wise human beings that came before you.

It is their way to make lasting contributions in their greatness, to earn a meaning, by virtue of your appreciation of their works.

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