There Are No Intellectuals
There Are No Intellectuals

Monday • October 10th 2022 • 10:20:09 pm

There Are No Intellectuals

Monday • October 10th 2022 • 10:20:09 pm

There Are No Intellectuals

It is very dangerous to think, “of being an intellectual” as a personality.

Being an intellectual, is a phase in a person’s development.

It is similar to repeating words, when we are babies.

Here we are repeating, and synthesizing, great thoughts.

Our trains of though, become longer, as we gain experience, as our brains develop.

With idea synthesis, they will begin branching.

Perhaps, for some, that marks, a transformation between thinker and creative.

There is no standard way of growing up, but there are phases.

Not in any well defined sequence, but some come before the others.

Our final and most lasting phase, is the great being phase.

And here it is marked, by making lasting contributions to human kind.

Art, Music, Books, Moving Storytelling, and a lifetime of thought and experience…

All combines to help you, share lasting and meaningful things.

It is very important that we all grow all the way up, of people will use us...

And at the cost of our own lives, just to make their own lives easier.

They don't know know wisdom from opinion, or even life from death.

They stay ill, on the bottom of their mountain, never knowing that up, is where growing up is at.

Humanity is young, so young that we still do war.

That most of us do not understand, that poverty is a dumb idea that we all support, somehow.

So young, that we neither developed an appreciation for rising, nor noticed, that schools have been turned into paycheck mills.

Humanity is extremely inexperienced, and held back by lack of powerful education.

There are places that have crippled education on purpose, so that crime families can stay in power.

But mostly it is our fault, we are trusting, and all too accepting of the culture we are born into.

We hold up the wrong things, instead of peace and knowledge we place old things first.

Things that help adults, at least pretend, that the world they have is the world they wanted.

It is no doubt a matter of comfort too, and the ease with which we can ignore complex book.

And instead demand, quiet and obedience, and easy things.

But the world must grow, humanity cannot stand still.

One of the most important things to hold above all others, is self education.

That is our true culture, and real heritage, and our beginning.

We begin with our intellectual independence, and we are all tasked with growing all the way up…

Until we all, become great beings.