Understanding Visual Programming
Understanding Visual Programming

Thursday • October 6th 2022 • 10:39:23 pm

Understanding Visual Programming

Thursday • October 6th 2022 • 10:39:23 pm

Lists, you start with lists.

You got eight questions, that you need answers for.

That here is a list, of eight items.

Boxes, you send the list through a box.

Those boxes, process each item in your list.

Sens your eight questions, through an ask box.

And the end user, will be asked eight questions.

Lines, all boxes are connected with lines.

So that you can follow, where the list is going.

But it is not just about, connecting boxes.

Which brings us to branching logic, here is where the lines shine.

They let you see the fork sin the road, incomplete answers, go down one line.

Completed answers, go down a line to database-save box.

Lines help you visualize , the network.

Lines also allow you, to inject more boxes.

If you want to add something, you drop it on the line.

Or you click the line and select what box you want to insert.

The boxes, have sockets.

And this is best imagined, when looking at branching logic.

Is prefixed by a reducer box, that combines all eight into a single object, or unit or virtual envelope.

The logic box, would have two or more output sockets.

Complete and incomplete, for example, and maybe error, maybe spam, maybe timed out.

Now whatever boxes you connect those socket to, will get that virtual envelope.

You could connect complete to, human resources.

And incomplete, to the sales department...

Where a human review the answers, and then, call that person.

And here we arrive a the final step, because of how important it is.

Do you see what we just did, we abstracted away the entire sales department,

With a box in our program, and that box has an output socket.

One the sales person, gets everything straightened out.

The now repaired virtual envelope, will travel out the socket.

And guess what, it can be connected to the human resources box.

That, is Visual Programming.

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