A Yellow Bellied Buttercup’s Guide To Camping In Spicy Or Moody Weather
A Yellow Bellied Buttercup’s Guide To Camping In Spicy Or Moody Weather

Thursday • August 24th 2023 • 11:29:52 pm

A Yellow Bellied Buttercup’s Guide To Camping In Spicy Or Moody Weather

Thursday • August 24th 2023 • 11:29:52 pm

Nature is your friend, we are all born from it, we need it, and it is beautiful, and especially when angry.

We do have to be careful, though, even on sunny days, as the weather can change quickly.

Be sure to stay away from flash flood areas, and trees that can fall in the wind.

Do not take this advice lightly, you do not want your tent to wash away, or get seriously wet while you are in it.

Sometimes the weather, can become a little bit crazy, even on a sunny vacation, or a well kept camping area.

Always know where to drag your tent to, a safe location, will take all your worries away – no problemo.

You should store items in sealable plastic bags, they weigh nothing, and help you sort things and keep your stuff dry.

Bring a large trash bag to cover up your firewood, this way you won’t have trouble starting a hot fire and you can dry other wood.

Bring a gnarly and dangerously sharp hand saw, if you don’t mind the weight, just go to the hardware store.

You never regret dragging it along, and it never ceases to surprise you how quickly it can cut through fallen logs.

Display it proudly, as it will make everyone jealous.

There are few other considerations you may wish to ponder, to make your stay in the woods, at the very least more interesting.

And you didn’t hear this one from me, but if you are as cultured as a proper buttercup ought to be.

You can bring a second cheaper tent, for purposes that would make you not want to bring it back with you.

And while you should have a bunch of earplugs with you for sleeping, and a few handy dandy audio book players, so that you are never lonesome.

If you get a bone conduction speaker, you can wear earplugs, while listening to your narrated books, no storm will bother you here.

If you get a lightweight clothes line, and a plastic drop cloth that painters use, you can extend a loud an annoying roof over your tent, bring duck tape as well.

(Duck tape can also be used to temporary repair damage to your skin, protecting blisters and the like, it really sticks, so be very careful with it.)

A tick-ish plastic poncho, isn’t all that heavy, and may help you quite a bit to keep dry, you should have a rain proof backpack cover with you as well.

But if you don’t mind the crazy weight, or have your car near by maybe, and it is not too hot, consider buying a goofy and pricey vinyl rain suit.

It is something else to be walking about in the rain, and keeping completely dry like some highly cultured sophisticate person.

If you have a drop cloth over your tent, then you won’t even drag a singe drop of rain into your tent.

Though at the same time, rain usually goes as fast as it comes, and sunshine will return all too soon to justify carrying heavy things around.

Finally, your choice of narrated books, should include a full range of adventure stories.

Listening to Krakauer’s frightening tales, or Slocum’s Memoir about sailing alone around the world.

Or adventures of Robinson Crusoe, or Ishmael's stroy in Moby Dick.

Often demands spicy weather, and I dare say; a few bellowing thunders as well.

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