Gentle Silliness Across The Ages
Gentle Silliness Across The Ages

Friday • June 4th 2021 • 9:48:12 pm

Gentle Silliness Across The Ages

Friday • June 4th 2021 • 9:48:12 pm

The future is coming,

and you have to help to shape it.

You will be in your mid 80s,

when you pause to look around.

You do not want to see a sad world,

that you wish you could have fixed somehow.

The elder you, should witness brilliance,

and see nothing less than, perfect hope.

There is a fine and fair limit,

to how far a Hero should aim.

And the best of that,

is sharing of your wisdom.

You have to live courageously,

to get at that wisdom.

But then you also have to pass it on,

at the very least, so that the elder you has no regrets.

Of course, you can't force someone read a book,

but you can create one that people will want to read.

And it has to be, or should be, a lot more,

than just a book of wisdom.

The bulk of your sharing,

is best captured on audio.

So that you feelings,

go along with your text.

And because people should be able to take you on adventures,

and you can't expect them to watch a video or a lecture.

As, they will probably need to watch,

where they are going.

But you _can_ trust them to hear you,

not just listen, but hear you.

It is difficult to formulate something,

that enriches that other person.

That enables them to go further,

they will want to hear real ideas.

Ideas from real life,

people won't always have time for abstract ideas.

Even wisdom from true life,

can get a bit dry from time to time.

But there is,


And that something is,

gentle and sophisticated humor.

And there is a way to do it,

that is really authentic.

Here is,

how you sprinkle some delicate humor into your works.

Go to an otherwise ordinary place,

although somewhere interesting.

And begin sharing your ideas,

_while_ letting the place that you are in, speak.

Maybe, you'll set off for London,

Westminster Abbey.

To see Sir Newton,

and sit somewhere, notepad in hand.

And just kind of watch,

for interesting things.

It could be a lovely couple that comes around,

though adorably old fashioned.

And you'll be able to describe their fidgeting,

or guess what their days maybe like.

Or where they came from,

or _when_... oooooohOOOhhhh.

It could be,

a nerdy person.

Who like you,

came to pay respects to Sir Newton.

Though dressed impeccably well,

you'd notice the cross-bone cuff links.

Nerd! you'd scribble in your journal,

and underline it twice!

Cross bones,

are Sir Newton's coat of arms.

And here you'd spend a page an a half,

analyzing the young lady's scientific interests.

Could it be Optiks,

perhaps Astrography?

Could it be something as simple,

as Gravitation and Orbital Dynamics.


Generative Art, maybe, probably!?

If you were to visit,

all the Philosophers that have ever moved you.

Perch upon their resting place,

and scribble lovely observations and quips.

You would create a book,

that would be impossible to put down.

And a book,

that would call to your readers.

Make no mistake,

this is a school.

This is a school,

that you build with your Soul & Heart.

There is scarcely,

a much nobler contribution...

Than an everlasting,

school of thought.

And as your students learn,

you become a kind of a Hero to the world.

The type that Philip Zimbardo,

encourages us to become.

The best kind of a school,

isn't one to pull strangers in.

But one that they wish to reach out for,

one they wish to keep, near.


for some.

Your cheerful wisdom may represent more knowledge,

than learned and forgotten in years of school.

Old philosophers teach us,

that Wisdom is timeless.

So you could be helping your readers to your wisdom,

hundreds of years in the future.