The Maker
The Maker

Tuesday • November 5th 2019 • 9:32:54 pm

The Maker

Tuesday • November 5th 2019 • 9:32:54 pm

My creations, a new form of life by Theo Jansen

Strandbeest Evolution 2017

Colin Furze

YouTube Channel

Homemade Hoverbike

Underground Beach Hut Build

Jimmy Diresta

YouTube Channel

Brass Hammer

Stained Glass Window


YouTube Channel

Making The Antikythera Mechanism

Making A Large Wheel Skeleton Clock

The Antikythera Mechanism Episode 1 - Greeks, Clocks and Rockets.

How To Make A Clock In The Home Machine Shop - Part 1

Andre Will Do It

YouTube Channel

Rusty Remington Clone

Abandoned 1886 Colt Lightning

Black Beard Projects

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Knifemaker Restore An Italian Chef's Knife Worth 1€

This Old Tony

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CNC Sword

Alumi Tube

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Casting REAL BRONZE THANOS Infinity Gauntlet

My Ford Boy

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Casting and Machining a Toothed Pulley



Ponoko provides laser cutting & engraving services to turn your designs into custom products. You select from 99+ beautiful materials, download our design template, add your design to it, then upload it to get an instant online quote to make your design real. Pricing starts from $1. You can make 1 or 100,000. And your designs are made & delivered as fast as same day.

Ponoko Clocks

Ponoko Clocks

Thinking flat is about simplicity, and sometimes layers. In 3D Printing we
think in layers of plastic; in Laser Cutting we can think in layers of
whatever you are cutting.

Ponoko Cases

Ponoko Cases

A great example of flat layers adding up to create more than just flat
thing are Raspberry PI cases.



A good example of a flat cut product that makes good money, is the wallet!

Kickstarter has an article about wallets Why are there so many wallets on Kickstarter? Take a look at Trayvax and Dango Products for more ideas.

Dremel Laser Cutter Demo ($6,499.00 - $8,499.00)

Laser-cut Leather

Laser-cut Leather

Sarah Kirkham and Anna Warren created a Leatherworking business where
they use a laser cutter to create fancy products.

Consider creating a similar business (see The Founder)

Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter Luggage Tag Project

Laser-cut Leather

Laser-cut Leather

Visit Tactile Craftworks for product demos.

CNC Plasma Cutter Demo

The price of the CNC plasma cutter used in MAKE IT REAL videos
below ranges from $30,000.00 - $45,000.00, pro version is up to $92,000.00

As the part 2 says, having someone else run cutter is actually reasonably

Visit the the Hacksmith YouTube Channel for more.

Building Stormbreaker: Part 1

BRING ME THANOS! Building Stormbreaker: Part 2

CNC Plasma Cutter Demo: Man At Arms

Man At Arms use a similar cutter, but tend to use the resulting product as a template/test for real blacksmithing.

Optimus Prime's Sword from Transformers: The Last Knight

Plasma CNC in Action

You can see the Plasma CNC in action at 4:03

Waterjet Cutter Demo

A small desktop sized waterjet is about $8,000.00, take a look at
Wazer It can cut 0.120" Stainless Steel, Marble, Boro Glass, HDPE,
Silicone, and Carbon Fiber.

Here is a small business example based on a large waterjet

Visit Cut in Half and Waterjet Channel for more shenanigans.

cut in half - 1911 Airsoft pistol

55lb Kettlebell VS. Waterjet at 60,000 PSI

Water Trapped in Quartz Rock vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet - Enhydro Agate